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Sony XDev Says “Sorry Pokemon GO, Invizimals Have Been In The Real World Way Before You”

Pokemon GO has undoubtedly been a major success for both Niantic and Nintendo, but it seems someone over at Sony XDev Europe isn’t so impressed with the game’s popularity. You can check out the slightly salty, but amusing tweet by one of the developers, below.



  1. Yeah, except the Invizimals monster location system wasn’t nearly as good as Pokemon Go’s.

    Also this is a quote from a review of Invizimals. “Invizimals really wants to be Pokémon, but takes away everything that was great about it.”

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  2. ||The Sonyans are becoming desperate too, The Weapon is near completion…||

    ||And nobody but infidelic corrupt filth has ever heard of Invizimals since of course they are invisible and don’t exist…||

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  3. First a bunch of Sony monkeys are calling everyone that hates the Ghostbusters remake sexists, now this! Sony, fire these fucktards before they say any other stupid shit!

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      1. yeah, okay, but that’s the point of Ghostbusters right?
        The only thing I didn’t understand was that the car contained a nuke… for no reason at all xD


      2. But…… It WAS a ghostbusters movie, unfortunately. So if it was a bad Ghostbusters movie, that would also mean it was a bad movie in general… Im siding with AVGN on this one, I will never watch that filth!

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    1. Fire everyone at Sony. I’m fucking tired of their movie division, their smartphone division, their fucktards record labels.


  4. We’re sorry that we didn’t have the technology in 1995 to make Pokemon happen in real life. If we could have, we would have done it. We’re also sorry that your game is completely irrelevant because it isn’t Pokemon.


  5. I had to look that up. I’m not even sure that came to Sweden. While Pokémon Go hasn’t quiet reached here it will. Those invisible animal things are, creepy, pointy, shiny looking and from the one video of it I saw on youtube; gross. Not only that but have they all been given steroids or something? Why would I want a sharp jaggedy tooth steroid filled tiger shark hybrid when I can get someone thing that’s cute and soft like an Eevee?


  6. Sorry Sony. No one cares about your Invizimals. Just like no one really cares about ingress until they replaced it with Pokémons.


  7. I remember playing these games…. The idea was interesting, but nothing innovative between the several sequels between PSP Camera and Vita…. The console installment was better (and free for PSNow subscribers) since it was a fun action-adventure platformer and not a gimmicky minigame/some kind of battle system/etc compilation.


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