Square Enix: No Nintendo NX Version Of Final Fantasy XV Currently Planned

Hajime Tabata, the Japanese game director who works for Square Enix, has revealed to European publication Game Reactor that the company currently has no plans to bring the upcoming Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo NX which has squashed a few rumours we have seen over the last few months. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen as we still know next to nothing about the Nintendo NX or the games lined up for the platform.

Tabata-san confirmed Gamereactor that his team is not considering this possible version NX, at least for now (thus belying the supposed leaked information), but at the same time the Japanese developer confessed that It has “high expectations” on the machine and is “looking forward” NX, adding immediately that feels the same about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild .



  1. Must just be that it has been so long in development for XB1/PS4 that to start another unknown system doesn’t make sense, so a “wait and see” approach is more likely.

    If the architecture on the NX is more “seamless” with the other systems, and if the NX proves very popular or there is a ton of buzz after the reveal (although isn’t this the type of developer that would have gotten a dev kit?) then they will get busy with it.

    The only other possibility is that an NDA precludes any company with a dev kit or developing games for the NX simply cannot speak about it in that way… no specific games, etc. I only say that because that is all anyone is saying… perhaps after the reveal there will be more info in terms of 3rd party games and those companies’ support

    1. Very ignorant comment and he never ruled out a possible late port, he just said it’s not in the cards as of now. I’m kind of glad of this news because the last thing the NX needs is late ports unless those ports are made with different features that sets those games aside from the previous versions

          1. HollowGrapeJ criticizes when its needed otherwise he jokes and some of those jokes are kinda hard to tell if it is a joke because sarcasm is hard to portray in text.

          2. He does, but it’s often in manners that aren’t meant to be serious. But then again, it’s hard to tell emotion via typed words. I have a pretty good idea when he is serious or just be outlandish in a comical way because I’ve been on here for so long.

    2. >.< Look at Paid and Peridot getting pissed over what I'm assuming is a joke by Hollow. lol Keep at it, bro!

  2. I understand if there’s a cost problem for porting it to yet another system, especially since, if I remember correctly, the main Final Fantasy games haven’t done so well lately. However, I’d definitely buy this game on NX (same with the FF7 remake) if it were to come to the system, mostly out of support (and the games look interesting to me too).

  3. Well, at least Dragon Quest is better than nothing.

    For now.

    Now when are we going to have a TRUE console Shin Megami Tensei title Atlus (And Persona 5 doesn’t count)?

    1. who knows, all we got are nintendo handheld exclusive shin megami tensei which im not complaining but i do want me some console shin megami tensei, maybe an nx shin megami?

  4. they never said there will never be a ff xv for nx as they are focused on the ps4 and x-bone versions of the game and once they are done they might shift their focus on an nx version

  5. There’s about another 8-9 months before the NX is released to the market, that may be enough time to port FFXV to the NX and add some little exclusives such as FFXV amiibo line or something, if the console is as powerful and the new NintendOS is as easy to port and develop on as some developers are saying.

  6. I’m pretty sure they have something going for Dragon quest is coming to it to my understanding

      1. I love the way Nintendo operates. Always looking to surprise the masses in the biggest way.

              1. Not really a fanboy. Nintendo has just been a part of my life since I was young. I love Sony and MS, but Nintendo just does it for me.

              1. I know it’s ironic, right? I’m hoping there will be another good Metroid. Not that Other M stuff.

  7. Late ports will give a false impression to publishers on how well their future games will sell on NX. If FFXV does not sell well because most gamers who wanted it would have bought it SIX MONTHS ago, they will think NX players don’t want FF games.

  8. Well I can’t say I’m surprised, but anything is still possible with the time frame. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt the NX’s position having it on the system though, I’d consider buying one. That game looks epic as flock.

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