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Kid’s Hospital Using Pokemon GO To Get Patients Out Of Their Beds

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich is using a new and unique way to get its patients out of bed and mingling with other patients. Yes, the hospital is using the smash hit Pokemon GO as a way to children out of beds and moving around. If you’ve been in hospital it can be a little depressing being confined to a bed so this is the perfect way to get them up and about and having fun.

“It’s a fun way to encourage patients to be mobile,” Bouchard said. “This app is getting patients out of beds and moving around.”




  1. Its good to hear good things about Pokemon Go for a change. It seems that other than it topping the App Store and the Play Store, only bad news are surrounding this damn game.

    1. Everything about the game is good. The game is helping people with depression and social anxiety. It’s also making people active. I think there’s a ton of frigging bugs in the game and what not, but the game is, by far, one of the most influential games in a very long time.

    1. I love hearing things like that, i’ve had a couple of friends with anxiety tell me they’ve had positive experiences going out and even interacting with new faces and it’s great to hear. When they first announced GO I never expected it would be such a hit but it’s great to see all these real world benefits coming from it that aren’t just related to the game making money. It feels like they’re one step closer to Nintendo’s original goal with Pokémon and handheld gaming.

  2. That is friggin’ awesome! So happy to hear this is doing more than it was even intended to do! Again, a great incentive to get into better shape! Getting these kids up and moving like that is awesome. Hopefully more hospitals think about doing this.

  3. Man 40 articles on pokemon go (don’t include moon and sun) since the beginning of the month… I know summer is very dry in term of news but 40 articles….

  4. Now this is great news. Be a Pokemon naysayer all you want, but you have to admit this is a very good thing to come from it.

    On the other hand though, I wonder how many people have been sent to the hospital BECAUSE of Pokemon GO to begin with…

    1. Those are idiots thinking you have to walk into the middle of a street with cars crossing to get a pokemon when in fact all you have to dois stand on the side and tap it as it pops up.

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