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Pokémon GO Version 1.0.3 Is Now Available

A new update for the extremely popular Pokémon GO app is now available via the App Store/Google Play Store. This update will bring the app up to version 1.0.3 and follows on from last week’s update to version 1.0.2 which resolved Pokemon Trainer Club log in problems.

This update only lists to bring “minor text fixes” in the patch notes, and is 153 MB to download. Some players might be wondering when the update will arrive that fixes other bugs such as the game freezing when the Pokémon is in the Poké ball, and nearby Pokémon all showing as 3 foot prints away, regardless of distance. We will keep you up to date with any news on fixes for these problems when they become available.

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19 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Version 1.0.3 Is Now Available”

  1. Maybe they are still working on some fixes and want to release those fixes in a big bang manner… because I guess the bugfix update will be mandatory the roll-out should be on the same date for everyone. But I don’t think the 3-step bug is client-side. the Pokédex and the freezing pokeball are and should be fixed really soon…

        1. Oh OK I’ve considered it’s the gyro. My coworker doesn’t have a gyroscope on his phone so he can’t use AR and has that problem. Just guessing tho.

  2. The servers must be down because when I try to get the game going, it fails to connect to the servers.

  3. It’s been down for a couple hours so far….I wonder if the heat wave warning in the weather forecast was actually for the servers today lol

  4. No why I couldn’t get the shit to work when playing it in the city. Well at least they finally solved the biggest flaws of the game.

    Still pissed over how many Poke Balls I’ve wasted trying to get a stubborn Beedrill. That winged yellow bastard can go fuck itself for wasting my time.

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  7. “Minor text fixes”? Why is that a higher priority than fixing the constant crashes? I wouldn’t be mad if there were spelling errors. I’m mad that the game is about as stable as a one-legged Spinda.

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