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The Legendary Pictures Pokemon Movie Is A Go, Will Be A “Detective Pikachu” Film

Legendary Pictures has announced that it has acquired the film rights to Pokemon. The studio will begin production on a Detective Pikachu film next year. Details on the plot and story of the character are not being revealed right now.  Toho Pictures will distribute the film in Japan, and Universal Pictures will distribute the film everywhere else. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix was also interested in the rights.



    1. Maybe it’s because The Pokémon Company already handles that kind of thing and they want no only else touching it.

      I don’t know; I’m just going based off of history.


      1. WOW was that bad. Let me try that again:

        “Maybe it’s because The Pokémon Company already handles that kind of thing and they want no one else touching it.”

        … eh. Better.


    2. Just know that it’s a good opportunity to get Danny Devito to voice Pikachu :p Movie maker seem to like exploiting the crap out of things that are currently being devoured by the mainstream market, and end up aging the finished project by referencing a ton of current fads -_-

      With that said, the plebs will eat it up, bit I’ll likely pass lol


  1. Detective Pikachu for the 3DS in the Americas de-confirmed.

    Welp, nice knowing it.

    (In other news, Netflix is always interested in the rights for pretty much everything at this point.)


  2. This is a pretty strange move, in my opinion. I mean, I’m going to go see it, and I’m excited for a live action Pokémon movie. But Detective Pikachu? Why not make a live action movie (series) based on Pokémon Red & Blue? Oh well, let’s see.

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      1. If you click on the source of this article and go to hollywoodreporter:

        “Legendary and The Pokemon Co. on Wednesday announced that they will launch the first Pokemon live-action film franchise based on Detective Pikachu, a new character in the Pokemon universe.”


      1. … no?

        From the time that I read the article and the source to the time I pressed “Post Comment”, I only saw Sleepy’s comment. When the page refreshed, I saw The Man of Brisk’s reply to Sleepy’s comment. At that point, though, I didn’t bother to say anything else.

        This is why the WordPress comment system sucks: I would never be able to find out if someone made a comment unless they liked mine or replied to one of mine.

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      2. Thats said, I understand WHY you asked me that and I don’t blame you: my comment happened about 2 minutes after his, so it wouldn’t make any sense as to why I asked the question. Oh well: crap happens. :/

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    1. Do you not remember when he said, “What the fuck is a Pokemon?” when he heard about the petition. I doubt he would really be on board with the idea.


      1. You do realize that he was trolling when he says “What the fuck is Pokemon?”

        He has freaking kids for crying out loud!

        So he should know what they are since he is an “actor” and actors like to play as comedians.


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    1. “I don’t mind for this film to be a Pikachu movie so basically, I’m hyper for this”.

      Grammar fail, try again?


  3. I can see it now:

    -Michael Bay-style special effects
    -A terrible unfitting voice actor for Pikachu, who doesn’t even come close to DeVito or Hoskins, or sound the way a hard-boiled detective should. It’s the dubbed Mystery Dungeon anime specials all over again.
    -A forced female love interest for Hollywood cast sex-appeal.
    -A Justin Bieber-esque protagonist.
    -A falling out between Detective Pikachu and the protagonist, leading to a sad modern song montage of them apart.
    -A pop song dance number at the end or in the first portion of credits, with Detective Pikachu dancing.

    Live-action America cannot do Pokemon.


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