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Emily Rogers: Nintendo NX News From “Major Sites” Coming Soon; “Sounds Expensive”

Update: Emily says she stands by her report that the system is comparable to the Xbox One power wise, but it’s the gimmick that could make the platform expensive.

“When I say NX sounds expensive, I mean the gimmick sounds expensive. I stand by my report that this thing is closer to Xbox One specs. And by gimmick, I’m talking more about NX’s form factor. So anyways, keep an eye out for reports coming this week, and the following weeks.”

Investigative sleuth Emily Rogers is back again and claims she has heard more information on the long-awaited Nintendo NX. Rogers says on Twitter that new Nintendo NX information should be shared soon by major sites such as IGN and Kotaku, I assume. She also says that the hardware itself sounds fairly expensive. Nintendo has yet to unveil the Nintendo NX which launches in March and a reveal should hopefully be around the corner.


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77 thoughts on “Emily Rogers: Nintendo NX News From “Major Sites” Coming Soon; “Sounds Expensive””

    1. She wasn’t 100% correct but she was kind of close. So I wouldn’t 100% count her out. Everyone was expecting official NX news soon anyways, so she’s kind of predicting the obvious.

    2. If the NX is expensive then those rumors about it being on par with the Neo may be true after all. I can’t wait……Nintendo needs to just show this thing already….the suspense is killing me

      1. Whatever it turns out to be, please… PLEASE… be more like the Gamecube rather than the Wii. Even though I’m sure Wii won’t be in the name this time, if it follows the same pattern like the Wii U…

        I will take a very deep breath, think about what I just saw, and then politely discuss my opinion of the console.

        And then make fun of it. *evil laughter*

        1. Fuck the GameCube! It can’t even play Porno films on my Wii U.

          What makes you think that #BLACKB0NDMATTERS will actually support our lives after all the terror attacks in Europe.

          There is no peace until the will rise again!

      1. Oh I know. I don’t she’s right at all about the architecture of the NX but she could be talking about the NX handheld’s architecture

    3. You can’t trust any rumour, actually. You can trust official information from Nintendo.
      The time you find out whether or not a rumour is true, is the time Nintendo talks about the NX. So you might as well just wait for the official info without worrying about rumours. :)

  1. Some serious BS. I’m pretty sure this was the same woman who said we would be hearing news about the NX this E3 and also that it would be released end of this year -_-

  2. not amd? not x86? thats terrible if true.
    once again third party well skip wii U, this was a big issue with wii U, and well hurt the NX badly.
    the wii U proved you need that third party support. developers want X86.

    1. If they using ARM then it doesn’t mean anything with 3rd parties. Easy to port to ARM. AMD is not the only GPU manufacturer. Nvidia also make them.

    2. Maybe Emily is referring to the NX handheld and not the console. I don’t see Nintendo not doing this if x86 is a industry standard among consoles and risk being behind again

    1. Indeed. If it’s cheap it means it’s shit again. Anything under 350 bucks is too cheap. There might be a “budget” model for 280-300 tho. That’s what I think.

  3. Very vague. Soon? What classifies as soon? It is believed by many that Nintendo will be presenting the NX in either August or September. So it looks to me like this phony is trying to make her rumors look good again after her E3 rumors turned out to be less than reliable. I could have predicted “soon” since as I mentioned most people are already of the mindset that info is coming within the next two months. One of Nintendo’s own people said as much around E3 I believe. Someone in their Canadian branch.

    Non Nintendo fan sites… As if those sites won’t get the info anyway and then repost it. Not sure the point of that tidbit.

    As far as the architecture, I still don’t believe her. If Nintendo says it, I’ll believe them. But her? Not credible in my opinion.

    Expensive. But she hopes not. Well, I hope it is. Not $1000 or anything like that, but I hope it’s got all the current technology going and not another cheap console that has third parties running away from it because of it being underpowered.

  4. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||She doesn’t have an X in her name, however I do which means my connection and validity concerning the NX is greater than hers as it is against the Xbot infection…||

    ||My logic is undeniable…||

                1. Since we’re talking about inspirations for our names, Kalas was inspired by Baten Kaitos. If you’ve seen the Highlander TV show and remember one of Duncan’s most formidable enemies & never played Baten Kaitos, you’ll think the name Kalas came from that instead.

                  1. Can’t say I’ve ever played Baten Kaitos, though I’ve heard of it. Never watched Highlander either, though to be fair, I don’t watch much TV these days; really just Big Bang Theory when it’s a fresh season, but it’s between seasons now. lol

                    1. Highlander is a 90s TV series based on the movie series of the same name. As for Baten Kaitos, it was one of the best games on the Gamecube. It’s a hidden gem of the console.

                    2. It’s a game made by Monolith Soft & tri-Crescendo and published by Namco before it fused with Bandai.

                  1. Lemon is best Brisk, though raspberry is also very good. I like their half iced tea, half blueberry lemonade drink too, and I’m looking forward to their new half watermelon lemonade, half iced tea drink when that hits stores.

      1. So she’s telling us that she has information, but instead of leaking the information, she’s just trolling us like “I have the NX right here on my desk, but you’ll have to read about it on IGN”. You had one job, Emily Rogers… !

      2. Oh great, this fraud again.

        As if the deconfirmation of new Female Link in Breath of the Wild wasn’t a big enough red flag against her credibility.

      3. I’ve been trying to save for a new Ultra HDTV. But I have a feeling that the NX is going to take all of my tv savings. Because I can’t afford to save for both at once. I’ll probably be saving for a tv until the end of next year. I wish Nintendo would start dishing the NX news finally. Including the price.

            1. You’d have to use it with 4K content to justify getting one. Otherwise, you’re paying more for the same thing. You could say it would be future proof to get one, but when 4K becomes the standard, there will be TVs cheaper than what you paid that will almost certainly be better too. Unless you just like burning cash, you won’t stay on top for long. HDTV’s used to be expensive, but now they’re more affordable than ever. The same thing is happening with UHD. Just get what you think would suit your needs best for the price you can afford. You ever buy something that was expensive only to find out something better that didn’t cost much more came not long afterwards? It’s like that every year. You’re using something right now that is already outdated. But as long as it satisfies you, it doesn’t really matter.

      4. What I believe is going to happen is Nintendo is going to announce the NX portable before TGS. This NX Go will be a 5 or 5.5 inch multi touch screen device. That can slip into a shell that add more battery and physical buttons. It’ll use ARM architecture, maybe a Snapdragon 820 or 830, which can connect to the NX Home. But the NX Home will use an AMD RX 460. AMD’s 460 is cheap and will hit the 1080p 60 FPS. I believe that’s all Nintendo cares about now. Nintendo is not interested in 4K just yet. A custom 460 maybe be 2.5 to 3 TFLOPS. We’ll find out about the NX Go before the weeks over. If rumors are to be believed the date will be July 28 or 29.

        These are my speculations. I’m not claiming to know anything.

        1. If nx had 4K, would it be able to stream to twitch/YouTube? Nintendo gamers want to stream without having to buy capture cards too! (If that’s not what 4K means, would you mind explaining?)

        1. If it’s a stationary console like the Gamecube or Wii U, what would GPS be useful for?

          I know about the hybridization rumor, but it’s just that- a rumor. So if it isn’t part handheld, really, what use is GPS?

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      6. she has siad the huck the new idea is expensive SO WHAT IS IT THEN BITCH….


      7. X86 IS NOT INDUSTRY STANDARD WERE DO YOU FREAks get this shit



      8. Although, she does have a record of getting “leaks” correct. May not be exactly how she says, but it does get close to the general idea.

        With every rumor about the NX, it worries me more that it will fail even worse than the Wii U. (Except for cartridges. That’s hype!)

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