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Pokémon GO Version 1.1.1 Now Live

Niantic have released version 1.1.1 for Pokémon GO and it’s available for download now. The change log says that there’s performance improvements in Pokémon details and list screens and there’s also a correct link for app upgrade.


10 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Version 1.1.1 Now Live”

      1. Sorry, I actually didn’t mean to answer your question. I’m sure there are better links, it was coincidence that you asked for a link and I posted one. Lol.

  1. This is slightly off-topic, but… You know, Nintendo would heavily increase their MyNintendo user numbers if they put a few rewards in there for Pokemon GO. Miitomo might even see an increase since you can get extra coins from that.

    1. Too bad I had to uninstall and delete it in order to even make room for Pokemon on my phone (never mind it was a free upgrade, 1.8 gigs is not much space).

      Wasn’t using Miitomo much anyway- when you only have 4 friends playing and your stuff is largely ignored, you tend to feel ostracized and so you just stop caring.

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