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The Official Metroid Prime Federation Force Website Opens

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is due to be released soon in North America so that means that the official website for the game is now live and ready for you to check out. The flashy site has plenty of in-depth content for you to examine including screenshots and details about the upcoming Metroid spin-off. You can check it out here!


  1. I don’t get the attention wave of this game!..
    First everybody and their mother hated it (I do understand why that was; ’cause everyone’s got their hopes up, then crushed) but right as BlastBall got demo-released, most everybody suddenly loves it. Even though I understand the reason to the hate, I was always more like “meh”, and in my opinion BlastBall is kind of dull.
    I really don’t get any of it

  2. Morgan Freeman: And at the moment , Metroid Federation became the most hated game in existance! The lesson to this was this made female Ghostbusters look alright.

    1. I’d rather go see Ghostbusters 2016 than play this game! Is that what you were looking for? xD

  3. Happy 30th Anniversary, Metroid! I’m sorry Nintendo could give two shits about you and releases this abomination instead of a 3D remake to Metroid 2 in the same vein as Zero Mission! *hugs* If we’re both lucky, Nintendo will kill and bury you before they turn you into casual trap to lure in dumb casuals that don’t know how a real Metroid works! Or idiot fanboys that would rather take mediocre shit than stand up for better installments!

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