Bethesda Isn’t Sure Whether They Will Support Nintendo NX

Australian news publication Finder recently caught up with Pete Hines, vice-president of Bethesda Softworks to question him about the Nintendo NX and whether it is something his company will support. Hines says they are “well briefed” in what Nintendo is doing with the NX but says it’s too early to say whether they would commit to the platform.

“We talk to Nintendo all the time – we’re pretty well briefed in on what they are doing. It’s definitely something we will look at; and our philosophy is that we will put our games out on any format that supports the games as we envisage and make them. If the NX fits that from a technical standpoint, and fits the game that a developer in our stable is making, I don’t see why we would not put it out on NX. But it’s too early to say, ‘we’ll definitely be putting games out or not.’ Like with mobile, we want to have the right fit for the right formats.”



  1. Hah, “talks to Nintendo all the time” about what? How they’re not going to put games out on their system? Lol

    1. Yeah, pretty much spilled the beans there. Have they had a game out on a Nintendo platform yet? And if not, then they obviously will if they are “talking”

      1. They did put a lot of casual shovelware games on the Wii but that’s about it. They didn’t support the Wii U at all though

        1. ||They never supported Nintendo at all, they even spoke anti-Nintendo garbage several times before, they are a disease that must be exterminated…||

    2. He also contradicted himself!
      First he said “we’re pretty well-breifed on what they’re doing”, and just after “If the NX is […]”.
      Well then you don’t know shit then?
      That’s right you don’t :P

  2. I feel if they know what Nintendo is doing then they should know whether they want to put something on it.

  3. They haven’t put a game on the platform yet as far as I know, so why would they now? I don’t know what they “talk” all the time about but it surely ain’t about getting games on Nintendo’s system. But due to recent rumors spec and tech wise for NX, if those are true, I will expect them to skip this console as well.

  4. ||Once the Xbots are eradicated one day, they are next…||

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  5. Yet people on this website keep claiming that third party support isn´t skipping Nintendo consoles because of specs! Specially mister know it all :

    If the NX fits that from a technical standpoint, and fits the game that a developer in our stable is making, I don’t see why we would not put it out on NX

    1. At the moment, I feel it will be given WiiU support. A few big launch titles, then if units don’t sell and 3rd party backs out, it will be a first party, indie machine.

      If Nintendo can afford to live that way, so be it. I play console games on an X1, handheld games on my N3DS, – and if the NX turns out to be a handheld, you can bet your ass I’ll be buying one… After a year or two when the price drops. ;)

      I for one will miss 3D. (I know, I’m one of a hundred people who love it.)

      1. I’m 1 of a 100 too, I will miss the 3D for sure. I cannot play the 3ds without it turned all the way up. And honestly, playing a handheld not in 3d is just really……..flat.. lol… The 3ds has really spoiled me. Surely Nintendo isnt just going to give up on the 3d right? I think there is a possibility the NX will have 3D capabilities…

    2. It’s always the same with third-party support and low power devices. It loses the games it couldn’t handle, yet gain those that wouldn’t be able to compete on the platform with beefier specs. Besides, Bethesda were never going to support a Nintendo console anyway. It’s just not good business for them.

      1. Wich is total nonsense. You keep talking about profits and Third parties beeing the problem and not Nintendo, but if games are easy to port they will release it cause thats easy money. The problem with Nintendo is that game developers have to change there games, just so they can run it on 5 year old specs. This costs them money and they have to release there games with shitty graphics.

        This developer explains exactly my point :

        Mainly this :

        “The notion of next-gen titles being easily portable to the Wii U just doesn’t work,” he says. “The gulf in power is just too high,” and other features are incompatible.

        1. I always say third parties are the problem, yet my first post in this article was breaking a leg for Bethesda. Good going there, starting the post with a ridiculous claim.

          I never said that third-parties are the problem and I have made the points you make numerous times through different posts. Not to mention, nothing of what you said discredits what I said in my previous post for the single reason that Bethesda are primarily PC developers. Comparing them to the major console publishers is nonesense.

          As always, hardware sales bring third-party studios in, but hardware can only be sold through a strong software line-up. It’s Nintendo who, through their own games and agreements with other studios, needs to market and sell the hardware correctly before third-party studios think about developing for the NX.

          1. Alright fair enough, but if it costs nothing to port the games cause the system works the same, than why would they care if the hardware sells or not? All it will cost them is a blu ray disc and a cover right? Porting can’t be that expansive if the system works the same as sony and xbox. Atleast I always assumed thats why you can play final fantasy on both consoles for example while back in the days it was sony exclusive. Also to cover the cost of making games these days, I would say they rather sell it on 3 consoles than 2, if the went to the trouble of making the game anyway.

            1. More than fair. Maybe now you’ll stop throwing childish jabs in your posts in the hope someone replies to you.

              And no, it costs more than that. Ports between XBO and PS4 are also an investment, so even if the NX were to have a similar architecture to those two, they’d still need decent sales numbers to justify the investment. Not to mention the costs of licensing fees, distribution and other such stuff besides manufacturing costs.

              So, in short, it’s all about it being a worthwhile inverison or not. Publishing a game on another platform, even if the basic architecture is the same, costs money. If studios don’t think it’s worth the effort, they won’t do it, simple as that.

              1. Alright fair enough, and sorry I can be a dick sometimes when i’m stressed out. Anyway I tought it was more simple than that. The final thing that I would like to say about this, is that Nintendo is the reason that it got to this point though if you ask me. If they would have sticked to making powerfull consoles, with a good infrastructure like PSN/Xboxlive and good online support, 3th party would have sticked with them as the developer in my link mentiont :

                “The notion of next-gen titles being easily portable to the Wii U just doesn’t work,” he says. “The gulf in power is just too high,” and other features are incompatible.

                What would have set Nintendo appart is there 1st party, wich easily beats Sony and Microsoft if you ask me. Although I do love God of War, Uncharted and can see that Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank and some others are great to descent games. Don’t know much of Xbox besides Halo and Gears of War and some other stuff I don’t really care about.

  6. Love their games but i believe they will only put their games on nx if they see enough ppl buying it. We already know it has to be more powerful than wiiu (unless it’s a handheld) which would make it at least as powerful as Xbox one so that should suffice in terms of power for their games. But since he does say they have talked to Nintendo then their games might be coming over. They might put out a test game to see if it sells, something that won’t take too much resources like a remaster.

    1. There is a lot of room between the Wii U and the Xone; you could have 3 times the power of Wii U and it still would not quite equal the Xone. The NX may very well fall between the 2 but who knows (if it uses a variant of Tegra X2 then it’s likely more powerful than Xone).

  7. In other words…..

    ” The NX will have to sell a significant amount of units for us to jump aboard. We supported the original Wii with lots of casual shovelware games so we have no problems supporting Nintendo platforms if we see there’s a lot of money to be made. Sony and Microsoft have no problems in moneyhatting us but because Nintendo isn’t willing to do so we really don’t know if we can support the NX day one. Nintendo will have to prove themselves to us. ”

    Which is bullshit….smh

  8. so listen. I know we all have super high hopes about the NX. But, if Bethesda will only put a game on the NX if it’s technically sufficient, and they know what the NX is…and AREN’T making a game for it? That’s a wrap. The NX will not be anywhere near a PS4. It’s pretty much going to be a 1st party only machine like the Wii U. I’m personally fine with that. But as a former shareholder, I’m not rushing out to acquire new shares. No gimmick is going to bring back Xbots and Sony fanboys. They’ll either capitulate after this failure and finally make a console on par with PS5/Scorpio for when they drop, or they will fade away unti they’re 3rd party like Sega. Oh how the mighty have fallen :(

    1. I don’t know.. a lot of other developers have been looking at NX. I personally think it will have a decent amount of 3rd party support despite the secrecy around it. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Nintendo finally reveals more info about the console.

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                  1. well i dont do creepy pastas but my horror story i plan to do every day leading upto halloween

                    1. That would be a great read if Mr. Nightmare or whoever would do a reading on your Horror story.

                      I can’t write for shit! But I would like to suggested a future story or request in case you ever need some new stuff to write about? It can be based on any fandom like the Samus and the Space Pirates or it can be original and still creep the pants outta me! lol

                    2. just need to find something that would be considered scary. Even though i have written a scary story myself which is based on an area that’s close to me and i wrote a story around it.

                    3. i do yes but i havent done my scary stuff on there yet

                      Look for hirokaski

  9. Well I don’t play their games anyway so it’s no loss to me. Quality support from Japanese third parties is what NX needs from the get go. Yanks like EA will hop on board if it looks like it might sell like the wii or near enough.

  10. This coming year is going to be interesting. Depending on whether or not the rumors we’ve seen are true, we may be at a point where Nintendo no longer needs support from big 3rd party devs.

    1. I believe we are there. As long as they get one or two big hits per console, they seem self sustaining.

  11. Some people here seem to be forgetting that third-party studios with development budgets as bloated as Bethesda are the first ones interested in selling their games on as many platforms as possible. That doesn’t mean they are going to go the extra mile to port their games and risk not making a profit. Making the system dev friendly is Nintendo’s homework, not theirs.

    1. ||They have always been anti-Nintendo, not only in terms of weapons but in words as well, any other reasons are excuses…||

      1. They’ve always preferred the open development environment of PC development, in contrast with console gaming. They still port their games to consoles, sure, but they’re never the price tag they slap on them. Those are clearly an afterthought.

        That said, I won’t expect Bethesda support any time soon. It’s like water and oil.

        1. ||In Nintendo’s case it’s just obvious agenda against them…||

  12. Hm. At this point, maybe Nintendo should copy Sony & Microsoft & pay more 3rd parties for games. Money hatting is sadly the way of the industry now. Least this way, Nintendo can guarantee their customers will get good 3rd party support & not crappy ports like what the Wii got (Spider-Man 3 the video game of the movie) as 3rd parties will actually put forth some effort to make games work on inferior hardware without cutting corners & making the game a lesser version of the PlayStation & Xbox versions or, as Ubisoft did with Watch Dogs where they promised to use the Gamepad in intuitive ways for the Wii U port only to use it as just a freaking map. Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, & Devil’s Third might have been Wii U exclusives but it’s a step in the smart direction. (It’s definitely not the right direction since money hatting is pretty looked down upon by many.)

    If not, whatever. I’ll just go for a PlayStation console with Nintendo sadly being relegated to a second console as I buy it when it goes down in price. :/ Gotta do what’s best for me now, not what’s best for Nintendo. I’m gonna miss the days when doing what was best for me meant doing what was best for Nintendo but times change. Maybe NX will fix that as I go for Nintendo & PlayStation consoles as tied #1 consoles with neither taking a backseat to the other. If not, oh well.

  13. Here’s what I’m reading: “We’re not planning any games for it right now. If the system sales are great in 2016 we’ll consider testing the waters, maybe with that Elder Scrolls card game. If it sells as poorly as the Wii U, we’ll just ignore it again.”

  14. Actually I hope they’re interested in Nintendo’s console. I wonder why people are quick to develop for Sony and Microsoft but Nintendo? Why no love for Nintendo yo?

    1. ||They aren’t, they just get bribed like the corrupt filth they are…||

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