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Miitomo Version 1.4.1 Now Available For Android and iOS

After a big update at the end of July, Miitomo has received a 7.46MB patch for iOS and Android today. Taking the app up to version 1.4.1, the changes are incredibly minor compared to the older updates. The previous patch included major changes to the way the app’s collectable candy worked among other smaller additions. However, no patch notes have been released for this small new update. In the update’s description, Nintendo simply lists the features of the previous update. Let us know if you’re still enjoying Miitomo or if it dropped by the sidelines for you in the comment section below.



9 thoughts on “Miitomo Version 1.4.1 Now Available For Android and iOS”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||We should demand a temple for myself instead, you are of course welcome anytime…||

  1. It’s kinda… Cute. We’ve received it two weeks ago (?) in Brazil but almost all my friends already deleted it. Lots and lots of laughs on the first day, some laughs on the second day and on the third it was already deleted. I still have it because of My Nintendo, but just because of it. I’m there alone :'(

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