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Another New Pokémon Revealed In CoroCoro

As you may have seen yesterday, the latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro leaked onto the internet. Today, more information has leaked along with a brand new Pokémon called Namakobushi who said to be able to send its insides out from its mouth and use as a fist. Details regarding its including type and classification are unknown.



        1. “As per mandate of any Japanese video game with L in their character or places’ names, it will be called Arora here! Like how L&L in Endless Ocean 2 was called R&R here in the States!” Nintendo localization has struck again! lol

  1. Considering it’s based on a sea cucumber, and they’re actually going with the puking up it’s own guts thing, I’m gonna guess it’ll be a dark/water type, but the pink and white tuft make me think water/fairy, regardless it’s almost a guaranteed water type.

  2. it looks like a mix between a sea bunny and a sea cucumber maybe it’s going to have a evolution that looks more like a sea bunny?
    I also think it’s going to be water/poison type because sea cucumbers have toxic to defend them self

  3. Once again, the drawn art of a Pokemon looks like crap but once it’s converted into 3D, it’ll look so, so adorable! @.@

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