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Pokemon Sun & Moon: CoroCoro Reveals Alolan Meowth & Marowak And More

The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has leaked online and with it comes some new Pokemon Sun & Moon reveals. The latest reveals include Alolan Meowth & Marowak which can be seen in the scans below. Translations have yet to come so stay tuned.

The little sandcastle is called Sunabaa while the big one is called Sunadeshiro. Both are Ghost/Ground-type. Pre-evolved Bewear is called Nuikoguma and remains Normal/Fighting-type. and the fish is Yowashi is Water-type and appears to have the ability to change its appearance into a larger fish. It also confirms Alolan Meowth & Marowak. Alolan Meowth is Dark-type while Alolan Marowak is Fire/Ghost-type


49 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon: CoroCoro Reveals Alolan Meowth & Marowak And More”

  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really interested in the idea of alternative forms based on region but what the hell are they going to do with mega pokemon. There’s no way they would ditch such a new idea already, would they? If they do return…are we getting new ones or what, I’m really starting to wonder at this point, since we haven’t heard a single thing about mega pokemon this generation.

    1. Since there are two seperate timelines in the Pokemon universe: the Mega timeline, and the non-mega timeline, I can see them not using Megas this generation. However, I am still expecting to see them in the game. I feel like they will probably reveal it closer to launch.

      1. Yea that was what I was kind of thinking, probably close to launch we will get info about mega Pokemon, but that’s right I forgot there was two timelines now. Yea I guess that makes sense that this might be the non-mega timeline, well like you said as long as they appear gameplay wise. Z-moves and mega pokemon, well that would be…interesting to say the least.

        1. Two timelines…..


          So does that mean that Shelly from Team Aqua is not black in the OG Ruby & Sapphire games?

          What dark magic is this!!!!

      2. I don’t see and can’t see why this means Megas are being removed, thats like saying Pichu would be removed because they’re not introducing a new baby evolution. Not trying to be aggressive but still.

        1. I agree that they will probably still be in the game. I am just stating that there is a real possibility thet will make this change because they CAN fall back on the seperate timeline idea.

        1. Can we please leave the alternate timelines thing to Zelda!? D:< For Zelda, it works because of the time travel mechanic in Ocarina of Time being similar to what Dragon Ball Z did with Trunk's time machine.

          1. Actually, in Zelda it only half-works.
            Since Link travels back and forth and ultimately creates a large divergence by thwarting Ganondorf before the future can happen the Adult and Child timelines are perfectly feasible.
            But the Fallen timeline is complete and utter bullshit, based not on an actual story event like the others but on the mere idea of “What if Link lost?”, its existence is completely arbitrary considering the rules that resulted in the other two timelines, I mean, if we’re going to have different timelines for each possibility then we’re going to be eyes-deep in them by the end of the week.
            I’d say it works better in Pokemon because each timeline has a defining element, “A” is the classic, base series, “B” is the more meta-focused series and “C” is the mega series.

            1. Not if you take into possibility that Link going back in time during the events of Ocarina of Time & collecting items from the past kept another, alternate time traveling Link from collecting the same items he did which were the Lens of Truth & Silver Gauntlets because another Link was going back to the same time period as the first Link. The Pedestal of Time was not created by gods like the Gate of Time in Skyward Sword was, so unlike the Gate of Time, the Pedestal of Time was not a perfect time traveling “machine.” If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, that franchise gives you a perfectly reasonable, as reasonable as theories can be, explanation as to how the downfall timeline can exist & isn’t some fancy “what if” scenario. Time traveling mechanics in Japan tend to work vastly different from time traveling mechanics in America & England.

        2. The Pokemon games have three official parallel timelines.

          The original timeline, defined by the classic games:


          The “modern” timeline, defined by the modern, more meta-focused games:


          And the “mega” timeline, defined by the existence of mega evolution:


          Sun and Moon could potentially exist in any of them, but seeing as how mega evolution seems to be going away I’d put my money on the modern timeline.

      3. Zinnia was actually giving more of a what-if scenario rather than a statement so even if there really are two timelines Zinnia may not be right about Mega Evolution not existing in one of them even if it isn’t present in Hoenn. Honestly the whole thing is still pretty vague. It suggested that ORAS (and likely the other remakes) take place in a parallel universe from the originals but XY’s placement isn’t really clear in that regard.

        1. Oh so that’s where this alternate timeline theory is coming from! Ugh! I love alternate timelines for Zelda but this is just pushing it! It’s becoming Nintendo’s version of the clone thing in the movie industry where clones are being shoved into places they just don’t belong because Star Wars did it.

      4. What the fuck is this “two separate timelines” bullshit? Is it something Mega Evolution haters came up with so they can pretend Mega Evolutions aren’t canon in their own personal head canon?

        1. What the fuck are you babbling about? The two seperate timelines are talked about within Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They are, cannonically, spoken about by scientists within the game, I believe during the Delta episode. Either you haven’t played the game yet, or you straight-up aren’t capable of understanding basic game dialogue.

          1. I haven’t played the Delta episode in quite a long time so I forgot it was spoken of. Still, it was spoken of as a possibility, not as a statement. Therefore, it’s a theory in-game that doesn’t reveal it’s the actual case. Til it’s proven as fact in-game or one of the developers of the games reveal it’s a fact, this alternate timeline theory for Pokemon can kiss my ass. But you can believe it all you want as I won’t nor can’t stop you. Just don’t get upset because I refuse to buy into some theory from some little girl that could have easily been talking out of her ass to justify destroying the scientists’ way of stopping the meteorite.

            1. I’m only upset because of the way you worded your first statement. That was incredibly rude for absolutely no reason. I don’t care if you don’t believe in what has been stated in the game’s cannon. Believe what you want to believe, but at least present yourself in a friendly fashion instead of attacking people.

              1. Unless you are one of the mega evolution haters that believe in this theory so you can pretend they don’t exist in your own little head canon, I wasn’t talking to you specifically and was speaking in general.

                (Jeez. Our world really is full of people that get offended by the tiniest little thing these days.)

                1. I realize that. I was merely stating that you could enact some common courtesy. You jumped the gun and assumed something, and in the process, attacked everyone who may not like mega evolution.
                  Nah, man. There’s a difference between being offended and simply pointing out something to someone.
                  I don’t get offended over Pokemon shit. Lmao.

  2. No mention of the new criminal organization Team Skull?

    You can clearly see them on the same scan as Rockruff.

        1. No sexy snowman! lol

          I just wanna see Pokémon’s take on a Snowman.

          Your SMT Snowman is so sexy and have a true six-pack that he needs a female Snowwoman with him.

          Why not a Pokémon based on just that…

          A snowman!

          You have better taste in games than me?

          I’m a casual fag when it comes to bad taste.

          I just wanna find the right ones to start myself on before I ever hit the big boy games!

          I need to start small and grow myself to the top.

          Just like you.

          You’ve been working out ever since the first Persona games became big online.

          If I ever had enough money in my pokets?

          I’ll ask a very famous artist on DA to draw you with that six-pack snowman from your avatar and whatever the hell this rumored Snowman Pokémon will be?

          I don’t even joke around when I said that I can get someone famous to draw you some free fanart online.

          At the moment. It’s only 22 bucks in my PayPal account.

          But I will try to get it made before the games release in November of this year.

          Going to sleep now….


  3. It’s incredible how GameXplain were spot-on with their Marowak prediction. They predicted that there would be a new fire-type Marowak form.

  4. Nintendo Heretic Hunter Melfice

    I for one thiought the megas were a little stupid personally i’m happy there aren’t any. Being honest i almost gave it a miss until i saw Vulpix & Ninetails and now My all time fave Poke Marowak Looks likt Pokemon’s final game won me over.

    1. Do you honestly think they’d reboot the series after the crap they got for having none of the old Pokemon in BW? It wouldn’t make a very smart business move.

  5. I like the new Alola forms. Marowak is now my fav of the ones shown so far Sandslash is awesome as well. Would really like to see some pokemon from other gen’s get alola forms as well.

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  7. I was excited for a Alolan version of Meowth… til I saw it’s just a recolor with a eerie flirty facial expression & stance. o.O Makes me dread seeing a Alola version of Jinx. @.@

  8. I like Marowak’s Alola design! Like Sylux, a fire type suits it thanks to the bone with fire at both ends thing. Makes me think of those fire batons where both ends of a baton are on fire for jugglers to get oohs & awws out of the crowd.

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