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EA’s Peter Moore Asked Whether EA Is Supporting The Nintendo NX

EA’s stance regarding the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform is one of those things people are keen to find out due to the company’s high-profile IP’s such as FIFA, Battlefield and Mass Effect. Eurogamer caught up with Peter Moore and asked him directly what the company’s stance was on the NX and judging from the sounds of it it doesn’t appear as though it’s a platform that the company will really support with big hitting software.

Eurogamer: Nintendo – it also has a new console coming out. EA, like a lot of publishers, were kind of quiet on Wii U. What is EA’s stance on supporting NX?

Peter Moore: I don’t know – obviously a lot of details are still to be unveiled. EA has developed for Nintendo for 30 years and I was famously quoted as saying we’re still good friends. I have lived the console cycle’s ups and downs – I launched the Dreamcast. Some publishers got behind that and some didn’t. But certainly, EA has never come out and said it won’t develop for Nintendo.

Eurogamer: EA had that ‘special relationship’ announcement for Wii U which never really materialised – how do you see NX being different in that regard? It sounds like Nintendo are again choosing a path which is not trying to compete with other consoles EA supports and simply be another Xbox or PlayStation. Does that make Nintendo a more difficult proposition to support?

Peter Moore: Nintendo has always based its success on its first-party games because it is a brilliant first-party developer. If you asked that question to them they’d say they have to launch with first-party software first – that’s where the first dev kits go.

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34 thoughts on “EA’s Peter Moore Asked Whether EA Is Supporting The Nintendo NX”

  1. So dev kits go to “first party” devs first (makes sense) but it makes one wonder, if the “reveal” is soon, like in less than a month, would that be enough time for 3rd parties to port games for the NX?

    Or, as suspected previously, is Moore and other 3rd party execs keeping things close to the vest per an NDA or some other strategy?

    Anything possible, but to be successful, these 3rds have to be a part of the equation, obviously

      1. I would be hard pressed to say, assuming you are answering “no” to if they can port a game fast enough… the only other option would be that he is not or is unable to disclose any information he has, or even if he is developing a game. Right now, the only game that is even sort of confirmed is Zelda. Right?

          1. Oh yeah. Just Dance. And that is Ubisoft so if they have a dev kit (I assume) then EA likely does as well and is simply playing coy, either on their own accord or because of legal obligation

  2. Long answer: “Nintendo has always based its success on its first-party games because it is a brilliant first-party developer. If you asked that question to them they’d say they have to launch with first-party software first – that’s where the first dev kits go.”
    Short answer: “No.”
    And to that I say “good”. Fuck EA.

    1. He actually did answer the question. They asked how the bond will be different for NX. He said Nintendo will be giving their First-Party titles more support than Third-Party because Nintendo is a First-Party company. So that means no special relationship is happening this time. This is true because it sounds like they havent gotten development kits yet.

  3. This is a political spin on the question. He doesnt want to answer because he doesnt want to be held to his answer later. They are just going to do what EA does best, which is sit on the sidelines and wait to see if their is money in it for them. They aren’t loyal to anyone, Nintendo included. If PS4 didnt sell like it did, EA wouldnt be on that console either. We shouldnt expect them to be. They are a company with a bottom line, they dont owe us Nintendo fans who never gave a shit about EA a damn thing. No one would have the right to be mad if they didnt support the NX, since its their right not to do so.

    1. That’s understandable, but being in a business means you have to spend money to make money. Shoddy support of a new system isn’t gonna make any fan go “Oh I’m gonna buy the new Nintendo system for shitty EA games” when they’ll be saying “well PS4 and Xbone are getting all the good support, may as well but their games on those systems”


    EA HAVE FIFA AND BF THATS IT and there the worst company in gaming EA are jelous nintendo hating faggots and clearly are in bubu cry baby mode because nx will be a success

    1. Umm, don’t they have Mass Effect 4 coming? I can’t wait to play that!! I think that’s the only EA game I care about.

  5. Either EA is playing the ” wait and see ” game real tight or they’re under strict NDA to not disclose any of their plans fearing they may give up what the NX is and what the specs will be. These next few weeks will be very interesting to say the least……..I really hope the NX will be worth the wait and be the system that Nintendo fans have been waiting for

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||The only thing the Electrons have been playing with ever since the Ancient Era are lies…||

      1. I really hope the Ubians don’t become like them. They were great allies with the old empire but then betrayed us, now that the New Order has arrived under the leadership of Supreme Lord Kimishima hopefully the Ubians will be prove trustworthy in aiding Nintendo

  6. There are three franchise products that I want Electronic Arts to be successful with the “NX” systems– Madden, FIFA, and Disney’s Star Wars. The rest of them I don’t give a shit about until they prove me wrong.

    1. Unless the next Star Wars game is a vast improvement over Battlefront where the games are trying to do their own thing instead of just being a game trying to leech off of people’s nostalgia by just being little mini-games of moments from the movies, I doubt we’d miss much from those skipping Nintendo consoles.

      1. Wait. I could have sworn I made a second comment editing a part of this comment above. Someone must have came & edited my original comment with my change & got rid of the extra comment.

  7. People just have to accept that 3rd party Western developers aren’t going to support the NX beyond lazy ports, and then, only if sales are massive. Nintendo is once again going to install hurdles for everyone else to jump in order to get their games on the NX. They do this for two reasons. 1) their 1st party games are of higher quality which helps their brand and sell more games thus making more profits. 2) They are cheap and do not want to pay whatever costs are associated (marketing, acquisition, partering)

    They are still pretending to care about them but them actually caring? Those days ended with the Wii U when they all abandoned them. It’s why they are moving to a unified development system for one console. Best Nintendo can hope for is it’s compelling enough to sell 75 million (imagine 3ds and Wii U combined sales) which should ensure they get indies and smaller titles and lazy ports. You won’t ever read about any more exclusives or large multiplats like Far Cry, Witcher, BF, or GTA. They’ll probably not even get EA.

    1. It’s probably the sad truth. Least I’ll have a PlayStation for any 3rd party games I actually want to play. The days of Nintendo being my primary gaming system are probably dead now sadly.

  8. Unless they intend to continue Dead Space & do more with Star Wars games than that lazy Battlefront thing where the game just uses a bunch of mini-games based around moments of the games, I could care less where EA puts their games. In fact, they can just drop dead like Enron did in the early 2000s.

    1. mini-games based around moments of the movies* Fucking fixed!

      It’s probably pointless to bitch about wanting something that will probably never come to WordPress but… Where the fuck is an edit button for WordPress!? lol

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