This 25-Inch Zelda: The Wind Waker Statue Can Be Yours For Nearly $500

First 4 Figures has a new Zelda-themed statue in the works, featuring Link on the King of Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Priced at $479.99, the 25-inch statue is available now for pre-order – ahead of its launch sometime during the second quarter of 2017. If you don’t want to pay it all at once, First 4 Figures is allowing customers to issue monthly payments. Check out some images of the statue below:


  1. ||I wouldn’t buy this thing for all of King Midas’ silver…||

    1. Its extremely over priced. For that amount it needs to be laced with silver. The material its made out of is very cheap, and is only priced that high because of the Zelda theme. You could find somebody with a 3d printer and make one of these for $100, maybe less.

      1. Well, I’ve seen all kinds of different figurines, including ones that are much smaller than this, cost hundreds. Yeah, that $500 looks pricey, but collecting these kind of things is an expensive hobby anyways.

      2. They’re hand-painted, dude. The cloth is also made of actual cloth and the exclusive lights up. Sure, you could fabricate one in a 3D printer, but it’d look blocky and shitty and have a million print lines. Look at any other statue producer like Tsume and Sideshow and tell me that $500 is too much for something that big. The Zelda license does carry some significance for price, but this company doesn’t really price gouge and prices things pretty decently.

        1. It wouldn’t look blocky from a 3d printer. The real problem would be finding a 3d printer big enough to make one. If you knew someone who could paint figurines you could duplicate this statue almost identically. But that’s honestly a long shot as most people don’t have access to a 3d printer or a good figurine painter. You could justify this price if your a collector, but to me its not worth it. Its not made by an individual artist and its made of cheap material. I would think a couple hundred bucs should be the price point. They added and extra $300 because of Zelda theme.

  2. Is this thing licenced? Or is it just the next attempt of a company trying to rip-off Nintendo?

  3. That’s a bit like saying just because you know someone with a paper printer, and another person who is good at writing stories, no book should cost more than £2.

    I do agree that these are over priced, I used to have the Fierce Deity Link statue from them, and that was ‘just’ £70 when new. I unfortunately think that when F4F realised the high prices people were willing to pay for 2nd hand rare statues of theirs, they decided to up their prices. Though that is economy 101. The item costs whatever people are willing to pay for it.

    And I say this as someone who spend 6 months paying towards one of their recent Link on Loftwing statues..

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