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New Line of Legend Of Zelda Amiibo Announced

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a new line of Legend of Zelda amiibo. Designed to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary, each amiibo represents a different character from the games. These will be released on December 2nd.


    1. And when they finally release, we’ll find out those great looking amiibo were just prototypes & the ones being released to the public are just lower quality ones. Just like with every other amiibo we’ve seen.


  1. I wish they didn’t have two from Wind Waker though. One should have been enough. They could have used TP or MM or SS, etc. Especially since Toon Link already has an amiibo. Keep Tetra and trade out Toon Link. Oh well. Not the end of the world.

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  2. At 1:41 he says they’re happy to announce that the “original” version of SS is coming… Does that mean there’s some other version out there? Maybe they’re planning an HD remake for the NX? Or a slick HD Zelda collection? I’d buy the crap outta that!


  3. While I like how these are looking, it would have been nice to get some other Zelda verse characters. Skull Kid, Twili Midna, Ruto, Darunia, Impa; those could even have Hyrule Warriors compatibility. Look at how diverse the Mario series is getting. I’m all over that 8 bit Link, but did we really need the other 2? Oh well. Wishes, wishes…

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      1. But it’s its 30th anniversary. Of course they’re going to pump out the best. I believe that with Toon Zelda being there. They’re going to expand more Zelda characters eventually.

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  4. Right when I finally got a break and bought nearly every amiibo, MORE gets announced. And they just had to be something too cool to resist. But I can’t help but wonder, when are they going to release a Bayonetta, Corrin and Cloud amiibo. Been waiting all year for those.


  5. I’m coming for you, Link, the Hero of Time! You & that Ocarina of Time will be mine! Muahahaha! *cough, cough* Ahem. I’m cool.

    Now if we can just get a Majora’s Mask wearing Skull Kid amiibo! I’ll also take an amiibo of Ganondorf, Zelda, & Link’s Hyrule Warriors design, too! Ooh, ooh! I’ll take an amiibo of Lana & Cia, too! @.@ Also give me amiibo of all Seven Sages from Ocarina of Time!

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  6. I looked on the Nintendo amiibo site and they removed the BotW Guardian Amiibo, but left the other two BotW Link Amiibos up on the site. Are they canceling an Amiibo or is this normal with Amiibo reveals? If they are canceling the Guardian Amiibo then that would really suck because I was damn sure gonna bradish that badboy on my desk. If you google Guardian Amiibo you can still find it on their site through google search, but if you try looking for it on the character line up page ( it doesn’t show up.


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