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Hello Kitty Coming To Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Hello Kitty and her friends are coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan. In another major collaboration between Nintendo and Sanrio, the Hello Kitty characters will be featured on themed items coming to the game.  The furniture will be unlocked using new Sanrio Amiibo cards which go on sale in Japan on November 3. There’s no word on the crossover coming to the west but it maybe announced in the upcoming Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct. Would you like to see more collaborations like this? Tell us below.


19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coming To Animal Crossing: New Leaf”

  1. Is the amiibo update for new leaf going to happen before the november direct or is it in november and the direct will cover it? Seems kind of late for it, I feel like showing the upcoming animal crossing app has to happen but I wonder whether we should expect to get any word on the NX’s animal crossing, at least the name. If the app is suppose to have some interaction for it then I would assume the next game would have to be within the first year of the NX.

    1. It seems that it’ll happen in December as Nintendo will be doing a Japanese direct dedicated to this in that time frame (as far as I’m concerned anyway).

      As for Animal Crossing for the NX, don’t expect that to happen. You can’t expect Nintendo to just release their 5 year plan for the NX and I doubt that Nintendo will release it as a launch title as, save for the first (North American) one (maybe; I should check), Animal Crossing hasn’t been a launch title for any of Nintendo’s systems at all. Of course, that may change, but I doubt it’ll change this time.

  2. I love Hello Kitty so I’m so excited for this! I know it’s not gonna appeal to everyone but things like this can bring in new characters and items. Hopefully they’ll do something that will appeal to everyone more as well! I hope we get this in America. If not I can get the items fairly easily anyways.

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