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Metroid Prime Federation Force Update Is Available

Those of you who own Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be pleased to know that there’s been an update deployed by Nintendo. The patch, which brings it to version 1.1, is needed if you wish to play online. The fixes are mainly for the game’s fairly addictive Blast Ball mode. You can check out all the changes below thanks to Nintendo of America.

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors to occur when beginning Online Play in Blast Ball.
  • Added a count-down timer to the team selection screen in the Online Play mode of Blast Ball.
  • During matches in the Online Play mode of Blast Ball, players will be disconnected if they fail to make any inputs for a set amount of time.
  • Other adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.


31 thoughts on “Metroid Prime Federation Force Update Is Available”

  1. Damn, I was hoping it was an artstyle update, also adding story and exploration, tying the story to one of the Prime games, such as playing as the last group of Marines on the planet Aether, and their battle against the Ing, ending the game as one of the Marines getting a distress call to Samus or the Federation.

    Multi-player mode would be teaming up with friends to defend against waves of Ing.

    The Federation Force game we deserved.

    Goddamn you Nintendo. Give me this update.

    1. A Spin-off doesn’t need exploration…. unlike games from the main series. Remember when Fusion had exploration? I don’t.
      And the game is already tied to another Metroid Prime game, one that is yet to come…. and the last one too if we count that they mention events from that game.

      1. What do you mean Fusion didn’t have exploration? It had as much as Metroid or Super Metroid? What are you talking about? And Fusion was awesome, and wasn’t a spinoff.
        You have me confused… Fusion was NOT a spinoff.

        1. It didn’t have as much exploration as Metroid or Super…. hell no. That is one of the things that gets heavily nerfed when you change the original Metroid formula to a linear experience…. how can you even compare exploring the whole game on your own to have your hand held the whole way through the game?
          Fusion is NOT a spin-off and that’s why I’m criticizing it…. had it been a spin-off, it’s departure from the good formula could have been more acceptable.

      2. And FALSE. Fuck people, stop saying there is another prime game coming. That’s a sorry ass excuse to defend Nintendo do with a game that doesn’t exist and hasn’t been hinted at.

        Desperate Nintendo fanatics are desperate!

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Maybe not a Prime weaponry but a hint for some sequel was hinted at the end of that abomination, still I will never see that as anything other than garbage…||

        2. All we have to go on is that Tanabe said he would like to see a game featuring Samus and Sylux and that Sylux is once again in a secret ending. Then there’s the fact that Retro Studios has been working on a new game since Tropical Freeze finished which at this point we can pretty much confirm on our own intuition that it has moved to NX. The timeline is right for it to come out close to launch and Retro hasn’t disappointed yet. They might not have been Metroid but their DK games were fantastic.

          1. I do distinguish between hopelessly wishing we might see a Metroid game, and using a rumor to defend Nintendo’s federation force.

            And no, Nintendo do announcing a Metroid game for NX that won’t launch for years doesn’t validate those kinds of people’s claims. It just proves that Nintendo realized they might have been off their mark with FForce, using an old rumor to defend this game is just a horrible, frustrating defense.

            Now, yes, I do hope, someday, Nintendo decides to throw their darker, adult crowd a bone Like Prime 4 or whatever the hell it is, but I’m not holding my breath.

            And after what they did to the Prime brand, I don’t even know that Newer Nintendo fans will know what a real Prime game is supposed to look, feel and play like. :/

            1. I agree with you. I’m the last person that would defend FF if that’s what you’re thinking. I just think Retro’s next game is close, whether it’s Metroid or not.

                1. You and me both. If one of the launch games for NX is revealed to be MP4 my neighbors would probably wonder why I’m screaming through the neighborhood like a lunatic.

                  Would that be enough to get you to buy it at launch along with Zelda?

              1. And I was referring to Metallus, not you good sir! ;D And if for some reason you were possessed to defend F. Force, I wouldn’t retaliate, we go way to far back!

          1. Last time we thought we were getting Metroid, we got Tropical Freeze, and although Donkey Kong fans got their fix, the two games are nothing alike, so those of us that do not care for the Donkey Kong IP or platformers were just outta luck.
            Then they tell us about a Prime game and we got Federation Force.
            Whatever you ~think~ you know about Nintendo’s plans to create another Metroid game, the fact is its been so long, even your rumor is from 2015. If Nintendo had anything, they would have been smart to mitigate the Force backlash by TELLING us an actual Metroid game was coming.

            So they are either stupid or they don’t care, and frankly I think it’s a little bit of both.

            1. The interview was AFTER Federation Force was announced…. they are obviously not talking about that game when they say they want to do another Metroid in the future.
              It’s also not a rumor, it’s an INTERVIEW with Metroid Prime’s PRODUCER….
              It’s a whole world of a difference from hearing Retro saying they are doing a new game without telling the IP.

    2. That game sounds amazing. It could’ve also been the events of Prime 3 from the perspective of the Marines and still had that secret Sylux ending.

  2. “Other adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.” Really? Did the artstyle & graphics get changed so I can have a more pleasant gaming experience if I ever bought this piece of shit? Oh & is the battle system faster!? No? Then fuck you!

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