Video: Check Out The Fan Project Called Super Mario 64: Last Impact

A new ambitious fan project has recently released. It is called Super Mario 64: Last Impact, and the fan game has had a lot of dedication put into it. A video for the fan game was uploaded to YouTube, which includes a video description that reveals that the project had “over 4000 hours of work”. According to the video description, the game has “130 stars, 12 power ups, many new bosses and a large variety of completely new levels”. If you want to check out the game for yourself, we’ve included the video down below.



    1. Right after “My Someone in the Comments Asks When is this Site Going to Change It’s Name to Represent Some Slightly off Topic Info/Rumor/News that it Reported on News”.
      Or “My SCAWSGCNRSSTIRNR News” for short.

    1. Yeah… no. SM64 ROM hacking has been around for a long while, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Nintendo can’t stop them from privately developing a fan project, they can only ask them to stop distributing it online. If some “third party” “leaks” the ROM to the internet after it’s completed, there’s really nothing Nintendo can do.

      1. “Nintendo can’t stop them from privately developing a fan project”
        But wouldn’t you call the Metroid 2 remake, Pokemon Platinum, No Mario’s Sky, all fan projects? Those were hit with DMCA notices, which if aren’t complied with, the host has to remove the content.

        1. A ROM hack is a patch applied to an existing game, SM64 in this case. They’re not distributing any copyrighted content, therefore they can’t get hit with copyright claims. It’s closer to a mod than a “fan game”.

  1. 4000 hours of work about to be wiped out by a letter from Nintendo that took a couple minutes to write. I really feel bad for the people that work on these things even though if they know nintendo they should see it coming.

    1. No. This is a ROM hack. It’s applied as a patch to the vanilla SM64 ROM, and Nintendo is pretty powerless to do anything about it. SM64 romhacking has a huge community, and it’s not going anywhere soon.

  2. Again, people are too dumb to click on the link and realize it’s made by the same guy who has made countless other things including mario run 64, none of which have been taken down.

  3. Wow! A fanmade mod that looks like it took a lot of effort to make and actually looks good? That’s great. I can’t wait to pla-

    And it’s gone.

    1. Thank god we can still buy quality $25 games like the Skunk Bundle. Nintendo allows that to exist ON THEIR OWN SYSTEM but not free non profit fanmade stuff. Makes sense.

  4. It’s NOT a fan game, it’s a hack of Super Mario 64. That’s a huge difference. That’s also the main reason why Nintendo probably won’t do anything to take it down. The hack is provided as a patch only, not as the full game, so it doesn’t include data from the original ROM. Well, technically speaking, it probably still contains copyrighted material (since the game probably contains a lot of custom music and other assets that are ripped from other games), but so far I’ve never seen a developer take a hack down.

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