World Of Nintendo Figurines Are Now Being Advertised On TV

Nintendo have been advertising their Amiibo on television for a while now, but now it seems they are branching out with some of their other merchandise. The awesome World of Nintendo figures are finally getting the recognition they deserve with these television advertisements. Using the slogan slogan “straight from the game”, it looks like they are aiming the figurines at younger fans. Hopefully, Nintendo will finally see the value in advertising some of their lesser known merchandise. You can watch the commercial here.

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  1. I saw a pikmin one at Walgreens. Not impressed either.
    Oh and we want NX!!!! Release it this year or no buy for me. You’re taking to long Nintendo.

  2. Usually don’t like to be a Negative Nancy, but I’ve bought a few of these and they’re actually pretty bad compared to many other toys on the shelves. This commercial was actually kinda bad as well. Very fitting.

  3. Putting any one of these next to their figma and amiibo counterparts is embarassing. They’re low quality as hell, yet somehow people still manage to scalp them.

  4. I recently bought the Slippy Toad figure at Wal-Mart. It looks so cool. And I couldn’t resist buying it because I’ve never seen a Slippy figure before. I wanted to buy the Skull Kid figure too, but they’re too expensive. The 5″ figures used to cost 7-something at Target. And they’re $9.96 at Wal-Mart. Too expensive for them to be such cheap quality.

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