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Some Upcoming World of Nintendo Merchandise Were Announced

Nintendo has announced a ton of JAKKS Pacific World of Nintendo merchandise at Wondercon. Many waves are on the horizon, all of which include merchandise based on various Nintendo franchises. Among the merchandise being produces are plushies and figures.

Feel free to check out what is coming up in the gallery provided below.


12 thoughts on “Some Upcoming World of Nintendo Merchandise Were Announced”

  1. Got a few of them. Mostly the 2.5″ one’s because there’s some neat ones, Goomba, Boo, Blue Yoshi, Deku Link and Toon Link.

    Love a few good Nintendo toy’s.

  2. Who the heck even sells these? My local Target used to sell them. But they suddenly stopped. I’ve seen some at K-Mart before, but they’re a bit higher there. And I HATE K-Mart. It feels so trashy. Though I don’t care as much about the 2.5 inch figures. The 5″ figures are what I’m interested in. Though I really should stop collecting random things like these. I have absolutely no room to store anything else. My bedroom looks more like a storage than a bedroom. And only maybe 1/3 or less of my collections are in my room. I NEED MORE SPACE!

    1. You need to move outta your goddamn parents house, if you don’t even have enough room for your toys and junk? lol Plus what’s the problem with Nintendo making plushies? I used to collect those types of toys as a kid and even now as I get older? I need to buy them toys so that one day Nintendo could collaborate with LEGO to make something like this?

      In the form of this.

      Yup. :P

      1. Nintendo owns the publishing rights to LEGO City Undercover for the Wii U and 3DS. What’s the hurt of asking Lego to make mini Figures of Nintendo based characters? lol

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