Nintendo Europe Employee Says Nintendo NX Reveal Still Coming This Year

It’s now October and we are still waiting for Nintendo to fully unveil their next generation platform the Nintendo NX. People online were speculating that it might not be revealed until as late as January, but a Nintendo Europe employee has reiterated that the system is still set to be revealed sometime later this year. Whenever that is remains to be seen.




  1. I can almost bet they’re going to announce it Late November just before The Game Awards, or even maybe after the Game Awards but before Christmas…

    Sad news.

    1. They can’t just announce it completely out of nowhere [that’s for sure], they need to have a mass number of eyes on them; whether that be in a Direct or Event. Some people believe that the investors meeting this Oct. will be the announcement of the reveal date. (Quite likely, as investors are just as eager as fans and may leave due to dying patience.)
      I think Nintendo is waiting for most of their smaller projects to be released/announced, otherwise, the NX reveal would completely outshine them (this is why it was never going to be announced before PaperMario). Also… They need to distance the announcement away from the release of Super Mario Run and wait for a bright enough spotlight prior. So I’m guessing it won’t be in December as that would be too late, and most of the public has their money locked in for other Christmas items [and won’t even be able to pre-order].
      I made a joke the other day that the letters in “NX” IS IN FACT THE REVEAL DATE.
      The “N” meaning “November” and the “X” meaning “10th”. This date lands on a Thursday (Nintendo’s favorite day to announce stuff.)

  2. Nintendo says the nx reveal is this year

    Well they have a investor meeting on the 27th so unless they reveal federation force 2 it has to be this year

  3. I hope they reveal it next week or at least give us a specific date on when it’ll be shown. All of this waiting is gonna make me go nuts……….ay too late lol

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  4. I bet it will be announced right on the game awards and drop for sale late November to steal PS4 Pro’s Thunder and become the must have Holiday Buy!

      1. 3…me too. At this point…they might as well say “Look, screw us, we have nothing to show you after all…release date march, when to reveal? Ummmm…december”. I’m warning them now, don’t show soon, say good bye to that “I’m not going to drop the ball”.

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  5. My guess. Revealed at The Game Awards 2016. It makes sense in some ways, because then they will have the attention of fans of other Video Game companies, and not just Nintendo fans. Would have been more effective, had the reveal been at The Game Awards 2015.

  6. I think Nintendo is not gonna reaval this thing as they promised because they are still spending most of there time with the NX rumors. I mean we are still waiting for a big announcement.

  7. Do I get it wrong or the CEO of Nintendo says they going to share more details (not reveal the all thing) during the autumn season 21/09 -> 20/12? So far they haven’t broke any promises and are right on schedule.

    For once Nintendo doing the right thing I am not going to bash them for it.

  8. What if…

    This whole time, all these little leaks and rumours have been Nintendo drop feeding us the reveal of the NX? Then they’ll just announce, “it’s in stores! Go buy it and see what it looks like!” All the rumours are true! It’s priced $3-400.00 USD it streams to your TV and you can take it on the go. The games are in DS cart style boxes and it’s HD here’s Mario Run NX ! Ta-Da!!!!
    Yes!!!? ….. no?! 😬

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  9. They can announce it whenever they want at this point, even next year. My exciment is rather humbled now. I believe it was Kimishima who said they’d talk more about it not too late in the year but after E3 only for the company to them go completely silent on that topic to this date, which is pretty close to “too late” in the year. You’re either letting a bunch of people buy shiny new consoles from the other companies and new games for those consoles before they even know what your thing is, or you’re planning to announce it right after every one has decided what to try and get during a Black Friday sale in hopes that they’ll change their mind and preorder your thing for next year. I get they need to do things the way their doing it for them but on the fan end it’s almost seems a little troll-ish or even a sign that the NX or Zelda may be delayed again. So while I think they may still release around March 4th or whatever I really don’t feel confident in getting my hopes up and even kind of wonder if announcing this late in the year is the best move for them. Sure they could be hoping that people will spend income tax returns but considering how much new hardware is coming out around this time that people will have bought without even knowing much more than a codename for “the next generation of Nintendo” as they called it, I wonder how many people would double dip on hardware within 6 months.

    Whatever the case i’m wishing them success. I hope NX is amazing enough to pull in big numbers and get 3rd parties on board as well. Considering how many of their studios we haven’t heard from in a while but know are actively developing titles, they should have pretty big games ready to show whenever they do announce it.

  10. I think the folks saying it will be at the VGAs are probably right.
    Show up all the other game companies and be like “nana nana boo boo. we made damn sure you can’t steal these ideas!”.
    Cause i understand perfectly well why they are being like this, but that does not mean i gotta like it.
    I just hoping the pricing rumors are false and the NX is 249.99 and 349.99.
    I still say the Wii sold so well cause of price.

    1. Why?!!!! Why aren’t people bitching about PS4 Pro price not being $200?!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with people?! You want some cheap piece of shit DS for a home console or do you want to play with real RAW POWER!!!!!!???
      Get your heads out of your ass and brush your teeth because anyone bitching about it being more than $200 is so full of shit they must be eating their own ass’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. It’s a smart move to hold off. We might all want to know badly, but pleasing fans and journo’s by releasing information while there’s a still a long wait is no good strategy.
    Nintendo also have new games and the Nes Classic coming out before Xmas and they clearly want to try and make it so the NX doesn’t steal the attention.
    Nintendo for a while now has obviously been aiming to narrow the gap between the reveal and release of their games. It doesn’t seem to bode well for any company when this gap is too wide and made worse by premature release dates. It’s like getting a party invite 6 months before the party, you’re probably gonna forget.

  12. I only hope that a part of the reason waiting is to somehow insure they have the latest tech to throw in their consoles and have a freaking AMAZING LINEUP WITH A GUARANTEED 1 AAA GAME RELEASE A MONTH. And market that. That would impress me.

  13. Yeah. They’ll still reveal it this year. On December 31st, that is! In other words, they may as well have waited til January since they like to do Directs or reveals or special releases on Thursdays & the 3rd falls on that day.

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