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Pokemon GO Now Erases Spawns And Sightings While Driving

A new change that has shown up in Pokemon GO has gotten some attention. For some reason, if you’re playing the game and go above driving speed your nearby sightings list shuts off completely, and no Pokémon spawn. At the moment, it is unknown whether the change is a bug or a feature, and Niantic hasn’t said anything on the matter. But if they do, we’ll let you know. For now, if you’re still playing the game, you may want to play it when you’re traveling at a slower pace.



    1. Yup, I guess this also means people that don’t have cars but still use fast pace transportation won’t be able to play, like buses, trains/subways, taxi/uber, etc.


  1. I bet it’s a “feature”. An awful, ill-conceived one at that. You remind people constantly to not play while driving, at some point you’ve just got to trust them. For the real imbeciles if it’s not Pokémon Go they’re playing while driving, it’ll only be something else they’re doing.

  2. Unfortunate because that’s the only time I play PGo. Seriously the one main purpose of riding shot gun if you weren’t driving. Do you really think there have been enough reports of Pokemon Go and driving to completely ban it? Hope it’s just a glitch otherwise I may not be playing till generation 2 lol :(

  3. Good for idiots that try to play this game, like the obvious fucktards that they are, because they will have one less thing to distract them while driving. Bad for people that are simply riding in the vehicle & not actually doing the driving.

  4. I’d like to think that they’ll listen to the fans, but it’s clear they won’t do shit.

    That good, new tracker is still in ‘beta’ in San Fransisco as it has been this past month or so, completely working, and easily updateable to the rest of the world with how well it works.

    Above 30 mph you’re fucked, and even then, simple GPS drift can cause the same problem now, as it always has with the ‘Are you a passenger’ shitty popup.

    I mean the new system where you can get better pokemon of a certain typing the more you catch of that type is really neat. The appraisal and buddy systems are well done as well. But all this recent, behind the scenes, not in the patch notes crap needs to stop.

    You shouldn’t have to technologically implement any sort of function to prevent drivers from playing while they’re driving. Drivers can literally play anything else if they can’t play Pokemon Go. This won’t change anything, the notification didn’t. All this is going to change is your player base. Get it together, Niantic.

  5. My friend who plays way more than I do won’t be happy to hear this. Unless I’m with him co-piloting, he’s got PoGo open on his lap. I’m actually happy this is happening because I would probably lose it if something happened to him, whether or not the game caused it.

  6. At the moment, it is unknown whether the change is a bug or a feature, and Niantic hasn’t said anything on the matter.

    The Niantic Devs never says anything. All they say is, “TRADING IS COMING!” Are they fucking drones?

    1. They said winter was coming in Game of Thrones for 6 years so expect the same wait for trading. xD

  7. Are Niantic actually listening and not being stubborn little fags driven by their own egos?
    Pfft nah a leapord never changes it’s spots just kill the fucking buggy app already

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