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Junichi Masuda Says Main Pokémon Games Will Always Be On Handhelds

Junichi Masuda has reiterated that the mainline Pokémon games will remain on dedicated handhelds and won’t be shifting to mobile or traditional home console anytime soon. Masuda says that handheld consoles allow them to further achieve the vision they have had for the franchise since its inception.

“When coming up with the idea of Pokémon, what we really wanted to create was something where people could get together and have fun trading, battling, showing off their Pokémon collection, and just talking about their own adventures with the game. Handheld consoles and devices offer us the best way to achieve this vision.”

“We want Pokémon to be a means of communication. What I really want to do is to connect people, then help them form great memories by experiencing these distributions and such in certain places. I think of it like having a meal. By itself, a meal is usually pretty forgettable – it can be hard to even remember what you had for lunch yesterday! But if you go for a meal with a close friend at a restaurant you love, you’ll remember that meal for a long time. I want to give people memorable Pokémon experiences with one another.”

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    1. That’s pretty untrue… ever since the Game Boy’s inception, Nintendo’s handhelds have always outperformed their console counterparts.

  1. I think he is trying to say that he want to make the Pokemon series to be more popular and let other players connect with other people all over the world to show off there stuff. Also, Pokemon was a a few consoles since the 64 Era.

      1. A handheld and and home console sharing the same libraries. Genius!!! Remember how well that worked for the Genesis and Genesis Nomad? :)

        1. Omg, I am so glad I’m not the only one to remember the Nomad!!! I LOVE my Nomad. It was fantastic to play my Sega games on the go, in color and then load them in my Genesis.
          Son of a bitch ate batteries for breakfast though… 6 AA’s in 2 hrs. X.x… … But it was still awesome! :D

          1. My post was a bit of sarcasm. The Nomad failed in sales with everyone just keeping their Genesis. This is why NX needs to be one hybrid and not two devices with a shared library.

  2. Pokemon IS the franchise to take with you on the go.

    Just as long as we also get Pokemon Stadium 3 (featuring gym leader castles from Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos, as well as the trial captains and grand kahunas of Alola).

    1. I think the difference he is talking about is the difference between local and online. They are not the same, and are entirely different experiences. Yes, you can lug your entire console over, but hardly anyone is going to do that for just Pokemon. Simply putting the handheld in your pocket is so much simpler and much more accesable. Therefore, that experience is really only possible on a handheld.

  3. I don’t think I’ve met a single person in real life that’s challenged me to a Pokemon battle. Aside from my cousi, but I’m not counting him… I mostly battled online.

    1. It won’t.
      Iwata’s plan for the NX was to make it two systems with a shared Operating System, that means it’s a “Hybrid” in terms of software. Also, this could mean the “Pokemon games” on the NX Platform is really only going to be something like Pokemon Stadium for the NX Home Console and possibly a new Pokemon title for the NX Handheld, both games will be exclusive to each platform BUT it doesn’t mean they can’t interact with eachother.

      1. we still dont know what the nx is but from what i can tell its going to replace the wii u and the 3ds but thats it. I think it will be one system but i could be wrong. either way all these comments are is basicly “dont not buy pokemon sun and moon waiting for the nx for a main pokemon game .”

      2. I am glad you mentioned it cause It was my believe that NX is kind of an environment where the handle and the homne console has the same OS and can be even accessible via internet. I also remember the graph where when table or mobile phone can be accessible via an apps.

        I thing if I remeber correctly that the NX home console can sync the game on your mobile and play it on you TV via the home console. Same goes for the Handle console which sync the game of your home console or mobile then will allow you to carry on where you left..

        I remember the graph I show in this site was much more interesting than what I hearing now.

  4. They have stated this multiple times already. Their view isn’t going to change only thing to hope for is that Nintendo handhelds finally get to console quality where it won’t be a problem

      1. I don’t know if your being serious or not but no it isn’t not by today’s standards. The PS vita is a better argument seeing as it has games that are exactly the same as their console counterparts with a slight visual downgrade. The type of game that people want Pokémon to be is just not possible right now on 3ds. The world is way too expansive and there are way too many Pokémon etc.

        1. No. That is not how it works. You cannot have (at any point in time) have said PSP is console quality and then claim 3DS isn’t. That is the worst logic I’ve seen on this site. Today’s standards? Just no. If PSP is a console quality handheld then so is 3DS. “Standards” is BS!

          1. Ps vita has better graphics than 3ds hence why developers are able to make direct ports of games between consoles and handheld on the vita. Face it that’s not anything to be disputed. I own both and I’m just stating facts here. The topic was never meant to be about ps vita I just said that would be a better comparison and never said that it was console quality because that’s merely based on personal opinion even though again one can argue for that way more than for 3ds. Btw some of the worst logic I have seen is for someone to state that’s not how something works and offer no argument to support their opinion. In fact much of your statement is incoherent.

            1. Support the opinion? PSP was promoted by Sony as a console quality handheld. That was it’s selling point. And that comes from the PSP manufacturer. It isn’t an opinion. It is a fact! Or are you going to call Sony themselves liars?

          1. Of course since Smash 4 is the current Smash game. When Smash 5 comes out, I’m sure some will finally get over the loss of the Ice Climbers. I know I will. But til then, the lack of the Ice Climbers is saddening.

  5. Why would anyone ever want to have a mainline Pokemon game on a home console? That’d be horrible. Never would I be able to grind/breed Pokemon on a train to waste my time if that was the case. It was designed to be handheld and should remain that way.

    1. I think it’s people who want an mmorpg which I don’t understand, I don’t want to be swarmed around a sea of players when I’m playing a game, there’d be constant requests for trades and battles.

      1. I don’t see why they can’t make an MMO Pokemon for consoles.
        Technically, it isn’t a “mainline” game, just like Gale of Darkness or Pokemon Stadium aren’t.

  6. In other words, we can’t handle anything beyond the capabilities of a handheld. We’ve been working on video games for 20 years & we’re still as amateurish as ever. We’ll leave non-handheld Pokemon games to the real professionals.

  7. Dumb, dumb, and more dumb. The real reason they don’t put the mainline Pokémon games on major consoles is because people would love the major console versions so much that they wouldn’t even care about the handheld versions as much anymore. Really, the fact that the mainline Pokémon games remains on handhelds is one of the reasons why I’ve never been able to get that interested in them.

  8. This just tells me that we’re going to keep getting the same exact formulaic games forever. Seriously Nintendo, sometimes it’s okay to break away from traditions!

  9. You guys realize there is no diffinitive proof that the NX is a hybrid, yeah? You know if it’s not, Nintendo is sweating bullet bills right now.

  10. I always found this approach to be ridiculous. If a pokemon game ,(I mean a real one) hits home console you can bet your arse the console will sell way more than currently. And as lot of people mentioned you can reproduce the handle console experience nearly the same the way with modern home console (did they even heard of internet or network!!!).

    In fact since the Wii area I am amaze that Nintendo did not develop/publish a serious pokemon game on their wii platform. Also what Masuda-san and Nintendo do not get it yet, is that the west unlike asia are more gear toward Home console when it comes to gaming. And they have this tendancy to forget about it.

    Another thing I still do not get it, why not having the same game on home console and handle like monster hunter 3. I wonder what prevent them from doing it? Why not giving a go? By the way I hate pokemon franchise (maybe I should I say it at the beginning) but I am not stupid enough to ignore the fact that franchise is very popular (look at how pokemon go doing) and at then end I am a Nintendo enthusiam and want the best for this company (hence the comment)

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