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Next Batch Of Pokémon Sun & Moon Information Coming October 27th

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo Japan have confirmed that we shall be hearing the latest Pokémon Sun & Moon news on October 27th. With the game’s release date nearing ever closer we should hopefully get a substantial update. For those of you in Europe the playable demo for Pokémon Sun & Moon is now live!



  1. Too bad everyone already knows just about every new Pokemon in the game now. The starter final evolutions are UGLY and were actually leaked a few months ago. This new leak only confirms them.

    1. Yea i don’t understand how or why they would release anymore info. The game is a little over a month out. Who the hell wants to know everything about a game before it releases?

      1. They are trying to make sure it sells. Pokemon has been somewhat on a decline since X/Y and ORAS. I think that’s why so many of the alolan forms were given to generation 1 Pokemon. Most people who play Pokemon now seem to be in their 20s and 30s.

        1. New it’s because they only put out less than 100 new Pokemon each generation, but mange to turn down so many fan Pokemon. What does a person fan to do for over 100 new Pokemon again? Ghost-write additional Pokemon into the game’s development? Bribery?

          We could’ve had Marin, Honoguma, Korechu, and/or or Kurusu if they had so much trouble coming up with new Pokemon. And not all Pokemon fans put out their heart and souls into these fakemons just to show off their artistic ability. Some would give their ideas to GameFreak for free, if it means more for them, and us.

          H2Ota isn’t sounding too bad now.

        2. X & Y not doing so well is on them, not us. After all, we only got 72 new Pokemon when every previous gen has had at least 100 new ones, so I understand why some people wouldn’t have gotten the new games.

          1. Sun & Moon look tasty but I am not ever biting on another Pokemon game. For me they are a waste of money since the formula remains so unchanged through every generation.

            1. ||If you change the formula then it wouldn’t be Pokemon anymore now would it? You can make changes within the formula but changing it for a new one is simply not the same game, just like that abominaiton Federation Force…||

              1. Mega Man has had its formula changed quite a few times with much success. Mario as well! It’s possible, they just refuse to do it.

                  1. Locked somewhere deep inside Capcom’s vault of properties they aren’t making brand new entries of.

            2. If you’ve seen the Orange Islands season of the Pokemon anime with Ash, you’ll realize Sun & Moon IS changing it’s formula. I have to wonder if you’ve even read the articles & watched the videos for Sun & Moon if you haven’t noticed the changes.

            3. And as Quadraxis said, you can’t change the formula too much or they’ll cease being mainline Pokemon games.

  2. You guys are all so self-entitled. ‘Only 72 new pokemon in XY wah’ like give me a break man. Don’t forget about megas and the fact that they had to make 3D models for 722 Pokemon just so secret event legends could be data mined anyway.

    You aren’t entitled to a good game. You just think you are. Fuck off and play broken Pokemon Red and Blue if you’re so horned up for the way it used to be.
    Also: fuck dataminers.

    1. The data miners are people who want to know their competitive value more than anything else. And to be fair it IS pretty silly to include every single model in the code for a demo. AGAIN. They could’ve removed everything they weren’t using for the demo would’ve been smaller to download.

    2. Actually, we are paying money for this shit so yes. Yes we are entitled to a good game. Don’t be such a dumbass or corporate stooge. And it’s not our fault GameFreak waited til they had over 600 Pokemon to finally get into 3D models, forcing them to work on 700+ 3D models for one generation. “We waited til 15-18 years to get into 3D modeling and now we have over 600 Pokemon to turn into 3D models! Waah!” See? I can say the same about GameFreak if they are whining about the workload.

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