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Nintendo Account Rewards You On Your Birthday With Just For You Discounts

Nintendo Europe has announced a new promotion for those of you with a Nintendo Account and a birthday coming up. Basically the site explains that all owners of a Nintendo Account who have chosen to receive promotional emails from Nintendo and have linked their Nintendo Account to their Nintendo Network ID can receive a birthday offer from Nintendo. These particular deals are fixed and not catered to individual users. There’s five Nintendo 3DS and five Wii U games to choose from which are discounted by 30 percent. There’s some great games included in the deal which should make anyone smile on their birthday.

Wii U titles to choose from:

Nintendo 3DS titles to choose from:


28 thoughts on “Nintendo Account Rewards You On Your Birthday With Just For You Discounts”

  1. Just give us $5 eshop credit. Seriously Nintendo if were a fan of you, (which obviously we are since we joined this) then we most likely played or had these already. Still least its something

  2. If there’s one thing about Nintendo that’s a complete joke, it’s their rewards system. I miss Club Nintendo. Before they went to mostly digital game rewards and started SUCKING. Somehow, I doubt they’ll ever have a rewards program as good as Club Nintendo used to be (even though the Japan and Europe Club Nintendo always had better rewards).

    1. Not disagreeing, but to be fair, most reward systems from companies are ridiculous.

      The only two companies I know that have a superior rewards program are Starbucks and Shoppers Drug Mart.

      1. The difference here is that coins expire on MyNintendo (I think they did on Club Nintendo as well, but that was when there was only one type of coins and when physical games gave coins as well, not to mention when getting a certain amount of coins per year gave you a big reward…).

      1. Yes because being free means the reward has to be terrible, right. Tell me, if someone gave you a free meal covered in flies, vomit & dog or human shit, would you accept it simply because it’s “free” like a retard or would you actually throw it in their face & tell them to go fuck themselves? I swear. Nintendo fanbitches need to keep their mouths shut if they can’t think logically.

  3. I had this last week. Nintendo charges so much for their games on the store that the discount brings them to the amount I can pick them up at on Amazon. Pretty worthless.

  4. The one time they are giving out rewards of games I don’t have & it’s not even my birthday. Then again, I don’t even live in Europe. Typical, though. While NoE is giving out nice rewards, NoA is once again sucking.

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