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Emily Rogers Says Splatoon, Mario Kart, And Zelda For Nintendo Switch Will All Be Enhanced Ports

If you watched the Nintendo Switch reveal video yesterday (and who didn’t?) then you’ll have noticed footage of Splatoon and Mario Kart running on the Nintendo Switch hardware. There was plenty of speculation online as to whether these are sequels or basically enhanced ports. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers says that they aren’t direct sequels and are instead enhanced ports for the system with presumably some new features.


        1. ??? Why would they make a new game out of recycled assets? It would be more beneficial just to make an enhanced port + a new game.

          1. So long as a REAL NEW game comes of it, I don’t mind. But knowing Nintendo, they might just waive these ports off as mainline and wont create a real successor/newgame.

        1. True, but this fresh start calls for fresh games.
          And like I said in my other post, I wouldn’t mind the ports so long as they don’t replace REAL NEW games.

          1. I think that the reason that they are doing this is to give some of the great games from the Wii U another chance. Wii U wasn’t really that big, but it had great titles that so many people missed out on because they didn’t give the Wii U a chance. More people will buy the Switch, so these ports are “new” games to anyone who skipped out on the Wii U

  1. That would really piss people off if they wind up buying the 3ds version of Mario maker. Only one I wouldn’t mind seeing a port of is the smash bros, with all music, trophies, stages, and maybe a couple of new things. (Splatoon, and Mario kart I’d rather see new games of)

    1. Even Splatoon and MK are still fresh. it is a shame the wii u did not do so well in exposing these two beautiful titles to a wider audience. it makes perfect sense to port them to Switch with a a few additions.

      The content in these two titles is just SOOOO big.

      1. Well I wouldn’t say that, I believe that Mario kart is the highest selling 1st party title, and splatoon itself has done extremely well.

        1. Only in terms of the Wii U, though. Both games sold farily well for being Wii U games (a few million units each), but they don’t compare to, let’s say, Mario Kart games on other consoles, which most were a lot more successful.

          1. Actually they weren’t “alot” more successful. Let me break it down for you.

            MK64 = 9.6 million copies sold
            MKWii= 17 million units sold
            MK8 = 7.7 million units sold

            So keep in mind, The N64 and Wii had drastically better markeshare and had the potential to do muh better. Mk64 was the 2nd best selling game on n64, mk wii was like the 7th or 8th best selling game on wii, but MK8 is the best selling game of all time on the Wii U. In a sense your right that it didnt sell as many copies, but if you factor in how many wii U consoles are out there, more than half of those people also have this game. You cant say that about the other two. I would call that successful.

  2. i am sure a Smash 4 port on Switch is the right move, it still has so much juice in it.

    It needs one major patch including balancing a few things (hello Luma), along with the inclusion of 3DS stages and possible a surprise announcement for new characters. Something like Street Fighter -> Super Street Fighter.

        1. I know! They were the more perfect choice than Bayonetta! Banjo & Kazooie have a strong history with Nintendo. If the Switch does extremely well, we could see the duo return to Nintendo! Oh, I hope!

    1. I’m just hoping they give you a way to transfer the already bought characters over. I already bought them for both versions. Don’t know if my wallet could handle a third.

      1. Doubt it. Banjo & Kazooie will probably just be added as newcomers without the need of purchasing them. Shantae should be added too. So we could have an epic gaming all star battle! That can already happen, but this one would include Shantae and Banjo & Kazooie!

      1. In fact a lot of analysts and journalists have said that ports were being developed for a long time. Is like saying that certain team is going to win a football match in the fourth quarter, it is still a prediction. My point is that Emily comments on safe assumptions, wouldn’t you agree? in this case she said that they are being developed but they may not come out… WELL YEAH! of course that could happen, everyone knows that.

  3. Having never bought Splatoon on the Wii U I could end up getting that but more likely it’ll be Mario Kart first since that’s what is more known by the people I know. I’ve always been waiting for the NS version of Zelda anyway so no biggie there. I had Smash on Wii U but got bored of it since it’s not very fun with only me playing. Mario Kart is better in that regard. I also never got Mario Maker but I just have no interest.

    1. I already have Mario Kart but I’ll robably be forced to get it again for the multiplayer anywhere.

    2. Splatoon is a must-buy IMO. Might even be one of my favorite games of all time. It’s just so great

      1. If they come out at the same time I’ll probably get Mario Kart first like I said. I still want to try Splatoon.

  4. No sh** Emily anyone who saw the reveal knew that

    I know it seems like I’m always bagging on her, but what she puts out isn’t really anything new, her “rumors” weren’t really her rumors she created, she’s pretty much in the same boat as any of us, I could easily piggyback off someone else’s posts and add my few words.

    What gets me is that I’m sure people unaware of her history will say she nailed the nx and think she’s credible.

    I’m going off to eat a star bit now.. or else I will be cranky the rest of the day

  5. Well no shit. We already knew about Zelda. The Mario Kart I’m the Trailer was obviously Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon wasn’t all that different either. If that is all it takes to get an article made about you on this site, then I could have said it right after the Switch reveal.

  6. Okay so there’s four ports? Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Zelda, and Mario Maker. Didn’t she say something about Smash port awhile ago. Like, way back?

    I feel that’d be a smart move.

  7. This is a bad step. I mean really, it’s punishing those that supported Nintendo and bought the Wii U and those games when they first launched. Now I have gimped versions of those games that will be obsolete in a year.

    1. Yeah, they have to find a solution for that imho. At least an upgrade option for a reduced price.

  8. Starfox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bayonetta 2 and possibly other top 1st party WIIU exclusives will be remade for the NS. Bayonetta 2 will most likely have Amiibo support.

    1. I actually wouldn’t mind upgrades for all those games, although they look great on WiiU. They all deserve a chance with a larger market. Those games were amazing, shame much of the world didn’t get to experience them.

        1. People didn’t buy them for WiiU because they didn’t own a WiiU. If switch gets more sales, then the remakes might be popular… So, IDK, I guess it depends on how switch sells.

  9. Zelda, Mario Maker and Splatoon I don’t mind being ported (besides Zelda is a duel system release and I never bought Splatoon or Mario Maker) but I want a new original Mario Kart on Switch! I’d rather not buy the same game again. It does feel cheap. Maybe Switch will later on get a new Mario Kart though. I hope so because a new system deserves sequels. Not Wii U ports.

  10. This makes sense. They don’t want to launch without any games like with the WiiU. Wildwater taught them they can just port a bunch of games to hide the fact there is no 1st party support as usual. But hey! I’m SURRRRE we’ll see that Metroid being released, right?

    I’m loving the hardware idea so far, but lazy Nintendo continues to be lazy when it comes to software.
    Let’s hope to God Ubisoft pulls through for us again so there are actually games to play.

  11. Can I get my money back for Mario Kart 8 from Wii U? Because I’ve been gyped.

    I might as well wait for Ghostly Adventures 2, Game & Wario, Tropical Freeze, Ultra Smash, Pikmin 3, Star Fox Zero, and Nintendo Land (the only other games of interest I haven’t even bought yet) for Nintendo Switch as well.

  12. So basically, she’s saying there might or might not be ports of the 4 games mentioned, whereas 2 of them are guaranteed, which by the way are the exact same ones that were shown in the trailer.

    What kinda prediction is this supposed to be? Anyone could have said that.

    1. This is why so many believe she’s always right. Smart girl to state how her speculation could or could not be wrong to trick people into thinking she’s right if proven so.

    1. Lol that is not double dash, you must have forgotten double dash not only had double items but double racers. It just an enhanced MK8 port don’t set your expectation to high.

      1. Or losing hours of save data because the console decided to crap on you & the people you sent it to can only fix it but they couldn’t salvage your save data, only the fact you bought those games digitally. If a game has a new game plus or it’s a game like WWE where it’s never ending, the loss of save data is a real bitch & not cool at all. ESPECIALLY if it can be avoided with cloud storage. There is no excuse for the loss of save data in this age when you have dozens of ways to back that shit up for safe keeping so you don’t have to start all over again from the very beginning. Exactly why I’m still not 100% sold on Switch just yet.

  13. I’m just concerned people are expecting splatoon 2 and mario kart 9 and they’ll get pissed when they realize they gotta pay 60$ to get enhanced versions of games they already have lol

  14. it’s make a perfect business sense and seeing how the last of US performed on PS4. It actual a great idea.

    The NX needs lot of games in a very short time. So in order to reduce the development time and cost, what do you do? Bring improved ports of successful games like Mario Maker, Mario kart 8, Splatoon and Mario 3D world to attract new and existing customers.

    If Nintendo is very clever they can fuse the 3DS version with the Wii U version and you got another good games. I would not be surprise if we see a NX version of xenoblade chronicle X.

  15. I just remembered! I don’t remember if it was an interview or not, but Nintendo stated that Metroid Prime: Federation Force is connected to a, you’ll love this, Metroid Prime 4. I am not kidding, a Metroid Prime 4 may be in the making! And it’ll be on the Switch! I hope this is true.

  16. I could care less about Mario Maker, but having Splatoon and MKart is what made me interested in the system, as they’re literally the only two games that make me (sometimes) regret selling my Wii U.

  17. ||The only thing that would make me get Mario Maker would be Desert and Snow worlds, Koopa Kids, alternate music for all worlds and new units…||

      1. I expect Koei Tecmo to give us another enhanced version of Hyrule Warriors with new characters, stages, modes, & story, like they did with Warriors Orochi 3 that got Hyper then later on got Ultimate, before I expect a sequel. But I could be wrong.

  18. Sounds like I’m going to be buying many games a second time, just to get the ultimate versions. Now I feel as bad as Playstation games makes me feel when a complete (or GOTY Edition) releases, after I already bought the original. I hope that the Switch version of Smash Bros. features a single player story mode. Something that was missing from the 3DS and Wii U versions. If it doesn’t, I won’t be buying that. Not until I find it super cheap some day.

  19. You know what, fuck her and fuck this. I’m not getting a system for ports AGAIN. I’ll wait for a price drop and hope for KH3. Otherwise sayonara.

    I’m going to have to stop reading Switch news, just like I did NX rumours, otherwise I’ll lose hope.

  20. I hope that 3d mario game will arrive at launch..either that or somehow pikmin 4. Oh well, I can always wait a bit for the games I want since I don’t have to buy it immediately.

  21. I dont mind, I left nintendo after the gc. I dont mind playing wii and wiiU enchanted ports! If the controller is what I think it is with analogue triggers, than all I need is switch with nintendo titles and my gaming pc for the rest!

  22. Emily, you are as bad as Pachter. A lot of us are thinking they could be enhanced ports, basically stating what could possibly be the obvious answer. You are simply trying to push them as if you are the ONLY one thinking it. You probably overheard someone in a comment section on a less noticed site assume they were enhanced ports & tried to push it on another more known site as your own. Essentially, I’m not buying your crap.

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