Nintendo Switch

YouTube: Nintendo Switch Trailer Is Most Viewed Video Of All Time For Nintendo America

Nintendo appears to have captivated the world with its impressive Nintendo Switch trailer which made its debut yesterday. The official stats for the video show that it is the most watched Nintendo of America commercial/trailer ever on YouTube. It has even beaten the majestic E3 trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can watch it here.



    1. Now as many of us are thinking, let’s hope they don’t kill the hype by going silent for months again. Of course, some will defend Nintendo if they did decide to be quiet. In fact, we saw a few doing just that on the article where the guy said Nintendo wouldn’t reveal anything else for the rest of 2016.


  1. The people in Nintendo’s commercials/trailers always seems to annoy me. Especially when they don’t look like someone who would even care about games (like the girl who was playing the Mario game). The music annoyed me in this too. It didn’t feel very Nintendo-ish. A lot of people probably went to YouTube to watch the trailer because of Nintendo’s site crashing (like I did). Every time I rely on Nintendo’s site to watch something, it always crashes or freezes real bad.


    1. That Switch trailer was brilliant to be honest. They didn’t choose that overly jumpy and cheerful music, it actually went pretty well. And the adults in it that look like they actually have business to handle and then sit back and relax to play games is much better than those cheesy trailers they always show families or little kids jumping in excitement over a Mario game. Lmao.

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  2. Please don’t kill the hype Nintendo by going silent for the rest of 2016. A direct in late November or early December would be a smart move so people won’t spend too much on Christmas stuff. Especially if you want this to actually sell in March.


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