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Monster Hunter XX Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter XX was announced today during the Monster Hunter themed Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. As you would expect the game is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter Generations and is due to be released in Japan on March 18th. Monster Hunter XX features two new Hunting Styles – Brave Style and one more unannounced Hunting Style. You can also transfer your save date over from the previous game.

The game also adds G-Rank, a new main monster named バルファルク (Barufaruku) and a new Diablos variant. Prowlers will also have the ability to jump off monsters and more.


Thanks to Kero for the tip!


  1. I hope they do one for Switch with ultimate realistic graphics, Im the one that prefers gameplay over top notch graphics, but this game deserves a better graphics and I want to play it on my tv ^^’ And Im a creaure designer, so I love to see the monster of this games, omg.. the designs are great! So I want to be able to see every details of them if I dont die first XD

  2. Wake me up when MH: XXX gets here…

    …and by triple x, I mean a monster hunter game staring Vin Dissel, of course. ;-)

  3. Seriously? I love MH, but the 3DS is just not a good way to play it. I feel it’s too flimsy for the heavy use of these games.
    They will hopefully release this on switch too!

  4. Looks like they are adding Hunter Styles abilities to the Prowler Mode as well. Now, if only Blunt And Cutting weapons actually felt different to use, with different animations, the playable Felynes/Lynians might not feel like half-baked additions any more. (says the player whom has played as them for almost 200 hunts).

    I suspect, with this timing, and how long these games take to localize anyway, if it comes west to English speaking territories, it will do so as a port on NS.

    … though, what I really look forward to is the first, built from the ground up, not running on the engine from the Wii version any more, truly Next/Current Gen Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch … in 2018/19.

  5. Bad news, this may not be coming to the west due to the fact that it will be too late in the 3ds’s life span by the time they translate everything. Knowing Capcom this will either be another Japan only title or a NSwitch release in the states, I’m leaning towards a NSwitch release in the west. you all better start those petitions or something, I, however, am not begging another company for anymore western releases, they seem to ignore you more when you ask for the games you want.

  6. There could also be Switch version like what they did with TriG on both Wii U/3DS that’ll be announced in January. It all lines up pretty well.

    1. I really hope so, because I’m tired of them cheaping out on the 3DS. The only MH game I got was on the Wii U because I can’t dedicate myself on an intense series in that small screen. But I would like the portability, so the Switch would be perfect for that. By the way, did MH games become easier/ more gimmicky since MH3U? Sure hope not.

      1. The games are designed now so it is easier to get started. However, to say that they got easier would be a blatant lie. It’s easy to get started, but the difficulty spike is so high at some points that it makes things like The Orphan of Kos in Bloodborne look like a cakewalk

        1. Ah, well, thanks for informing me. MH3U is the first and only one I played, so what I say is based on assumptions of removing underwater battles, and adding all these flashy new weapons. As long as it still has that balance between weapons and strategic difficulty, it’s all good. I will get another game in the series if 1. It comes to the Switch, and 2. If my friends actually get a Switch with the game. Because while MH3U was really fun, I never played it with a friend.

  7. If Monster Hunter ever ends up on Switch with way better graphics, I might go back to that franchise. But for now, I’m happy with Toukiden: Kiwami on my PS4 which puts Monster Hunter’s graphics to shame.

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