SEGA Now Has The Rights To Games Based On Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

It was pretty much inevitable that it was going to happen but SEGA has today officially secured the video game rights to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. This means that we shall be getting more Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games titles which prove to be popular with consumers every time they’re released. Good news for SEGA then!

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  1. I’m confused about this series. If it’s so “popular”, and sequel after sequel keeps getting made, then why do I hear mostly negative comments about the series? I have all of them, except for the Wii U titles. But I’ve never played them.

    1. 1. With so many every 2-3 years, they’re basically shovelware.
      2. Complaints about the controls, along with the fact that they’re just party games, as opposed to the fabled Mario & Sonic platformer adventure that many have dreamed of. A majority of the events themselves are just generic, as opposed to the vast assets from both Mario and Sonic’s worlds (which are reserved for Dream Events).
      3. The most recent installment gave us hope that the roster would updated for the first time since M&S Winter Games (2009). That did not happen. What we got were “guest characters”, who could only be used for one event for each character.

    2. Olympic video games themselves are horrible. Adding Mario and Sonic characters doesn’t change the situation. The only reason it’s popular is due to branding (Mario and Sonic). That’s it.

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