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Rumour: Nintendo Switch Supports Micro SD Cards Up To 128GB, No External Support

Let’s Play Video Games are reporting that the Nintendo Switch will support memory expansion via Micro SD card the same as the New Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch development hardware supports Micro SDXC cards up to 128 GB in size. The publication also reports that Nintendo Switch dock doesn’t support external USB drives like Wii U.

It is currently unclear if this upper limit will be reduced on the retail model, but the development model of the Switch does support running software directly off the Micro SD card as you would off the internal memory or a game cart.

In addition, a source close to the production of the Switch reveal trailer has informed us that the Micro SD slot on the Switch can be located underneath the handheld’s kickstand on the model shown in the reveal trailer.



  1. Only 128gb? For N3DS maybe thats great but thats just not big enough for a home console. Nobody wants to browse their library of sd cards, writing down exactly whats on each one.

      1. Yes it is. Why do you keep saying this?

        “Nintendo Switch is a home console-type video game system that can be played at home or on the go.”

        Quite literally what Kimishima said in the article the other day. You may as well give up denying now.

        1. Because he’s a fucking idiot. He’s a bigger idiot than Bowler. No matter how many times we tell him things about Switch, he’s too damn stupid to listen. That or he’s just another loser troll that should crawl back up his mother’s ass where he belongs. *breathes slowly* Just ignore the idjit & move on with your life because he’s just gonna continue repeating himself like peterius with that “what’s a wii u? is it an add-on to the wii?” crap.

      2. cuck’d destroyed butthurt

        a slab of plastic and a dualshock are 20 years old switch is the only generation 9 system on the planet you ignorent fool

        harddrives are slow hot and 1950s based tech

        switch is totally mopving parts free and totally solid state storage based SPINNING DISCS AND HARDRIVES ARE OLD TECH


    1. Most likely for the handheld portion of it. The dock has two USB 2.0s and one USB 3.0. It most definitely will support external storage; otherwise those are pretty much useless. Also, it’s plenty since they’re using cartridges.

        1. Apparently BOTH of you ignored the part of the report that specifically says it DOESN’T suppprt External Hard Drives through those ports.

          The Joy-Con ‘Grip’ has power lights on it (and I suspect an NFC reader, if not also a touch pad), which means it will need to be charged somehow. The WiiU Pro Controller charged through USB. I suspect the Grip and NS Pro controllers will charge the same way, and be one of the primary reasons for the USB ports.

          The other reason for them will be for secondary input devices, such as Keyboards, dongles for classic controller or wired controller support like the Gamecube adaptor for smash, and whatever other accessories Nintendo comes up with down the line … (like omnidirectional image projectors / object scanners), etc.

          The Tablet is where the hardware and software lies, and smoothly slides in and out of the dock, by design. Just what do you think would happen if someone were running software off of a hard drive connected to the dock, and the tablet was detatched mid-play?

          I’m pretty sure the data port capacities between the tablet and dock are only designed to carry video data to your TV, and recieve only very basic input from Wired Accessories (including wireless dongles for Keyboards, etc), and Data from a Wired LAN Internet connection.

          1. ||I was merely refering to his first sentence, other than that, nothing is 100% yet, High Command never does what anyone expects…||

            ||External hard drives can still be optional at its current state, keep in mind that this is still only a rumour…||

            ||Otherwise your arguments for it not to support external hard drives are highly logical…||

          2. You could get some stackable thing that you put in the slot of the dock where the tablet is shown being put. The tablet would be stacked on top of it. The stackable thing would have port for audio and visuals to connect to the port underneath in the dock, it would connect to the usb port in the dock that’s underneath it, as well as have a usb port that connects with the tablet when it’s put on top of the thing. This stackable thing could connect the tablet resting on top of the thing to the dock’s audio and visual port while also allowing the tablet to connect via the tablet’s usb port to something that the stackable thing has a usb wire going off of it to.

      1. Also remember this is a rumor but the reason for the no external is because the want people to switch between tv and portable without waiting on downloads or games.

      2. It’s nowhere near plenty for Game Downloader like myself, that want to carry the games, not the carts. 128 was plenty when the biggest game pushed 4 gigs, and it was rare. 128gigs might just be big enough for game saves and updates and DLC. (and a few games)

        That said, if you are correct, and the dock allows external drives, then we are good!… Well, it will still suck for those of us that mostly play of-TV, but I am not giving up hope that a 256 would work.

        The 3DS was only approved at 64 gigs, but with a little jiggering, you could get it to take a 128.

    2. Retail games come on cartridges. Unlike the PS4 and Xbox One that forces you to install all your games on the hard drive, these will run straight off the cartridge. Now, unless you download retail games, 128GB should last a long time. Anyone who would expect this “tablet” to have a 500GB+ hard drive is just foolish.

    3. Why would you have to browse an entire library of micro SD cards? Do you never plan on buying a physical game? An external doesn’t make any sense with this system, because it’s meant to also be portable. Is it unreasonable to want to be able to plug a 1TB hard drive into the dock? No, but apparently the dock is literally only designed to charge the system and pump video and nothing else. Keeps costs down.

  2. “The publication also reports that Nintendo Switch dock doesn’t support external USB drives like Wii U.”

    Umm… Wouldn’t that be a disaster?


      look mom i tried to look hardcore on the net IDIOT hardrves are slow hot and unreliable and are 1950s tech

      lol moving parts

      1. Lol mechanical things. So much cheaper.

        1950s hard drives were maybe 4MB in size maximum.
        That WAS old tech. Today’s 1TB+ is way newer than your “unreliable 1950 s tech” bs.
        Piss off.

  3. I have some thoughts about joy cons and i want to share. It’s obvious from their multiplay ability and standalone use in both hands that they have their own BATTERY ! And this joy-grip they attached: its a PowerBank ! Remember those green lights? I think it’s a power indicator, that would become yellow and red in the end. Joy-grip charge joy-cons as you play in your tv and when you put them at your main switch handheld their up to go!!! So more power for handheld switch, more battery time and system performance !!!

    1. think the leds are player indicators, like with wii motes. probably has the same charge indication method.

  4. Now THIS is one rumor I hope isn’t true. The memory is one of the things about the Wii U that was a failure. I hated having to buy an external hard drive for it. BUT, without the ability to add one at all, that’s a disaster in the making. If true, this would be the 2nd bad thing I’ve heard about the Switch (the first being no backward compatibility with Wii U and 3DS games).

    1. Lack of backwards compatibility is a great thing. No need to Jack up the price of the console!
      Can’t wait for it!

    2. I’m not sure if you’ve read this correctly. This rumor doesn’t say anything about built-in internal storage. Only that it supports Micro SD and does not support external hard drives, because why would you want to bring an external hard drive along attached to a portable device?

    3. Dude, the dock has two USB 2.0s and a USB 3.0 port. Of course it’ll support external storage. Probably just not on the handheld aspect.

      Also, Why the heck would this thing be backwards compatible with the Wii U? It uses cartridges; are you aware of how much more money that would cost to implement? The console would be $400+ at launch.

    4. Please explain on how the memory (storage) on the Wii U was a failure. I’ve had my Wii U (since launch) a couple years longer than the Xbox One. Mandatory installs on the Xbox One filled it’s 500GB drive in less than 6 months. I didn’t needed to get any type of external storage for the Wii U until about 2-2.5 years into owning it. I ended up buying a 128GB flash drive ($25) that sticks in the USB port on the back. I’ve been using that for over 1 1/2 years with no problems at all. It’s almost full now (I do have a few retail games and a ton of other titles from the eShop on it), but the system storage is pretty much empty.

      From an average consumer standpoint, the PS4 is even worse as you can’t run games off an external source and have to install all your games. When your hard drive fills up (and it will quickly), you either delete your games or buy an internal drive and mess with backing the games up, setting up the new drive and restoring all of your games on the new drive…very time consuming and something a lot of people will not do.

      Backwards compatibility….

      So, how do you like playing your PS3 games on your PS4?…oh wait, you can’t. How about using all of your PS3 controllers on your PS4? ..oh wait, you cant. How about your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One? Is you’re favorite game on the compatibility list yet? How about your Xbox 360 controllers on the Xbox One?..oh wait, you can’t. How about your retail PSP games on your Vita?.. oh wait, you can’t. Stop bitching about the Switch not having backwards compatibility with the Wii U and 3Ds when non of the other systems really do either. Besides, the Switch is a completely different system. That’s like being pissed that you can’t play your retail PSP games on the PS4. Get over it!!!

      I’m tired of the whiners that complain about the Wii U. Grow up and get a life.

      1. I run my WiiU on a 128 jump drive as well! It was easy, cheap, and no wires to mess with! For WiiU games, it totally worked.

        I’m not expecting a massive drive with the Switch handheld unit, but it will suck if we can’t expand the dock.

    5. Yah I bought a 2TB for my WiiU and bought over $2000 worth of downloads onto it. Hardly made a dent. So now I have to still have my GameCube with Gameboy Player, a WiiU with big external as well as a Nintendo Switch all plugged in under my t.v. because the VC games suck and Nintendo doesn’t understand how to “unify” like they said they were going to. I’ll probably buy the Switch but god help them if I have to download VC games I already bought 6 times over the years.

      1. I can see Ninty being cheap already. “Do you want Super Mario World on Switch but already got the Wii U version for 10 bucks!? Not to fear! For the low, low price of $1.50, you can get Super Mario World on Switch!” Ugh..!

  5. Well, one thing the wii U did right was its support for external USB, but we CANNOT jump to conclusions.

  6. ||These Micro SD cards are incredibly cheap, much cheaper than external hardrives and you have more options to how many and what capacity you want to have…||

  7. Huh? But the Wii U does support external drives.

    Man, the Wii U got so much flack over its 8GB and 32GB internal memory, and although the external did help, it wasnt ideal. If Nintendo didnt listen to that, which was one of the biggest complaints, then they just dont fucking care. Even if games dont need a mandatory instal, (since its flash memory) they still have fans that have or are going to go all digital, and even externals would not cut it.

    1. I mostly agree, and I am an all digital gamer, who only buys carts for Zelda, Metroid and special games. (It feels good to use the word “carts” again.) – I feel like 128 on the handheld bit isn’t horrible… Well, it’s pretty much going to be bad if we can’t use a 256. And if the dock can’t expand beyond that, then there will be riots.

      On the brightside, this is a Nintendo console, so what are we worried about? Like there will be enough games to fill 128 gigs. LOL. … :/

      1. You know, i hope things change this time around. Because that joke hit way too close to home XD i really hope that this rumor is fake and we get at least 500GB of internal flash memory.

        1. 1tb sounds better, though, since Sony has gotten some heat for using 500gb of storage for the PS4 by many people that ran out of storage before a year was even up.

          1. That’s because every game needed a mandatory install. I don’t think the Switch will do that due to the game cards. And I don’t know how much storage it’s gonna launch with, but I can almost guarantee it isn’t going to be 1TB.

          2. Oh, the more storage the better. I just dont want it to be too expensive, and with Nintendo being the kings at compressing games, 500GB would go a long way.

            1. The concern isn’t with Nintendo & their games. The concern is with the 3rd parties. 500gb won’t last very long if the Switch has indeed won back big name 3rd parties and the first 6 months are filled with big name 3rd party games along with Nintendo 1st party games. So I standby that 1tb would be the sweet spot.

              1. Yeah, I forget that its a lot of these devs that suck at compressing. Still, I hope that its at least 500GB, with a 1TB as an option. I do agree with you that 500 might not be enough, but damn, if Ninty does 1TB (and thats flash memory, keep that in mind) while they try to make a profit, then I doubt they could make that affordable. or Priced at the right price, which at this point, it cant be anything more than $299. As long as it has an SD slot, it should ease the blow.

                1. Hopefully Nintendo thought of options for bundles, like they did with Wii U, and will have an option to buy a more expensive Switch with more memory storage. If 1tb sales more than the 500gb, I foresee they’ll do Switch like Wii U & discontinue the 500gb one.

        2. 2tb would be even better but with the Switch’s gimmick (I know using that word is gonna piss some people off but whatever as it hasn’t been established as a standard just yet so it’s a gimmick til then), that might be pushing it.

          1. Oh shoot, a 2TB drive on it would probably make the console super expensive. Specially since itll probably be flash, but i would definitely opt for that drive if its an option.

            1. Like I said, 2tb might be pushing it. Not just because of Switch’s gimmick but because of price, too. If Nintendo doesn’t want to sell at a loss but also wants it to be affordable, 2tb is most likely not an option. I guess they could try to sell it with a 2tb drive as an optional, more expensive bundle.

  8. After reading this text several times and the linked article several times: Where did you get the information from, that the NSWITCH-Dock won´t support external HDDs? I really have trouble finding this sentence!

      1. ||It sure takes time for 99,98% of all humans to see the evidence presented to them in plain sight…||

  9. im gonna call bs on this one. you can see the usb ports on the side. why else would those be there unless for external storage?

      1. No it is debated whether they are or not. A blown up picture shows it could be a different symbol.

  10. Wow. I guess Nintendo wants to “get physical” ;)

    I’m not sure how an external hard drive would work. What if you’re playing a game on your HDD and want to go mobile? You can’t, right?

    The internal storage should be higher. This could be a problem…

    1. I would imagine, the Nintendo Switch has internal storage (32GB?) and if you start playing a game from an external harddrive, it would automatically get copied on to the internal storage. It would also give a message, saying something like: “Game being copied. Please don´t power of or remove Nintendo Switch from the dock until finished.”

      1. That could work, but you could never store anything else on that 32gb of internal storage.

        Assuming this rumor is accurate…

    2. Define “higher”. The Xbox One and PS4’s that have 500GB hard drive due to mandatory installs fill up very fast. There’s no way the Switch would have anywhere near that much storage space built in, nor would it need to with cartridge based software. I’m guessing that the Switch will have either 16GB or 32GB internal and use Micro SD cards or maybe even less internal (OS storage only) and rely on SD cards for saving downloaded games and updates.

      The SDXC standard allows for 512GB Micro SD cards right now. While cards that large would be very expensive, in a few years they will be well under $100….Just for the record, 64GB Vita memory cards are still $129.99, so lets be happy if/when Nintendo uses standard Micro SD cards.

      1. I would say 256 gb is a nice number, but anything is better than 16 or 32 gb. I’ve always preferred physical media and will continue to do so, but I understand how this could be a blow to people that like to go digital. There are some games that I can only get digitally (Metroid Prime Trilogy). 32 gb is nothing. You have to remember that a portion of whatever internal storage will be taken by the OS. The Wii U only had about 27 gb of useable storage. A game like XCX basically requires an external solution on top of the disc if you wanted optimum performance. Zelda will almost certainly want to install something on my Wii U.

        If this rumor is true, 128 gb isn’t very much considering what the competition is offering. Also, Nintendo will be pushing physical media hard, which I’m in favor. An external HD would certainly inhibit the “on-the-go” feature of the Switch in some way.

        1. “Also, Nintendo will be pushing physical media hard”

          What bothers me about this is that the new My Nintendo rewards program rewards you for buying digital…

    1. That is a nice looking box way better looking than that shit xbox. THat xbox look like a droid with locks. IM also glad I dont have that crappy service called “Cox.” NOw let me vanish before some Microsoft fan calls the cops.

      1. ||Since the Gameboy, I don’t consider the likes of Microvision real consoles, merely prototypes or primitive machines when it comes to consoles…||

        1. Ignore him, Quadraxis. He’s one of those idiot humans you speak so much of. He’s just another bug to simply squash under your feet.

        2. Who is this who never seen a screen? Obviously he cant be a day older than eighteen.

          What he grow up in a box? Let me guess you never heard of Pokmon Vulpix a famous fire fox.

  11. I remeber what the famous Dr. TRE once said, cartridges these days can be had. The price is better to buy
    and easier for software producers to try.

  12. Having read all the view’s let’s just wait and see if Nintendo can still surprise us, can not wait till March.

  13. This doesn’t make much sense. The Wii U supported up to 2 TB of external storage. Why would Nintendo not allow for more storage. Once again, waiting for official word.

      1. Yeah. Maybe it could have a system that makes it easy to transfer game files from an external HDD to the 128 GB card. That could quickly wear down the card’s read/write ability though.

    1. I cannot confirm this but there has been some people that stated the 3DS max is 32 but these people I mention said they have used 64 and 128GBs in them. The cap is just the supported amount but you can go higher. One person said they were using a 256GB card in the new 3DS.

      1. It’s true. Count me as one of those users. You have to change the file format, and be careful, but I succeeded. I’m hoping I can do the same with Switch to bump me to 256.

  14. I find that to be an odd observation, as two USB slots can clearly be seen on the dock (with a 3.0 slot rumored to be in the back). At the very least home play would support external drives.

    1. You are correct. It does rob you of good prices. So I do pay a premium to have my 3DS collection on my N3DS. For some of us, the price is worth the convenience

  15. That’s bullshit. It has 3 usb ports. And one usb 3.0 is for sure not for just charging. Also, looks like nobody noticed that Joy-cons will have shoulder buttons (at least 2 for each one).

  16. Kind of a no brainer. An external drive on the dock would be pointless for on the go play. Unless Nintendo really streamlines transferring games and saves back and forth from unit to unit. Even then, with cartiridges, 128 GB of storage should be fine. The only reason the PS4 needs so much storage is because it installs every disc you plop into it.

  17. Games Run off of Hardware Inside Tablet, Not inside Dock. Entire POINT of Hardware is ability to detatch Tablet and Keep playing.

    NO WAY it would run software off of Hard Drives connected to the Dock, making games screech to a hault, crash, or even corrupt save data if someone (or their cat, or toddler) suddenly undocked the tablet mid play … a behavior the system would teach, and even ENCOURAGE players to do, by design.

    “But What else could USB ports, the most Universally used data ports in the world, possibly be used for?”

    … REALLY? …

    1. Charging the Joy-Con Grip and NS Pro Controllers.

    2. Connecting USB Keyboards and other Optional Accessories. (Classic Controller Adaptor Dongles, Projector/Object Scanners, etc)

    3. USB LAN Internet Adaptors. (If it does not Have a LAN port built-in).

    – – – – –

    … anyway … I wish they would betray the smoothness of the back casing and allow a slight bump so FULL SIZED High Capacity SD cards could be used.

    WiiU games are TINY in Filesize compared to Xbox and Playstation Games, and Yet, I have over 300GB of Software downloaded to my WiiU.

    I own DOZENS of Games on Both N3DS and WiiU, but not a SINGLE WiiU disk, and only one 3DS card. I’ve grown to love having EVERY GAME I OWN loaded to my systems at the same time. If I am Forced to carry a Case/Binder of NS Game Cards around with me because the hardware is INCAPABLE of downloading more than 3 games at a time, even WITH extra SD Storage Maxed Out … I will be sorely Dissapointed.

    Don’t give me 32GB of Internal Storage, Nintendo. Give Me 320GB.

    … THAT would be Acceptable.

  18. … Please don’t be true because that memory limit is total shit for digital games. I go digital with games I have no intention of selling like the Zelda or Metroid games. And no external HDD, either!? This is a joke, right? Yeah. Switch better fucking have a cloud system with no console locked bullshit or this thing is screwed. If this shit is true, the handheld portion makes HDD’s useless as so many defending this crap of no external storage are pointing out, and there is no universal account system with no console locked bullshit, great. Once again, a gimmick is holding yet another Nintendo console back. I give 3rd parties 2 years tops before most head for the hills.

    Whatever the case, these next 2 & half months are going to be a huge pain in the ass because we’ll get rumors that either make the Switch look horrible before Nintendo even fully reveals it or get people’s hopes up for something that may or may not be true about Switch. That Switch presentation 2017 really should be next month in the middle of November. As for the days, weeks, & months after that reveal, they can keep the hype and momentum going by revealing a new launch title every month til March with a big ass presentation a week or 2 before it’s release of everything they’ve revealed so far and of games that will be hitting the console over the year of 2016 after launch. Anyway, like I said before, I hope their plan to remain silent for the rest of the year & reveal the Switch fully in January doesn’t backfire.

    Least this just a rumor… for now……………..


      “On June 3, 2014, Nintendo Co., Ltd filed in the US via the USPTO a patent application titled “Supplemental Computing Devices For Game Consoles”. It describes certain supplemental devices that a game console may utilize to increase the speed or quality of a user’s gaming experience (in a cloud gaming context primarily); the device may provide processing and/or storage resources to game consoles to assist these game consoles in executing a game or performing other tasks (viewing or editing photos, watching videos, etc.) on the game console, among many other things. I find this quite peculiar, so let’s dig into it. Here’s the abstract and a few excerpts, and as usual the images (in very high quality this time). Interesting parts bolded/underlined.”

  19. Yep, Nintendo would definitely do this, as incredibly stupid as it sounds. For anyone who buys digital games often, this is going to be an HUGE inconvenience. Third party games on the Wii U already take up 20GB each. There is just no way 128GB will last, especially with developers lately spitting out 100GB game files and not giving a crap about player’s HDD space.

  20. P29. looks like I might have to go back to all physical, i mean i might get a few digital for my most frequently played games, i guess it will be a hybrid of both……….smh

  21. I don’t know how the SD Cards works, but the first thing that comes to my mind is… If a 128GB SD Card holds a AAA game like Zelda; how the SD Card would let a game run at 60fps/720p maintaining the hotness. The SD card will melt? Or the tech for sd cards right now are so awesome that runs the games quietly keeping the temperature very low? Someone can explain me or elaborate?

    If an usb 3.0 flash card is hot when it began to read the data… how a big sd card will work in this case?

  22. I don’t understand why it’s a bad new. In fact, I love that news!!!! Am I correct to assume the current blu ray disc for PS4 can hold up to 128GB quadra layer but most of them are 50GB double layer and 25GB single? If someone can correct me I would then learn something new.

    But even if we take the case that most of the blu-ray are double layer (50 GB) it’s still 2 twice the amount of a blu-ray. In any case SD card 128 GB are less costly to make,more reliable, less power consumption since there is not extra power for a an optic laser, faster access to the information.

    The draw back is you can easily lose them…..

    As for the extra storage, I am a home console bloke and the portability of the switch is not something I care. So if Nintendo want to add support for external HDD 1TB up to 6 TB i am up for it. Something tell me that Wii and Wii U digital games will be compatible with the switch (just a guess/guts feeeling)

    1. To my knowledge, the PS4 only supports dual and single layer discs, so 50 GB max. There are quite a few games that are pushing that limit. Naughty Dog actually mentioned that they struggled to fit “The Last of Us Remastered” on the PS4 discs. This makes me think that they’re no bigger than 50 GB.

      As for this article, they’re saying that the Switch will support up to 128 GB of “memory expansion”, so it has nothing to do with the size of the actual game cards. I think it was previously rumored that the game cards will be 32GB.

      People are concerned that we won’t be able to use external HDD and that 128 GB is all the extra storage we’re gonna get.

      1. OK I did not read it that way. Yeah then I understand why people are a bit annoyed…. but surely Nintendo who try to sell you all their stuff on the eshop must have think about that. Not that I try to defend them but it would be utterly stupid not to accomodate those who want to buy digital (I am not one of them btw)… if it comfirm what the article say is true then I am afraid Nintendo did not learn from the Wii U failure.

        1. I hope they did consider that. I don’t think Nintendo would do this without some kind of plan. The Wii U allowed for external HDD because Nintendo knew 32GB would not be enough. I don’t think they would forget that with the Switch.

  23. Nintendo really shit the bed on this unless we can play our eshop games from a cloud. If there is no backwards compatibility for my library of digital titles there is no way I’m starting a whole new ecosystem or buying another console with low internal memory. If they want the system to have 3rd party games the cartridges ave to be bigger than 32GB.

  24. “but the development model of the Switch does support running software directly off the Micro SD card as you would off the internal memory or a game cart.”

    What I also wondering about the reason behind the SD card chose and capacity of them. But… again that just a guess if the game is installed on a lock parition, there is a swap parition (to avoid RAM overflow) and the rest of the SD storage is for addional data such as DLC, this will make perfect sense for me.

    Imagine you buy skyrim without DLC, the game is already installed on the SD card, does not need to be compressed and will act as the HDD you have on the PS4 or Xbox one. there will be then no need for the game to be install on the switch. If in later date you download any DLC on your console first, there will be then automatically copied on the SD card when the NX detects the game when it launched.
    If every publisher choose to release their games on 128GB SD card only, at the end it will cost them nothing….

    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of SD card….

  25. By the way I don’t know how to change the image I currently have. Can you tell me Sickr? I am a bit not used to my Smartphone yet.

  26. Chill people……..The first and best news is it will use MicroSD and not some over expensive proprietary shit like $ony did with Vita…..which helped kill it.

    Look they announce 128GB because that is the largest commonly available MicroSD at the moment. Within months after the switch releases 256gb will be cheap and common.

    Unless the thing uses some wank ass file system then there will be no limit, and if there is so sort of OS limit then it could easily be fixed with a firmware update… just relax OK.

    Also come on with acting like 128GB isn’t enough for two games…..that is crap. An average big retail release will likely be 10GB or so and eshop and vc will be much smaller. Likely a 128gb will get you 20-30 games (big and small) and if that isn’t enough for a road trip then what is. Trust me I love having a library on digital media but how often is it really used?

    Again… long as it uses cheap ass massively produced memory then I am not too worried.

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