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Discover The Final Evolutions Of The Starter Pokémon In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon And More

In today’s Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon update, the fully evolved versions of the three starter Pokémon as well as several Alolan region guardian deities have been revealed.

Rowlet’s final evolution is Decidueye, Litten’s final evolution is Incineroar, and the final evolution of Popplio is Primarina. Cosmog and Alolan Persian have also been discovered.

Information on the guardian deities of three different Alolan islands – Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini – is now available for the first time.

The following new Pokémon have been revealed:

Type: Grass/Ghost
The Arrow Quill Pokémon Decidueye is the fully evolved form of the Grass- and Flying-type first-partner Pokémon Rowlet. Decidueye attacks with astonishing speed, plucking arrow quills from its wings to send them hurtling towards its target with precise aim. This Pokémon is able to move about whilst completely masking its presence from others. Decidueye is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Spirit Shackle. This new Ghost-type move hits an opponent and makes it unable to leave the battle—it can’t flee or switch out.

Type: Fire/Dark
The Heel Pokémon Incineroar is the fully evolved form of the Fire-type first-partner Pokémon Litten. As Incineroar’s fighting spirit increases, the flames it produces within its body burst from its navel and waistline. These flames resemble a championship belt, which it uses to unleash its moves. Incineroar is the only Pokémon able to learn the move Darkest Lariat. This new Dark-type physical attack allows Incineroar to deal damage to an enemy whilst ignoring the effects of any stat changes on that enemy.

Type: Water/Fairy
The Soloist Pokémon Primarina is the fully evolved form of the Water-type first-partner Pokémon Popplio. As Primarina dances, it releases balloons of water and controls their movement using the sound waves from its voice. Primarina uses some of these balloons to jump on and maneuver in battle whilst others explode when touched, which can trigger chained explosions. Primarina is the only Pokémon that can learn Sparkling Aria, a new Water-type special move which heals the burns of any target it strikes.

Type: Psychic
The Nebula Pokémon Cosmog is extremely rare, known only to a select few across Alola. Named by the Aether Foundation, Cosmog is very curious, and its gaseous body is so lightweight that it’s sent flying when the wind blows. When light falls on the Pokémon, Cosmog can absorb it and grow bigger.

Alolan Persian
Type: Dark
Alolan Persian is highly intelligent and doesn’t like to grow attached to its Trainer, making it something of a difficult Pokémon to have as a battle partner. The round face of Alolan Persian is a symbol of the rich Alola region, and it is held to be a Pokémon of great beauty. Its exquisite coat shines with the glow of high quality and enchants both humans and Pokémon. For this reason, it is a very popular Pokémon in the Alola region.

Also unveiled were three Alola region guardian deities—Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini:

Tapu Lele
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Tapu Lele is the guardian deity of Akala island. This Pokémon scatters glowing scales that have physical effects on others—providing stimulation to their bodies and healing their illnesses or injuries. Tapu Lele has the Ability Psychic Surge, an Ability that no other Pokémon has previously had. With Psychic Surge, the field will be turned into Psychic Terrain, which boosts the power of any Psychic-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground and prevents them from being hit by priority moves.

Tapu Bulu
Type: Grass/Fairy
Tapu Bulu is the guardian deity of Ula’ula Island. This Pokémon has the power to manipulate vegetation and cause it to grow. It can use this power to make its wooden horns change shape and grow larger. Tapu Bulu has the Ability Grassy Surge, an Ability that no other Pokémon has previously had. With Grassy Surge, the field will be turned into Grassy Terrain, boosting the power of any Grass-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground and restoring a bit of HP to them each turn. It also halves the damage taken from the moves Earthquake, Magnitude and Bulldoze.

Tapu Fini
Type: Water/Fairy
Tapu Fini is the guardian deity of Poni Island. This Pokémon is able to attack by manipulating water. It does not like to risk being harmed during battle, so it creates a thick fog to disorient its opponents and lead them to their own destruction. Tapu Fini has the Ability Misty Surge, an Ability that no other Pokémon has previously had. With Misty Surge, the field will be turned into Misty Terrain, halving the damage taken by Pokémon on the ground from Dragon-type moves and preventing them from being afflicted with status conditions or confusion.

All of the guardian deities can use the special Z-Move Guardian of Alola. When using this Z-Move, the Pokémon closes its shell and a huge avatar appears from the ground to attack the opposing Pokémon, dealing damage equal to 75 percent of the target’s remaining HP.

In previous adventures in the Pokémon series, the Pokémon League was always the ultimate stage for battle. The Pokémon League housed the Elite Four (four Pokémon Trainers with powerful Pokémon partners) and the Champion (who reigned as the region’s top Trainer), all awaiting challengers. In the Alola region, there is no Pokémon League yet—but it seems that there are plans to construct one at the peak of a certain mountain. After your major achievement in completing the island challenge, will the day come when you also take on the Pokémon League to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer?

Somewhere in Alola, you’ll find the Battle Tree. It’s a place where Trainers who have completed their island challenge, or who are strong enough to have done so, battle one another. You can scout an opponent you’ve battled against so they can partner and fight alongside you in future battles. You may even see some familiar faces, including the Trainers Red and Blue from the Kanto region!




  1. Water + Dark starter combination: cool badass ninja shinobi motherfucka!
    Fire + Dark starter combination: literally ruined the best Alola starter.


    Liked by 2 people

  2. am i the only one that acutally am digging all these designs… but i will be using rowlet to start… causes owls are awesome!!!


  3. I don’t like any of them.
    I was originally going to go for Decidueye (how on earth do you pronounce that name), but it’s movements are too human.
    Actually…..they all are.
    Still holding out hope for male and female forms.


  4. Primarina is so beautiful, both the design in the name. Glad that Popplio’s former “silliness” would eventually give him the potential to look like Milotic’s true competitor in looks.

    Too bad most of #TeamPopplio would drop it for being too feminine instead of being the monster clown they’ve wanted.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Red & Blue had finally hit puberty! lol

    Also, confirms Yellow hair chick and green hair boy returning for round two. lol

    (Her character model looks wonderful!)


    1. For the second time ever, they manage to get me to NOT go for the fire starter as my starting Pokemon for my first adventure through a new mainline Pokemon game. Rowlet all the way because his/her final form does look awesome compared to the rest. Huge letdown Incineroar isn’t the liger I wanted.

      I agree on Alola Persian. Looks like I’ll be sticking with the original.


  6. Decidueye: Looks awesome! Cooler than the fire type starter’s final evolution. You know the sad thing about a Pokemon that wasn’t a ghost type before becoming one in it’s final evolution? It means that Pokemon essentially had to die to attain it’s final form. *sad face*

    Incineroar: While I’m glad it’s a two-type Pokemon we don’t have many of, it’s a shame they ditched the 4 legged part & just gave us another Fighter type look for a fire Pokemon. Bleh… So much for the awesome four legged liger that looks similar to Liger Zero of Zoids.

    Primarina: Not as cool as Decidueye but it looks beautiful so there is that. Sadly, it’s another fairy type paired with one of the 4 base elements of nature. I get it’s a fairy but it’d be nice to see a break from the norm when it comes to fairy characters.

    Tapu Lele: Oooh! A fairy type that isn’t also water or grass but psychic! Yay for that!

    Tapu Bulu: Another grass/fairy type! Surprise, surprise! *rolls eyes* Least it looks awesome.

    Tapu Fini: Another water/fairy type. lol I like the clam that is part of it’s body. Especially that horn part. A clamicorn! lol

    Anyway, my assumption that these 3 guardians would be fairy types was accurate. I guess that explains why one of them went with a none-base element. We can’t very well have two of the guardians being water/fairy or grass/fairy. Looking back, I wish Tapu Lele was a fire/fairy type instead of the psychic/fairy we got. I’m gonna assume these 3 are this generation’s Legendary Trio. Not nearly as awesome as past trios but maybe they’ll grow on me. That & they don’t look that bad. Just bad compared to past ones.

    Cosmog: Aww! The best looking Pokemon in this trailer & it only got a couple of seconds! Anyway, it’d be nice if it was a legendary & even got an evolution or two! It would have been awesome to finally get a legendary that actually evolves into a more powerful legendary after 20 years. I guess we’ll find out if they ever reveal more about it. If not, shame & I guess we’ll have to wait til another generation comes along.

    Alola Pokemon League: It’d be nice if with each badge we collect, or after every 2 or 3 badges, we can return to the place where they are building the Pokemon League to see a new part being finished & even walk around it for some goodies. Probably not gonna happen though since Victory Road will be an issue. I guess they could work around that, though. But this is GameFreak so that’s a long shot.

    Battle Tree: lol It’s a nice excuse to bring back old characters, both rivals, gym leaders, elite four, & champions, & give them 3D models if they weren’t in X, Y, Omega Ruby, & Alpha Sapphire.

    Holy shit! Red & Blue! The original hero & rival of the franchise! This is a nice Pokemon 20th Anniversary tribute! I hope they play a big role in the story & aren’t there as just post-game quest characters. Shame Red is still a silent character. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The 3 Tapu Pokémon revealed today can’t be part of a trio, because they’re already part of a 4 part. Because Tapu Koko, the electric fairy type already guards the main island. This may be the generation where we actually don’t get a trio…


      1. Not exactly. Remember the Sword Trio of Black & White? They had Keldeo, making four of them, yet the other three are still called a Trio. I guess you could make a case that those don’t count since Keldeo was a mystical Pokemon that you could only get through events but we never know. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind a Legendary …what’s that word… Quartet! A Legendary Quartet wouldn’t be such a bad thing, either! Still hoping for some kind of trio, though, since my favorite base number is 3 but I can live without one if there isn’t one.


      2. Haha, I was reaching for the word too. I almost said squad or squadron, but that can mean more than 4 I think. Have you seen the leaks by any chance?


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