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Nintendo Has Announced A Nintendo Switch Presentation That Will Air On January 12th

Nintendo News: Nintendo Reveals Plans for Nintendo Switch Presentation

In a presentation to financial analysts today in Tokyo, Nintendo Co., Ltd. president Tatsumi Kimishima announced that major details regarding the company’s new Nintendo Switch home gaming system will be shared at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. This will be an event for invited media, financial analysts and trade partners in Tokyo that will be globally livestreamed on Jan. 12, U.S. time. The presentation will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development.

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development.

Kimishima also announced that Nintendo Switch sampling events for invited media, partners, and consumers will take place in the U.S. and Europe after the presentation at later dates. There will be opportunities for the public to participate in other hands-on events around the same time, details of which will be announced later.

The exact time of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will be announced through Nintendo’s social media channels in the coming weeks. Last week, Nintendo Switch was first revealed in a video, available at



  1. Good to hear. But Nintendo should be spreading the word about the Switch now so that even the average consumer knows about it and wants to buy it. Commercials a plenty.

  2. And now to see if this also breaks the 10 million mark in terms of views. If not this at least some Switch game trailer that manages to get those numbers later on YouTube.

  3. Why does Nintendo always do shit like this? After the absurd amount of momentum and buzz last week’s trailer they just decide to sit on all that momentum for 2 and a half monster and instead announcing everything 2 months a month and a half before release. Fucking why!? I really want Nintendo to succeed, but the consoles gonna sell like trash if they don’t fucking advertise the damn thing.

    1. As much as I hate having to wait for another two and a half months I don’t agree with you on this. It didn’t hurt at all that Nintendo waited so long to show the announcement trailer, despite everyone moaning it would. So it won’t hurt either to start promotion in January. And actually I think the way they are doing it is quite smart so far. After the holiday everyone will be open again to receive new things in their minds. The time leading to xmas is too busy already. Plus, this will give them a chance to have a last xmas sale for 3DS and WiiU and it is not confusing with those products in any way. I think that is also the reasoning, after the WiiU unveiling confusion they seem to be very keen this time around to keep things super straight forward and clear and give no chance of confusion anywhere. Also, keeping a tight promotion schedule of two months will be exciting and packed full of constant info and then soon the release. I like it this way already

    2. Plus, the machine IS already super advertised due to the hype around the reveal trailer. I mean, who does NOT know what the Switch is by now?… The rest is details. It’s already in people’s mind and it happened just in a few days. We live in a very fast-paced time, so there is no more need for lenghty run-up. It’s a bit like apple now. Everyone knows already what the Switch is basically (like everyone knows what the next iPhone will be, an iPhone..), details follow later and then release (like Apple gives details only couple of weeks in advance then release). And does that hurt Apple? No

      1. You can’t possible be dumb enough to compare sale of the most popular brands of cell phones to the switch. The reason that works is because people continously buy apple products, Apples last phone didn’t just bomb terrible like nintendo last console. And yes everyone is talking about the switch NOW, after 2 1/2 months of nothing. The switch is gonna be past people mind (you said the words fast paced yourself). Unless nintendo comes out with some massive hitters. Great advertiser’s capitalizes off momentum and hype, not going silent and hoping that you strike gold again in a few months . The only reason that the initial switch trailer is an exception is because prior to the trailer there was no product to see, only rumors


              1. That’s true. But the random outbursts and caps lock… That’s how it all begins. One day, he’ll have a picture of some random guy in a blowup swimming pool. And the transformation will be complete haha.

        2. The whole gaming world is aware of Switch now and most of them are looking forward to it. Also non-gamers have already been showing interest in it from ONE trailer. Also, I dont agree again on the hype subject. Nintendo said NOTHING for many months and the NX hype was insane… So. We shall see.

        3. I don’t think hw was comparing…its more like he trying to get a point across…look at galaxy S 7, I hear they called back those. And if memory serves, airlines banned them. Here, I’ll try to put it in better terms. Every company has that “failure” thing or two…in this case nintendo has 2, virtual boy and the wii u (as much as I hate to say it because its a fantastic system). Nintendo is a company that looks for ways to get back into the game…the rumors is proof of that and when it was reveals, people gone nuts. I can post a few for you if you want. Does this help you get his point?

        4. The presentation will put people back into that mindset. It is not hard to understand business once you learn it. People put too much stake into the word hype.You don’t create hype. It just happens.

    3. Why? I’LL TELL YOU WHY FREAK! THEY KNOW HOW TO DO BUSINESS, THAT’S WHY! You appearently don’t, SO SHUT UP! They know that if they reveal everything now, not only would Nintendo lose sales on 3DS and NES mini, BUT FLIPPING SONY WOULD AGAIN STEAL THEIR IDEA! THAT’S WHY YOU LOUSY IDIOT! Now again, SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT, YOU IMPATIENT LITTLE IDIOT!

      1. lol I shouldn’t be laughing because I don’t think he’s an idiot like black b0nd is…wait are you? No never mind…anyways, no need for name calling…I did enough of that last night. But if he’s the idiot, then this guy is a saint…which of course he isn’t.

        and I know no one gives a dam but this proves my point of where one hater will always hate…no matter what it is.

        And yet…he complains he gets so many dislikes, geez I wonder why.

        Anyways, this news pleases me, looking forwards to it.

    4. When you go through a Holiday Season, with no new main hardware, there is plenty of work to do. They do have 3DS hardware, amiibo, 3DS games, Wii U hardware to finish through, Wii U games past and present (Paper Mario and Indie [small third party games] games, and NES mini. After the Holiday Season, they can focus on making the presentation and focus directly on the Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it will be, if people like the presentation then they will buy the product. Product don’t just sell at launch. People will buy it when they have the money especially in the U.S. when tax season comes around. People will also have the chance to preorder this new home console.

      1. And that is right in the middle of tax season… While many procrastinate, many of us get those taxes in as soon as possible so we can get the check. and then buy video games

  4. If they had the presentation now, likely before their ducks are in a row as far as launch title lineups and the final commercial end product of the console, we would just be left with more questions than answers and unconfirmed details on games.

    Best to get it all done with and a short media blitz till launch. If they showed us it all and it was ready to go and then had to wait six months, to me, that would be more frustrating. Then we’d all say “why not sell it for the holidays” etc.

  5. “Games currently in development”?!!!! What the hell have they been doing for the past 2 years?!!! I thought they’d show games that are completed and releasing on the Switch! 😒

    1. Currently in development can mean completed games that are releasing on the Switch as well as games in development from teams that just finished projects. There were Nintendo games released this year. There will be third party games that will be announced as well.

  6. No news until then? Oh well I will just collect me some hens and go out on a din with my girl Tooty who is thin. Now I just have to call her to schedule when.

  7. My feet may be smelly but dont worry your noise will make your belly reject toast and jelly.

    If you eating better make it snappy, the smell will change your appetite in make you really unhappy.

    Who Ever Playtonic is using as the new bad guy, they better start the rhyming if they want fans to really buy.

    While me, Banjo and the dumb bird are locked up in dead Rare’s copyright, I won’t be able to use my broom to make a swell flight to Nintendo who would had use Banjo for Smash bros. to fight. Damn thats just not right.

  8. I think its a snart move.. Pokemon releases in november.. Mario run and mini nes on December.. They are aldo trying to sell the last batch of wii u.. And Dont forget that elections are on November so all media will focus on that..

  9. While it kind of sucks to have too wait again, at least they gave us a date well in advance this time. How many months did we go without any information and no indication of when they might reveal the NX? I hated the wait, but I always said if they just gave us a date, it would alleviate a lot of frustration. So good on them for letting us know when we can expect more information. See? Nintendo IS capable of learning from their mistakes after all.

    1. I hate to be the negative Nancy, but I think it is far to early to say they can learn from their mistakes… However I do agree, although the wait will suck, and given there is nothing Holiday-Nintendo related that I’m excited about, we do have a date at least. And that does at least help to some degree.

  10. Please Nintendo/SEGA, announce Sonic Mania for Nintendo Switch! No reason in hell Nintendo owners should miss out on that game.

    Do not make me go out and and buy a PS4.

  11. Wouldn’t it be cool if they too all that time off to build up a schedule of releasing one AAA game a month?

  12. The more I get likes for my comments with rights, the more talking I just might.

    Though I must admit this talking is long, yet I wont give up but I need a new thong.

  13. This indeed great news. I’m hoping to see a lot of surprises but I swear if a new Metroid gets shown I’m gonna fucking lose it. This day will definitely get marked on the calendar…..can’t wait

  14. Only 2 1/2 goddamn moths to go…this is going to feel like slow motion just waiting for this new direct because I’m that excited.

  15. I have some thoughts about joy cons and i want to share. It’s obvious from their multiplay ability and standalone use in both hands that they have their own BATTERY ! And this joy-grip they attached: its a PowerBank ! Remember those green lights? I think it’s a power indicator, that would become yellow and red in the end. Joy-grip charge joy-cons as you play in your tv and when you put them at your main switch handheld their up to go!!! So more power for handheld switch, more battery time and system performance !!!

  16. I have some thoughts about joy cons and i want to share. It’s obvious from their multiplay ability and standalone use in both hands that they have their own BATTERY ! And this joy-grip they attached: its a PowerBank ! Remember those green lights? I think it’s a power indicator, that would become yellow and red in the end. Joy-grip charge joy-cons as you play in your tv and when you put them at your main switch handheld their up to go!!! So more power for handheld switch, more battery time and system performance !!!!!

  17. I think this is a good plan. We have something to look forward to and it’ll only be 2 1/2 months after the reveal trailer. The Switch will still be fresh in our minds when we get the full news. Plus they will have a full 2 months to advertise the thing and get people excited.

    I know a lot of people want them to start right now, but I don’t think that would work well. If they start advertising right now, people will get hyped; but how long would that last? I’m guessing that 5 months from now everyone would be so used to hearing about the Switch they would just be like “Ok, it’s out now.”

    This way seems better. Reveal the console and get everybody hyped. Go silent and let the public calm down a bit and discuss the console amongst themselves. Reveal the full details while the Switch is still on everybody’s mind. Then spend two months getting everybody psyched about the console and release it while the hype is at its max.

  18. Ugh..! So they really are going silent for the rest of the year… I honestly hope this doesn’t backfire on them. They better reveal it has a universal account system with no more console locked bullshit. Otherwise, I’ll just get Breath of the Wild on Wii U, beat it, then burn that failure to ash afterwards. As for Switch, fuck it. I’ll go PS4 all next gen & maybe PS5 the gen after that if Nintendo hasn’t pulled their heads out of their asses by then either. No universal account system, no buy.

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