DeNA Says Its Partnership With Nintendo Is Its “Highest Priority”

Mobile publisher DeNA has stated that its partnership with Nintendo is currently its highest priority as the company focusses its efforts on eastern markets. There’s three DeNA titles in development and those are Super Mario Run which is due to be released this December and then Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will come sometime next year. DeNA says that they will “try to capture the West market primarily through collaboration with external partners,” but their main focus is the east.



  1. How is this news, Of course theyre thier highest priority, Its the biggest partnership Dena has ever had.

  2. I’d like to see a harmony between the mobile apps and their home console counterparts. Example lIves from Super Mario Run transfer to the 3D Mario etc

    1. That Animal Crossing app that DeNA is going to make and release on March of next year? It will connect to the 3DS game somehow (according to a press release by Nintendo). Looking at that, the idea that Nintendo has considered your example of Super Mario Run to a 3D Mario console game shouldn’t really be too far off.

      1. I don’t believe they said it would be the 3DS version, just Animal Crossing. Which could mean a Switch version. But don’t hold me to that, I could be wrong.

        1. Yep, you’re right (I looked at the press release and seemed to have misread). My apologizes for the mistake.

          Though, I do feel that this means an Animal Crossing game will be coming to the Switch next year.

        2. Then again, who knows? Maybe they WILL make it compatible with the 3DS version on top of the Switch version (after all, it did receive an update this month).

          (Apologizes for the multiple posts; I only thought of them after I posted the previous ones.)

  3. Well, yes. That makes sense. After all: you ARE Nintendo’s 8th largest shareholder and Nintendo is one of your largest shareholders (can’t currently find the data in terms of rank, but considering that it’s 10% of all total shares, it should be very high).

    Nothing to see here. Moving on.

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