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Laura Dale: Nintendo Switch Getting Super Smash Bros Port But Not At Launch

Journalist Laura Dale is reporting that Super Smash Bros will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but won’t be a launch title. The game is thought to be a port of the Wii U version with all the additional downloadable content and Nintendo is targeting a release in the first six months after the Nintendo Switch launches. She also goes on to say that the Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo figures have been held for the Nintendo Switch port launch.



  1. Is anyone else hoping/wishing that they add a single-player story mode to the Switch port of Smash Bros.? The absence of this mode made me hate these latest Smash Bros. games. I didn’t even play the Wii U version very much before I put it away.

    1. I thought I was the only one! I also hated how they barley had any unlock-able characters and stages since my favorite thing to do in those games was unlocking all the characters…but in Tr4sh there’s only an abysmal 8 (or 12 for the 3ds version)!

  2. I agree with her. I mean since Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta Amiibo figures were announced earlier this year, they have not been any news about their releases. So the Switch is more likely the reason why the delay.

    1. Honestly I just hope they add things in general. If it’s a Wii U port, then most likely DLC well all be warped up in that port. But I could see them coming up with more DLC and some simple changes. They probably have someone new working on the port, and they well also probably take over smash bros from here on out.

      I suspect most of the 3DS and Wii U best sellers well be ported To switch.
      I wouldent even be surprised if zombie U was ported over.

  3. This game absolutely deserves a Nintendo Switch version. The Wii U didn’t do it enough justice. But I am concerned for Sakurai. He’s done more than enough and I don’t want him to damage his health going through it again. That dude needs a break.

    1. Maybe if he doesn’t decide to continue to be a work hog that doesn’t have the smarts to let his team help out with the work load because he’s too egotistical to think they couldn’t do nearly as good as he can, he should be fine. If not & he just repeats the crap he did when originally working on the game, I have no sympathy for him putting his health in jeopardy. If he wants to be the idiot & put his life on the line, it’s not my problem.

        1. Why? Because Nintendo. They gave a fan like me A LOT to bitch about this generation. It sucks but that’s how it is. :/

    2. I agree with you that Sakurai need to rest. The mechanics of Smash is not so dificult so they can hire someone that understand how Smash work and what the gamers want.

    3. At this point, he just needs to carefully choose a couple successors to direct along with NAMCO. Perhaps he can still sit on a chair and weigh in his wisdom with high priority.

      Smash for Switch also needs a port of the 3DS content in HD, not just DLC. It should be an union port. It would also be epic if they added a story mode, and transitioned to ongoing agile development. Smash 4 could be the base for an evolving Smash Bros that just goes forward, kind of like Project M was.

      1. In other words, something similar to what Koei Tecmo is doing with DoA5:LR where it gets new DLC every year instead of an entirely new game like Activision does with Call of Duty, EA does with Madden, or 2K does with the WWE 2k series. Speaking of, there is no reason for them to release those franchises with a new entry every single year anymore with the ability to do updates & DLC thanks to the digital age we live in now. In fact, they’d probably make more money if they followed Koei Tecmo & just made one game every 5 years with new DLC every 6 months to a year over those 5 years.

  4. Is it going to be called “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for Switch”?

    It’d be cool if they added some 3DS content

    1. I may, MAY, buy it if has all the exclusive content from each version and includes DLC characters and stages. I’ve already given them enough money for all that stuff. At the very least let DLC carry over.

          1. well the fact is i dont think the 3ds and the switch have very similar architectures making it hard to port any levels from the 3ds. they might remake the most popular ones but not all of them, that would be like making 20 new stages from the ground up witch is a lot of work. work sakuri probably doesnt want to put on himself.

            dlc characters are on wii u so it will be a lot easier to port them over. and if the dlc characters are not out of the box then it would either not be there or it will be day one dlc and nintendo is better than that

            1. I can see that.

              However I’d assume they used the same engine for both versions so theoretically it wouldn’t take much to port from either version.

  5. The only way I’ll be okay with a port of this game is if Wolf and the Ice Climbers are added BACK to the roster, and the Switch allows you to transfer your save data from the Wii U. Or else why rerelease a game you advertised like crazy and many people already bought. Is Nintendo no better than EA or Activision now?

  6. I hope that the ns version includes both what the 3ds have and wiiu version has plus chanllenge maps for the dlc characters and a few extra characters just avalible for the ns version.

        1. It’s an important event, but I promise you that anybody who’s interested has already heard about it via the usual channels. There’s no reason to bring it up here.

        1. he is talking about someone who is not in the current conversation. its not relevant here so he should go to somewhere it is relevent

          1. ||Good, I thought you were possibly refering to something else…||

              1. ||Exclusive characters and stages, more music and Tournament Mode returned…||

                ||And Stock Mode options to online multiplayer…||

  7. Would really appreciate seeing Smash Run included to the port considering if they skimp out on a story mode again. Gives the game some added replay value. Unlike most, I loved both 3DS and Wii U Smash Bros. Not a balanced game by any means and MANY trolls online but at least the character line-up is fantastic and game play is addictive. They left out a lot of big selling features for some people but hopefully they’ve been planning something big. Maybe there was more to that smash ballot than we thought. Fingers crossed! Good opportunity for new stages, fighters, trophies, etc.

      1. There should be open rooms for someone to set the rules, and anyone can join. You can ban certain people if they’ve been rude to you before. Kind of like friends already, except it’s open for anyone

  8. “She also goes on to say that the Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo figures have been held for the Nintendo Switch port launch.” – and Corrin, I assume?

    I hope they use that extra time to add Ice Climbers!

    1. Exactly. It can include Smash Run, the Wii U stages, most of the 3DS stages and the mode to create stages. I hope they include the option of selecting the number of lives in Solo Mode because is imposible to beat those modes in the maximun dificulty.

  9. Smash Bros port sounds rather glad, Add more songs, stages and character and this game will be had. If its a clone straight from Wii U, then I’ll be sad and later get mad.

  10. Let’s hope it’s a port of both the Wii U & 3DS stuff fused into one solid game with all of the DLC for free. Let’s hope we also get new characters & some returning characters from Brawl. ESPECIALLY the Ice Climbers who got screwed because the 3DS held the damn games back!

    Anyway, lucky me. I barely bought 25% of Smash DLC as I stopped buying it when I destroyed my gamepad for my original Wii U. :D

      1. Because I didn’t like the way it was ogling my wife! D:<

        lol No, but seriously, the only thing I remember is a game, can't remember what game, really pissed me the fuck off. Hell! I can't even remember the month or even the year it happened. I could probably refresh my memory by going back to an older article from late 2014 or early 2015 on MNN but I don't feel like putting forth the effort into anything Wii U related.

  11. If Nintendo expects me to dip into Sm4sh again after already getting both Wii U and 3DS versions as well as all character and stage DLC, they better offer some really good incentives, like bringing Ice Climbers back, a few more stages, a new mode that’s better than Smash Tour (and probably literally anything is better than Tour), and maybe the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Ballot a year ago. Otherwise, no buy from me.

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