NES Classic Mini Currently Available On The GameStop Website

The extremely popular Nintendo NES Classic Edition has had a lot of people queuing up outside stores today to get their hands on one, and some were left disappointed as they walked away without one due to places running out of stock.

For those who didn’t pre-order online, or get one in store, at the time of writing this article GameStop have currently restocked on their website. You’ll have to act fast before they sell out, but you can grab one here.

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  1. I was in line at stores. Some shops only had 1, others got about 5-6. Correction, my friends & I were at stores. I personally went to two different locations. This is just the feedback from GameStop. The same was also true for controllers.
    Other in line reported having friends/family at major retailers; Walmart, Target, Best Buy, & Toys ‘R Us. These stores sold out fast & had max stock of 10. Can’t help feel that this might be like the Yarn Yoshi Mega Amiibo; limited stock & still scarce.

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