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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo “All You Need to Know” Video

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update is now in full swing, but if you’re still trying to figure things out, Nintendo has posted a handy ‘all you need to know guide’ video.

The clip covers all the new features in the update, and you can check it out below:


  1. I have to admit. While a tiny part of me wants to get this, the rest of me is smart enough not to since I’m barely able to keep up with the games I do got right now with around 15 or more that I haven’t even started playing yet! Most being PS4 games with only 3 or 4 3DS games.

    1. And that number is only gonna grow since I got FFXV digitally preordered along with Resident Evil 7! @.@

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