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Emily Rogers: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Won’t Launch In March

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers is reporting on her blog that it is unlikely that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch in March alongside the Nintendo Switch platform. Rogers reports that she has heard from her sources that the game won’t make the assumed March release date and cites both testing and localization as holding it up. Basically Nintendo wants the game as polished as possible so they’re aiming for a summer release date. I guess we shall know for sure at the Nintendo Switch event in January.



      1. Well Emily did say that it’ll come during the summer of next year so don’t panic too much and besides…we’ll most likely have Super Mario Switch, Mario Kart Switch and Splatoon 2 all at launch to hold us over til BOTW arrives

        1. I’ll be blunt, I’m not looking forward to playing ports and the same stuff from the Wii U. Nintendo needs to get their shit together or get some third-party help for making these game. Their fast party development always gets hit with delays and puts out the same content all the time now.

          1. I’m with @iambigboss
            Im not looking forward to any of those titles. (Mario, Ports and friends.)

            I’m not bitter though. As most here know, I have no intention of purchasing switch day one and paying an early-adopter premium. So I’m fine with BotW on WiiU, and I probably have… 60-100 hrs left of Xenoblade X, exclusive to WiiU.

            I’m just sitting and watching what happens!

        2. Paid… its Splat2n. Come on. Lets be real here. Splatoon 2? Can ppl start making Splat2n catch on please? I feel like its necessary. SPLAT2N is the title!

          1. Surely it would be Spa2n seeing as the ‘two’ replaces the ‘too’ sound rather than just ‘oo’ and it just doesn’t look right when written like that…..

            1. I strongly disgree. Spla2n makes the first syllable look like it trails off… splah. Sounds ugly. Splat, on the other hand, sounds cool. No one is looking at Splat2n and thinking splat, toon. Your over thinking it. Its Splat2n, dont try to argue with me. I will ink you into oblivion.

      2. It really helps if you look at their very first promised release date, and add two years on top of it. I started doing it after Ocarina of Time, and it’s been pretty accurate, give or take 4 months.

    1. Same. I have Mass Effect Andromeda, Gears 4 and Scale bound to keep me busy, plus whatever other games come out on my Nextbox. So I can wait. And with BotW releasing on WiiU in March, I will just enjoy my WiiU version.

      However… What do you guys think, if BotW Isn’t launching on Switch, then why did it get delayed for this holiday season? Is it finished or not?

  1. I sent in a tip last week to this site that Amazon sent me an email telling me that Breath of the Wild is delayed to April 6th to 8th. No article. Oh, but Emily Rogers says there’s a delay, so we have to report that. I see how it is haha.

  2. *does the Daniel Bryan “No!” chant a few times then does Chris Jericho’s “No. No. No! No! NO! NOOOOOOO!” chant* Shut the hell up, Emily Rogers, before you jinx it!

    If it gets delayed to April, it’s the fucking same shit with Final Fantasy XV all the fuck over again! D: WE’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH, DAMN YOU!!! D:< FUCK!!!

  3. I…don´t…care! Just show some new footage and release it, when it’s ready (as long as it is sometime next year 😋).

  4. They delayed Zelda to launch on the Switch.

    No fucking way it’s not releasing at launch date to push Switch sales.

  5. Nintendo isn’t going to delay it, again. They can’t just push it back, not with so many preorders plied up for the Wii U version. So, worry not, Emily Rogers probably isn’t right, as usual. Nintendo needs Breath of the Wild at the Switch’s launch, and besides, that French site still has the BOTW amiibo still listed for March 2017. So why should they delay it. AND IF THEY DO IT AGAIN, I AM DONE WITH NINTENDO FOR GOOD!

    1. Every major console Zelda game that has ever been has released within the Holiday season. Meaning October – December. Either way, I don’t see them breaking that trend with BoTW. I have said since the last delay that BoTW will release in November 2017. I would be amazed if they release in March or even next Summer.

    2. My problem is everyone assumed its delayed. Emily said localization is likely going to be done in December beta testing would take 6 months. Beta testing could go on in the time when the game is sent for publishing. When bug is found, FIX IT IN UPDATES!

  6. Although Emily Rogers is hit or miss, I would not get surprised if Aonuma pushes back it again — and I’m talking about the Wii U version. :/

  7. I do want to ask: what is localization? Do they send the data to the other branches of Nintendo, or do the other branches of Nintendo get the OK on their country’s release and make the game?

    1. About 80-90% of localization is translation, a little bit is advertisement in new country, and the rest is censorship… At least that’s how it was with Xenoblade Chronicles X

    2. Localization is Nintendo of America’s go-to word to hide the fact they are bullshit censoring some of their games.

  8. As much as Nintendo loves holding their games back until they’re perfect masterpieces, I think they’ve also shown that they -also- have learned from the past generation about the effects of not having a solid starting launch. Unless there’s other amazing titles that are going to be released at launch, I doubt Nintendo would allow Switch to launch without its killer app.

  9. Just read an article on Gaming localization. But is it like a form of trading? Cause I read that the games are prepared to be imported to other countries. But, what does it mean exactly? And can I get an answer please?

    1. Localization primarily deals with translation of text and voices from one language to other languages. It can also mean changes in the game due to cultural differences relative to the countries it is to be released in.

        1. To be clear, the answers you’re receiving on this post are referring to game-localization. You may have read something else about retail or goods localization that very well may have involved trade. That would be a different type of localization and may explain why you are getting hung up on the trade bit.

          A game’s software being localized for other countries and cultures are what folks on here are explaining to you.

    1. Nothing is truly confirmed when your dealing with Nintendo. ALttP, OoT, WindWaker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, were all released in November or December. I’m all but certain BotW will follow suit. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love to play it in just a few months! Unfortunately I believe the launch date is still a solid 12-13 months away..

  10. I don’t care what anyone has to say unless it’s coming from Nintendo themselves and neither should any one else.

  11. Wow, Nintendo has so learned from it’s mistakes with the Wii U like they said… hmmm launching with a Mario game and promised titles delayed? Queue up the 3rd parties leaving soon after launch as well and the Switch U 2 will be another disappointment in the longevity department. Come on Nintendo, prove this rumour false and show that you actually are doing things different this time arond!

  12. Attention, according to my sources (unnamed of course) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will indeed launch with the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. Please retweet, republish, and reauthorize as you see fit.

    Honestly though, lets hope it releases like it should and stop listening to Emily Rodgers

  13. I heard from my sources at Nintendo that they’re making a Mario game for Switch and expect it to launch sometime in the consoles lifetime.
    -you’re welcome

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised. Nintendo is notorious for pulling mess like this. I won’t buy a Switch until Nintendo does a price cut, it’s on sale and I have a coupon. I wouldn’t mind if the Switch flopped and Nintendo got out of the console market. How awesome would it be to play Zelda on PS4?

      1. PS4? Wimpy? I think you have it confused with that Wii U thing trying to do it’s best impression of the Titanic sinking.

    1. So your one of those haters eh? Eh, I hear better, at least try to troll more smarter. I barely felt anything behind that remark.I mean come, can’t you come up with something better than that?

      “You ps4 fanboys, what a joke, you couldn’t even surpass xbox one, its becoming a flop as we speak.”

      Not my best but it works better…oh and by the way, that’s actually true. It’s not doing so well against microsoft I hear.

    2. I am on board with the 1st half of your comment, but not the second.

      If anything, Nintendo could probably aquire Sony. (not that it will ever happen)

      One of Nintendo’s advantages/curses is how much fucking money they have. They can crash and burn the switch, but as long as they strike it rich with 1 or 2 titles, they just coast on by not giving a shit and untouchables usual.

      And I don’t want Nintendo to merge. I want them to make a fucking console that 3rd party devs want to stick with!

    3. ||What a moronic Sonyan, the day we fall is the day we will take all our weaponry to the void, you will never get anything…||

  15. To be honest the game has been finished and ready for release since end of 2015/early 2016. A localisation, translation and testing taking more then 10 months???? I really have some doubts about this rumour. The delay in 2017 is a slap in the face but summer or even end of 2017 is an insult and total disrespect. They could as well cancel the game and don’t release it. I think wii u owners deserve to be treated better.

  16. The SWITCH is comin on March 2017, people r guessing Zelda would come on March for that amiibo release date that was announced a while ago… And the announcement was not even made by Nintendo, if I remember correctly… Just calm yourselves down folks… It will be launched when its ready

  17. How much more time to do they need?

    They had since 2014, 2015, and all of this year (which is why this holiday line-up is now crap, and Color Splash is the only thing remotely interesting).

  18. What if it’s the Wii U version coming out on March? So that way, those who preordered the game can get it earlier, while the Switch version is released in April! And, it’ll give the BotW amiibo a chance to sell alongside the Wii U version as well!

  19. I’m upset if this is true, but I can deal with it if Mario is good and there is another game along side it

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