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Eurogamer Also Says Zelda Breath Of The Wild Will Miss The Nintendo Switch Launch

Last night we heard from Nintendo insider Emily Rogers who wrote on her blog that the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t be launching in March. Sources close to Eurogamer have also provided the same information to them and it is thought that Nintendo is aiming for a summer release for the title. Emily wrote that both testing and localization are holding it up. However, all is not lost as Eurogamer has heard that the 3D Mario title will be ready for the Nintendo Switch launch in March.



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  1. If these rumours are true, I honestly don’t care. I’d much rather encourage Nintendo to use all the time they need to make the game as good as it can possibly be instead of rushing it and potentially impairing the game.

    Also, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get a Switch on day 1 anyway. I made that mistake with both the 3DS and the Wii U so I’d much rather wait for prices to drop and/or more games to come out.

  2. I really hope these guys are wrong. The launch period is very important for a Nintendo console’s success, and everywhere I see people who are absolutely expecting BotW to be a launch title. If Nintendo can’t fill the gap with something with a still great effect, I’m just a little bit worried.

  3. SO an iconic platformer we’ve heard nothing official about other than seen a seconds long snippet in a commercial will be ready at launch but a game that’s been delayed a few years a few times shown off like crazy and released enough footage you feel you’ve played it already isn’t ready?

    Okay. As long as it releases with the best Mario made to date. I don’t want this 3D land thing. I want Mario 64 part 2. Explore the mushroom kingdom.

    I hope they add more townspeople and animals and things to LOZ cuz if it looks emptied like the first fallout game. Or more barren than The Starship Damrey.
    Welcome Mr. Guest.

    1. It didn’t look like a 3D Land clone to me…in fact it looked more in the realms of a Mario 64 or a Super Mario Sunshine type game. So long as there is a few new power-ups and some all new features the new 3D Mario title will be a very impressive launch title. As far as BOTW goes the game is set to be a full open world experience…..even bigger than Skyrim from a scope perspective. It takes time to get all of the bugs and glitches out of a game that massive so the delay could be very beneficial even though technically it isn’t a delay since there wasn’t a specific date ever announced.

  4. I really hope it’s worth the wait after all this.

    If I remember correctly, Zelda and Starfox for WiiU were originally promised to launch one after the other, back before the phrase “NX” was even briefly mentioned in a buisiness meeting. Now it is looking like I will have had a Nintendo Switch in my home for at least a few Months before I get a chance to play it.

    At this point, even if it is the best Zelda game yet, it will be nearly impossible to not be slightly underwhelming. This was meant to be a mid-cycle WiiU game after all, starting development back when Nintendo thought they would release it in 2015 and keep making WiiU games well into 2018.

    I have no doubts at all it will be a “Good” game … but I only Hope it’s “GREAT”.

  5. I rather have a fixed game ready for release than a rush one as long as they release a true Mario game or something 1st party.

    1. “Eurogamer had separately been told of the same schedule, as Nintendo is committed to launching the game in as close to perfect a state as possible after so long in development.”

      Not just Emily Rogers. Don’t be rude, especially if you are wrong.

  6. It makes no sense to delay breath of the wild in place of a Mario platformer we know nothing about, and it would be very disappointing if this were true.

      1. But why is not finished ? This should be ready since 2014 wtf!!! But yeah they have time to make crappy zelda games like tryforce heroes and and the spin off SHIT that I forgot the name. They should put their SHIT together and finish this as soon as possible I’m tired of waiting and I’ll be ending by losing my interest in the game as well as the NS

  7. I’ll be getting it for my dust collector, I mean, my Wii U. So, if the Switch version is the one to be delayed, no big deal for me. Still, it sucks for those who want the Switch version.

    On Mario… I feel Nintendo is milking the cow again. Can’t they give Mario a good, long vacation?

    1. Since Nintendo never said “Breath of the Wild” will launch with the Switch, there is no delay! It’s onky a delay, if it isn’t coming in 2017.

    2. i wanna see them go one year without a Mario game. Spinoff, main series, whatever – none of it. Mario games are pretty solid 95% of the time but i am sick to death of seeing him, especially when we wait like ten years between Star Fox, F-Zero, or (decent) Metroid titles.

  8. Is euro gamer or Emily Rogers publishing the game? No?

    1. If they only posted things nintendo has said themselves there would be posts on this site around once a month or less. Nintendo just doesn’t like to talk much nowadays.

  9. But, if it’s a delay, then what if they say the Wii U version in no longer profitable and cancel it! That’s the version I’m getting! I’m getting scared they’ll cancel the Wii U version! I need reassuring that it won’t happen! Cause, I’m scared they’re going to annouce it will be cancelled for Wii U.

  10. OK, I’ve calmed down about the Wii U version. What I’m predicting is that they’ll release the Wii U version probably a day or month before the Switch and it’s version of Breath of the Wild. That way, players get it early, the amiibo sell well, and everybody is happy, while the Switch version is still being fixed up for the console’s release. Good prediction, right? Anyone?

  11. So many people giving Nintendo a pass even if this news is true and I don’t get it. This Zelda needed to be released with the Switch release to push console sales. I am no longer nearly as interested in the console as I was when I thought the game would be a launch title. And I am a die hard Nintendo fan. Nintendo can’t keep doing this over and over. This game has been delayed over 3 years and now all the hype will be dead once it is released. They keep making mistakes like this and they will certainly go the way of the dodo. C’mon Nintendo get your sh1t together.

    1. Remember this is the 1st open world Zelda with voice acting, there is a lot going on in that world. So development will take longer because of all of that , their is bound to be tons of bugs they need to work out . Would you rather have a rushed buggy game ready for launch or have a mostly bug free and published game realeased later on.

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