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Japan: Attack On Titan Escape From Certain Death Coming March 30th

The Nintendo 3DS title Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death based on the popular anime series will be released in Japan on March 30th. There will be both a special edition and standard edition available at launch. The special edition which is called the Treasure Box edition includes the following goodies:


  • A copy of the game
  • Visual book
  • Soundtrack
  • Waterproof poster (x2)
  • Large tin badge (x6)
  • Miksasa and Levi 3DS theme with voices download code

While investigating the outskirts of a certain old castle, the Survey Corps are caught in a Titan assault. The ground collapses amid the chaos, and the protagonist ends up falling into an underground part of the old castle. Just narrowly escaping death, the protagonist cannot return to the surface as their Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear has broken. The protagonist links up with a single “partner” and attempts to escape the castle underground shrouded in mystery, but…?




  1. Is this game a visual novel? If so, I’d like to see an English release. If we get both editions I will probably just get standard edition since I don’t care much for the posters or 3DS themes (unless the soundtrack is good).

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