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Here’s All The GameStop Stores Participating In Pokémon Sun & Moon Midnight Launch

Nintendo of America has listed all the GameStop stores that will be holding a midnight launch for the long-awaited Pokémon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is available from a number of retailers but if you decide to go with GameStop then you’re eligible to get a free double-sided poster. Check the link here for all the stores holding a midnight launch for the latest Pokémon title.

Thanks Kyle for the tip!


      1. Im an adult, so no student prime for me. Although I couldve gotten it through Amazon prime, but It just didnt cross my mind. Oh well, its already paid off so F’ it lol.

          1. Its fine dude, I appreciate it though thanks, but its only $9 off, so no biggie. I knew about the 20% off, I just had it preordered at GS since it was announced. Again, its cool, thanks a lot.

  1. I wish I had a poster but i just downloaded the digital version of the game, so, i think they are planning a launch event for the anniversary just like they did with X and Y.

  2. This list includes my Gamestop, but when I called they said they weren’t having a midnight release. ): Should I ask again or just give up?

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