Super Mario Run Release Date And Price Revealed

It looks like Mario will be running onto iOS on December 15th. Announced on Twitter earlier today, Super Mario Run will be available to download on iPhone and iPad for $9.99. While the other Nintendo apps have been free-to-play, it looks like they are framing the game as more of a premium experience. What do you think of the price? Tell us below.

The first-ever mobile game featuring the most iconic video game hero of all time goes on sale for iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 in United States time zones. Super Mario Run can be downloaded from the App Store at no cost, and players can try elements of the game’s three modes for free. Once the game has been downloaded, a one-time payment of $9.99 (United States price) will grant unlimited access to each of the three modes in this release.

“The wait is almost over for a Super Mario game that can be played on mobile devices,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Developed under the direction of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run brings a new take on the series’ beloved action-platforming gameplay to iPhone and iPad for the first time.”

Super Mario Run is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 8.0 or later. Starting on Dec. 15, the game will launch in 151 countries and regions. Super Mario Run supports English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and traditional Chinese language options.

Super Mario Run is the first Super Mario Bros. game developed specifically for mobile devices. In the game, Mario runs forward on his own, but relies on the tap of a single finger to jump over obstacles, avoid enemies, pull off stylish moves, collect coins and reach the flagpole to complete courses.


    1. Porting to Android is always a clusterfuck, with different combinations of manufacturers, resolutions, specs, OS, etc. and everything in between.
      iOS is more homogeneous, which is why you always see multi platform releases appear on iOS first.

  1. (Unless super mario run offers a console quality experience)

    Our top story tonight, new app “Super Mario run” turns out to be nintendo’s most spectacular failure since agreeing to Captain N: The game master.

  2. I hate Nintendo partnering with the worst phone company ever to bring the game to their platform first -.-

  3. A new Mario game for $10 sounds so bizzare. I was expecting a $20 pice tag at least. At the very least, I expect a generation of outsiders to become familiar with rhe brand.

        1. So Super Mario Galaxy is exactly like Super Mario 3D World huh? You are one of the most dumbest and ignorant trolls I’ve ever seen….congratulations

  4. Love Nintendo partnering with the best phone company ever to bring the game to their company first HAHA

    Now that the BS is out of the way, but $10 is right about what I thought it would be.

    They are going to make a lot of money this holiday

    1. ||You’ll see the cattle flocking our way even if it cost 10 times more because they are the cattle…||

    2. Yeah…..Nintendo is gonna make so much money. You may not like it but casuals will buy it regardless. Will it be as successful as Pokémon GO? Maybe maybe not but there are plenty of mobile games out there there are more expensive and that don’t do half of what SMR does

  5. Now I see why Nintendo are partners with Apple. They both sell the same shit thats overpriced.

    1. ||The big difference is that the Applings consider their machines their top priority while we just created this Mobile Infantry cattleness for our amusement, specially mine…||

  6. If you don’t think this game is going to sell bucketloads because it’s $10, you’re gladly mistaken. You underestimate the power of Nintendo’s brand, particularly with the clever release just before Christmas. Imagine how many kids with new iPhones will be buying this on Christmas Day.

  7. So it won’t be a mega hit like Pokemon Go. Nintendo is once again being stoopid! If it were f2p with download content they could reach a user base of one billion. One billion users would not only get them more cash, it would also be free publicity with global impact. And if everyone is talking about Nintendo again, more people would be interested in the Switch.

  8. }{ While I didn’t expect this transition to go completely smoothly, I’m surprised Nintendo is this far out of touch with the rest of the industry… They do not seem to realize that mobile peasants are very unlikely to pay above 2-3 dollars for any one app… Even if it is Mario… }{

  9. $5 more than I wanted but if the content is there I won’t mind. I’d sooner pay $10 for this than $40-$60 for NSMB. Plus there’s always the free trial first. I bet they’ll have ads in that for revenue. I still think this will be a big success.

  10. First don’t call someone stupid when you can’t spell the word. Second, 9.99… I’m in! You’re saying 9.99 and that’s it! That’s so much better for the customer! ‘Nintendo just did us all a huge favor!! So you’d rather pay double/triple that over time with pay to play… sheesh

  11. Exactly what I was expecting in fact I was expecting it to be a little more at $14.99 and before people start crying, bitching and complaining about the price you have to realize that SMR is a more full mobile game experience than most. $9.99 is a very justifiable price for a mobile game that will most likely have free content rolling out regularly

  12. $9.99 for a digital game I can play across 4 iDevices. I’m good with that. If I were buying for one device, that isn’t an impulse purchase price…

  13. im sticking with nintendo platforms like the wii u and the 3ds. also $10 is the best price for a game that offers a lot of content, $5 would be just half the game and riddled with microtransactions, $5 is also the price of a vc of an nes game.

  14. well to be honest I don’t blame Nintendo at all. If they can milk the idiot who are ready to buy any app (please let’s not call it a game) good on them. The typical Apple customers (and does not matter the country, believe me) are sheep who are ready to buy anything apple produce or are apple exclusive. When Nintendo announced it will be time exclusive with apple I thought: “well done Nintendo to milk the mindless Apple customers”.

    I just wondering if the deal with apple means that Nintendo will pay less fees to have the app on Itune.

  15. Of course, we’re talking about mobile games and they usually come with IAPs, so I’m going to assume that the base price is $9.99. If IAPs are in this game, then the game will be more expensive if the developers are lazy and won’t give you the in-game currency needed to buy the upgrades and properly enjoy the game.

  16. It doesn’t seem that the game offers microtransactions, at least, so hopefully it also means that there won’t be any ads given this rather high price. It might actually be worth getting, since decent phone games without microtransactions are hard to come by. Gotta have something to play on the train.

    1. Then again, people supported & voted for Trump & Hillary so I guess people in America, at least, have made some really stupid decisions over the last 2 years.

  17. 10 dollars is fine. This is Nintendo we are talking about not some crappy mobile developer. I’m not sure what the problem is. I spend nearly 10 dollars for lunch everyday.

  18. So the game launches exactly 1 month to the date from today’s announcement of the date and price.

    I’m now fully convinced that the Switch will release on March 13th, exactly 2 months to the day from the date/price announcement in Japan. Note that the 12th is the date Western viewers will see the presentation.

    Another point in favor of this being the date, Nintendo has historically favored Sunday system launches. March 13th is a Sunday.

    1. Okay, HUGE correction: the 13th is a Monday, not a Sunday. My bad. Still, the 12th is the day before that, so just plug that date in for what I said above.

  19. The price is a terrible idea. Average consumers aren’t willing to spend money on apps, especially if the price is $10. The only time this practice worked is with Minecraft because, well, Minecraft. Mario isn’t that popular with average consumers for it to make people want to buy a game for that much money. It baffles me that people are willing to thing that this is a good idea.

  20. they should like have it pre downloaded on new iphones for a limited time over the holidays for kind of a promotion for both apple and nintendo. be cool if they made a red iphone with a white apple logo too, but obviously that wouldnt happen lol and its also probably not the best idea! just an opinion n somethin i would like! (even tho i already have an iphone haha)

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  22. I haven’t been here in years. I still remember the days of Nintendo Commander and Icezeama lol. Wow how time flies. Good to know this place is still active. I miss the old layout which was black and green I believe? I remember SilverShadowFly used to be a writer here. I struggle to recall the 2 others.

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