US: Excitebike64 Coming To Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

As I’m sure you are already aware Thursday is the day the North American eShop list goes live and the service is updated. We already know one of the games that will make the cut and that is Excitebike 64. This is the first time the game has appeared on Virtual Console and it will be available for the regular price of $9.99.

Grind your way through the extreme sport of motocross, and attempt over a dozen outrageous tricks, such as heel clickers, cliffhangers, and bar hops! Select from six different riders—each with their own unique style—and race across 20 stadium tracks and outdoor courses. You can also create your very own courses or race against up to four friends.



        1. I’m not saying my word is for everyone ;) but I feel it’s definitely worth $10 & some change.

          On a side note, I really really like the artistic look of that header picture or whatever you call it. Can’t you just see realistic looking nature setting with the old school bikes from the NES version. I’d pay monies for that.

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