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People Are Being Banned By Nintendo For Playing Pokémon Sun & Moon Early Online

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are cracking down on pirates who downloaded Pokémon Sun & Moon when it leaked earlier this month. Users who downloaded the Nintendo 3DS game early and illegally are being told that they have been banned for playing the games online. They are being greeted with a error code 002-0102 message whenever they try to go online on their Nintendo 3DS systems. Just going to the eShop brings up the message, “This device’s access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo.”



    1. Yes, because I’m sure they were inconveniencing you personally.

      Damn those monsterous Nazis, they deserve to have their over $100 systems blocked from online connectivity!

        1. Just going to the eShop brings up the message, “This device’s access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo.”

          So no, all of their online services have been provoked.

          1. Well shinygold2 they only banned users who play the game and online early before the release. besides those savages got there ass caught by Nintendo. Plus I just pre-purchase my game weeks ago and it says I only got 2 days left.

          2. More of this fucking furry hentai shit? Cant you useless faggets see Pokemon sucks ass and is a rip off of Sonic ! The best fucking game you modern Moerans will ever play

        2. No. I am banned from every game including the eShop. I can no longer redownload my purchased games once gone which I spent roughly 300 USD on.
          I buy every game i download. I preordered both soon and moon and currently own over 50 BOXED 3ds games. I just couldn’t resist having it a week before release. So a permanent ban would be absolutely horrific and they will lose money as I won’t be able to spend more money online.

              1. you might be able to transfer your games and nnid after all the message say “THIS device’s access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo.” not the nnid

                1. Just checked. System transfer seems to work. Did not perform one but I got into the setup screen.
                  And I hardly believe it’s a permanent ban as reviewers already have access to the game. So Nintendo basically just banned then as well. Some people just have a legit copy. And banning them PERMANENTLY from basically EVERY online service for using the online features of a Game you ACTUALLY OWN would be crazy.

          1. Dude they only banned users who play the game and online early before the release. Besides we didn’t play it early. It’s those savages fault who got it early.

            1. I played a pirated version of moon early because I couldn’t stand the wait anylonger.
              But as I am getting the real games and as I own over 50 boxed games and spent over 300 USD on the eshop a permanent ban forever for just playing the game a week early would be ABSOLUTE crazy. I just traded one Pokemon xD

                1. My 3ds is hacked yes. Mostly because of region lock. Owning a USA 3ds in Germany is no fun. And I Buy my games from the USA. Which means I have to wait extra 10 days for my copy to arrive. Sure it’s only 2 days till release but I have to wait longer :/
                  Same with everything. The Nintendo Switch is going to be a big pain D:

                  1. Oh so you live in another country I can see that you will wait for the game to be release next week. I get it now. And the 3DS is hard for you to get one is where you live at Now?

                    1. No I could buy a German 3ds but why?
                      And German games cost 45 euros. American Games set me down 25 euros. So there is no way of me buying them locally

          2. You did the wrong thing, and now you’re copping the consequences. Deal with it, and maybe in future don’t be so impatient.

            1. I just cannot see the pure evil in playing a game 3 days before launch as even people with legit copies got banned.

        1. A, new System?
          Even if I own the game as a reviewer or someone who happened to receive it from a retailer 3 days early? If for going online before release. So even those guys are getting banned and are getting their access denied from the eShop they perhaps spent 500 USD on. Is that still fair?
          I think everyone who thinks getting their eshop games permanent taken away for using a game they perhaps even own a day before release is okay is just a Nintendo cock sucker

          1. Hey idiot its called punishment for hacking. nintendo said were tired of your snit we taking you down this is what you get for stealing our game .2 they worked hard to make this game and if you have preorder. it was have costed 30$ . u lazy piece of crap it would have got to your house, dont be hatin on pokemon for the crime you just did and im glad everyone who hacked the game is getting banned it will teach them a lesson to not steal games you couldn’t just play your 500$ worth of games IF I HAD 500$ WORTH OF GAMES I WOULD BE PLAYING THEM UNTILL SUN AND MOON *shakes him * You freaking idiot u have all the games in the world pokemon I bet u have all the copies of pokemon x and y pokemon yellow red blue omega ruby alpha sapphire AND YOU DIDNNT PLAY THOSE AND I JUST RESTARTED MY GAME X AND Y SO I WILL WAIT FOR SUN AN MOON I DONT FEEL BAD AT ALL FOR U I HOPE U NEVER GET YOUR GAMES BACK Since u snitting on nintendo and game freak and for banning you from the nintendo e shop which from a game u stole I got lazy on the comas and the periods. STILL YOU A KID OR NO KID DONT FUCK WITH NINTENDO

            1. I really own every Pokemon game (including spin-offs) with box and manuals.

              And people with legit copies of these games for their 3ds banned including their eshop account which is absolute note fair…. And hurray my 4 copies of sun and Moon are getting shipped soon.

              And I have backups of my eshop games✌✌
              So I can still install them manually.
              The only thing that has changed is that if I want something from the eShop I now have to download it illegally since I can no longer but it legally. Stupid Nintendo. Their fault for encouraging pirating games.
              But seriously. I own every Pokemon game including spin-offs except hey you Pikachu.

              I have gold with box twice. Fire red and sapphire with box and manual twice.
              I spend most of my money on Nintendo stuff. And now they banned me from buying new stuff because I dared to play a game a week before release. I will no longer but 3ds games after soon and moon… Business

  1. ||To protect our property, some pirates must be vaporized…||

    ||To ensure our future, some outlaws must be set as examples…||

    ||We are only ensuring gaming’s continued existence, you are so like children…||

  2. Well looks like I told Nintendo about that a week ago because users should be ashamed that they got the game early on there 3DS because they hack there system and got free shop.

    1. Free Shop Rules saves cash, plus i use Pokemon moon online and i haven’t been banned so too bad for the pirates

  3. Hey sickr Pokefan international on YouTube got the game early and hack the 3DS and got free shop that’s how they got the game early. Besides thanks for reporting this dude. I told Nintendo about this a week ago on twitter and this site. You can find my channel on YouTube ts sonicgalaxy27. You can think me later.

  4. Get a new 3DS or start a new Nintendo Link Account?

    I doubt the conclusion to that is to mope in your room and look sad.

    If the entire system is blocked from online usage, get a new 3DS, and carry over everything already purchased.

    1. Well justice is served. Besides Nintendo only banning users who play the game early before the release. I actually pre-purchase the game weeks ago and I have to wait for the product to be release on my 3DS and now I got 2 days left. I’m glad I’m not one of those guys who play the game early before the release. That’s what they get.

  5. Going online with a pirated copy of anything is just a generally dumb move.

    As far as I’ve read though, some people have been saying that the leaked roms online aren’t the same as what we’re getting on Friday, so it could be more of a detection of this specific rom than of early access altogether. I haven’t heard of anyone who’s gotten a physical copy who’s been banned as of yet.

  6. To all nintendo fans out there.

    If you like pokemon would you buy a brand new new 3ds (xl) to play pokemon sun and moon, or wait until the switch?

    plz answer

    1. I would wait till the switch or get a cheap new 3ds on ebay or craigslist or something, they just came down in price so there is that option, however we don’t know when a pokemon game let alone a mainline pokemon game will come to the switch our earliest estimates are 2018 for the D/P/PLT remakes which would most likely be on the switch.

        1. Um, yes, they only banned people who played the game early…I WONDER WHERE I READ THAT BEFORE. OH, MAYBE IT WAS….THE ARTICLE? You’ve done this same response at least ten times :I

    2. I would wait til Friday (and that is precisely what I’m doing. :-D) and then get the game (Sun) when it’s released. Why can’t people wait? I understand that they are excited for it but really? You only have to wait 2 days more and you can have it legally.

  7. Yeah, let’s ban all the people who are playing it early, many of which are buying legit copies of the game when it comes out….
    smh -_-

    1. Yep, and who are now having an advantage over legit buyers because they played the game early and had more time to build teams etc.
      No, really, what were you expecting? Playing games early is pretty much the same as cheating, and cheaters have always been banned. Not to mention that it IS illegal, no matter whether people buy the game or not. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to the developers (and a lot of other people).

    2. Then why didn’t you just wait? It’s illegal. If you downloaded it of 4chan then stay banned forever we don’t wanna play against you. If you did not. Good. If you know anyone who did don’t make excuses for them because they deserve it.

  8. I am banned from every game including the eShop. I can no longer redownload my purchased games once gone which I spent roughly 300 USD on.
    I preordered both soon and moon and currently own over 50 BOXED 3ds games. I never download games… I make my own backups/copies (by dumping them) and install them on all my 3ds systems as a digital game. but I own every game. but I downloaded Pokemon moon because I just couldn’t resist having it a week before release. So a permanent ban would be absolutely horrific and they will lose (on my side) money as I won’t be able to spend more money online.

      1. Yeah the one was a reply and the other one is a comment. And I did change and as few words but not a lot though.

    1. Are we supposed to feel bad for you? its your fault. Everyone else has to wait why couldn’t you? I feel no sympathy for people who cant wait a week and get banned for it.

      1. A ban on a 300 USD eshop for playing a game a week early is a bit harsh.
        And you guys get to play the games in two days. I have an USA system and live in Germany. I have to import them. So I actually I have wait 10 days extra. Waited 10 days after Oras release. Got fire emblem fates two weeks later. Is that fair? Region locking a system forcing a import and longer wait. If there is a way to play a game a week early for once instead of waiting 10 days like I ALWAYS do then I Will take that offer

        1. It seems everyone is too busy sucking on Nintendo’s dick to realize how they are screwing over people that are playing the games legally, that bought them legally. But no, no. It’s their product so I guess they can pretty much shit all over paying customers & are beyond being called out for obvious bullshit. I’m glad I canceled my preorder of Sun & Moon. I’m pissed off at GameFreak enough as is right now so this would have just pissed me off further if I ended up being one of the poor customers to get shitted over.

            1. I canceled my preorder of the game weeks ago during the whole Genesect fiasco. I was already ticked about Keldeo not being released in America the day it was supposed to be available & the fact they dropped the 3D effect instead of trying to improve it for those of us that DO use the 3D effect most of the time.

              1. Oh & I forgot about the fact they released Volcanion in the middle of the damn month & didn’t even tell people about the release til the day it started.

              2. Well users didn’t used 3D effect not much often. Yeah the depth slider. but I didn’t know there is gonna be genesect in that game but some people say it’s just a waste of time. So when did this fiasco happen?

          1. ||When you hack or pirate our machine you deserve to be banned, period…||

            1. And if they bought their copy & simply got it a few days early, what of them? Should they have their entire system bricked because someone at Nintendo or GameFreak fucked up & didn’t have the online turned off til the game was officially released?

              1. ||Subject blackbabe111 said…||

                ||I played a pirated version of moon early because I couldn’t stand the wait anylonger.||

                ||I have nothing against this tiny human but Nintendo has zero tolerance policy against anyone, even me when breaking our laws…||

                1. Obviously not talking about him. I’m referring to the ones that simply got their bought game early & started playing it. Nintendo should at least go by a case by case basis instead of simply saying “if you got online early, you are guilty of pirating” without checking to make sure they didn’t have a legitimate copy.

                  1. ||Nintendo also has the same policy for using a weapon legally or not before launch day, something even the Gamestopians informed me several times when I was merely a warrior…||

                    1. Wow. That’s bullshit that even paying customers get shitted over. :/ It definitely makes me want to think twice about getting Nintendo’s crap day, week, or month 1.

                    2. ||Logically it isn’t only the cattle’s fault, the biggest part of the blame should be put on the merchants that sell these weapons earlier than they are allowed too as they too are breaking our laws…||

                      ||I’m pretty sure most of these bans ate temporary…||

          2. Then you’re being just as immature by reacting to them upholding the law. If you’re pissed at them for them upholding their policies on pirating, then you need to grow up. No skin off of their or anyone elses’ noses that you canceled your pre-order.

            1. There is right & then there is wrong. Punishing people that legally bought theirs is bullshit. Maybe if you weren’t such a sheep with defending everything Pokemon, you’d realize there are some innocent people getting harshly punished for simply playing the game they paid for.

            2. As for canceling my preorder, I did that weeks ago after the Genesect fiasco because of that fiasco, because they released Keldeo in the US late instead of on the day he was supposed to be available, because of the lack of a 3D effect, & because of Volcanion getting released in the middle of the month with no heads up days or even weeks before his release. So canceling my preorder had nothing to do with this bullshit. But like I said, I’m glad I did cancel it. Otherwise, if I was a paid customer getting punished for simply getting my game a day early & playing it, I’d never buy another Pokemon game ever again. Which would have been a shame since I got back into Pokemon around 2 years ago & have one of each 720 Pokemon, minus Meloetta who I will be getting in December.

              So I guess I can’t complain too much since I did dodge a bullet that would have put me off from Pokemon for who knows how long. O.O

      1. And let’s say I own a real copy that I just happened to receive from my retailer. I play the game that I bought and go online and my 3ds gets banned from using the wifi and redownloading games I already bought. Would that be fair? Nintendo cock suckers would say yes because apparently any consequence no matter how high it is seems to be okay for them. But they bought the game and are just using is. Is it still fair to render those peoples 3ds game consoles useless permanently?
        Nintendo cock suckers would say yes but otherwise no.
        I have a preorder on the game. I would have bought it. All I did is okay it 4 days before release. If that really that much of a crime that makes it okay to take away my eshop account which i already spent over 300 USD on? You, as a Nintendo cock suckers, would say of course but I don’t think they will ban those people permanently for those who really own the real the copy

    2. If your game is broken or stolen you do not have the right to back it up. Sorry, that sucks and I can understand if you’ve been through it before. But that’s how it goes. You’re a naive brat. Couldn’t resist? Like a thief in a jewellery store then. All those shiny gems, must be mine before some old lady buys them. Well boo hoo. I sure hope it’s permanent you need to be taught a lesson. There’s no law that says you can steal something and pay later. You can pre load it, which is really simple, AND FAIR. You get to play a game as soon as it releases and don’t have to wait until it downloads day 1. You’re not pirating a 35 year old game from a company that’s no longer in business. This game is NEW, and there’s no way they could know you want to actually buy it or not. Most people WONT. So PLEASE stop making excuses like a child. Buy a new 3DS, deal with it.

      1. My Games are neither broken nor stolen (except Pokemon moon).
        I back up my games that I own and that work

      2. Haha. No online means I won’t buy as many games and won’t spend any more money on the eshop. Simple as that. I have 50 boxed 3ds games. They are trying to lose me as costumer just for playing a game early. I already payed for the (my gift card balance. It is withdrawn even before it is shipped out) item. Sure release is in a week but due to region locking I have to wait additional 2 weeks after release due to import reasons. I waited two weeks after Oras release, FEF, XY Ssb4 even though I payed in advance because of the fucking 3ds region lock. Am I really a bad person who deserves to have no more access to his 300 USD eshop account simply because he played a game a week earlier for once instead of two weeks later?

        If Nintendo does not lift the ban Pokemon Sun and moon will be my last 3ds purchase. I already bought 50 boxed games and spent 300usd in the eshop. Great move… They won’t be getting any money from me soon just because playing a game a week b4 release for once instead of waiting 2 weeks as usual due to region lock

  9. They’re a little late, as players have posted videos of the games on YouTube, spoiling everything. I kinda, um, peeked at a few of them, but not spoil anything for any of you! JWittz has his early copy and planning a livestream playthrough of Sun on Twitch on release day! I’m gonna try to watch it!

  10. I can understand banning those that got the games illegally but the ones that bought & received them early!? So because someone else fucked up & sold the games early at their store or sent them out too soon, those customers get fucked in the ass for playing the game they legally paid for!? But no, no. Let’s defend the company for shitting over the good customers that were simply playing the game THEY paid for! Maybe Nintendo, GameFreak, or whoever the fuck is responsible for online should have turned the fucking online thing off til the game officially released! *facepalm*

    1. Well that’s a lesson that Nintendo fanboys should learn besides those bastards know they fucked up because they know better to play the gane early before the release date. They just being too greedy to wait longer for the release. Nintendo did the right thing for reporting this because I told them about users play the game early and they hack the 3DS system to get it early. They should have pay for it Like everyone else. The ones who played the game early before the release date they own them money.

  11. I got Pokemon Moon Already got on trial done already and been online twice and yes its a legit copy

  12. No online features, no system transfers, no linking a banned nnid to a new system. Once you get that error code, that’s it. Your 3DS and your NNiD are both classified as “problematic” so not only will you need a new 3DS but also a new NNiD as well.

    1. This is not about “accessing the online early”, this is is a tactic to catch pirates. If they kept the servers offline, how they would figure it out to punish them?

  13. So I will be receiving my copy from Amazon today, I figure I should be good to go when it gets here later today.

    But maybe just to play it safe I might wait until midnight to play it. Which would be fitting because I preordered Moon lol.

  14. Hello, I bought a copy of the game, legally, from a local game shop here in Brazil, and I have the official copy of the game with me, physical. If I wait until the launch date on November 18 (Friday), can I play it normally?

  15. This is The Pokemon Company suing that guy for charging two lousy bucks, money that he wouldn’t even get to keep as it would have gone to the expenses of throwing the Pokemon party, all over again. Fanboys defended that bullshit, too. There comes a point where people should realize some laws are not always used in justified ways or that some laws are just downright corrupt. Like throwing a person in prison for 10 years for just a small amount of weed. Seriously!? Someone that led a conspiracy to commit murder by trying to have her husband killed got less time than that!

    1. So apparently Nintendo WILL punish paying customers for playing a game they paid for & got before release date. Thanks for that info, Quadraxis. That’s… pretty fucked up. Brings me back to a previous point I made: So because someone else fucked up & sold the games early at their store or sent them out too soon, those customers get fucked in the ass for playing the game they legally paid for!? *sigh* It looks like Nintendo has more things wrong with them than I originally thought. :/

      1. ||This isn’t really about punishing only, this is about statistically logical measures High Command applies which is also written in our terms of agreement protocol…||

        ||It is the best current way to dispose of pirate scum and if you are unable to have patience by having an illegal copy or a legal one playing online then there is no difference to our system…||

        ||But like I mentioned earlier, the merchants should also be punished by firing or warning the employee that broke our law…||

  16. guys, I have one question.
    The banned people are only the ones that entered online before the game was released right? not the ones that simply downloaded it and played online with a ROM after the launch right?

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