The Game Awards 2016 Will Feature Less CGI Trailers

The Game Awards 2016 are taking place in Los Angeles next month and the host and producer of the show Geoff Keighley has confirmed that this year’s show will feature less CGI based trailers than last year. Keighley admits that the No Man’s Sky trailer at a previous year’s event is to blame and that he wants developers to be more transparent about the state of their games.

“I have thought about the story of No Man’s Sky a lot. Did we create this black hole of hype that the developers couldn’t pull themselves out of? Some of that was authored by me.

“There is a good moral of that story and it’s part of what I’m trying to address this year; to have developers be more transparent about the state of their game.”

“I agree with the feedback and told that to [developer] Sean Murray,” he said. “That game, when it was announced, everyone in their mind’s eye came up with an idealized notion of what it was going to be.”

“I knew the team and it was eight guys. The vision was never going to be achieved.”

“The nature of showing anything in advance is challenging and it’s a game of expectations,” he said. “When Warner Bros. showed the first Suicide Squad everyone went crazy and the movie ended up being kind of not that great.”

“We’re going to have more diving deeper into games and gameplay,” he said. “We’re going to get deeper looks at premieres; they’ll run four or five minutes.

“I think people will be surprised at the depth of some of the game content we will show this year.”

“Six years ago if a game was announced in December and shipped in November and then was cycled again and again,” Keighly said. “Now it’s like there is no playbook, everyone does things differently and approaches it in a different way.”




  1. That’s good. Never been a fan of fully CGI or live-action trailers for games.. especially when a game is first announced. It gives me the impression they aren’t confident enough in just showing the actual gameplay.

    I know they’re made to get people excited, but instead I’m just annoyed that they didn’t show a second of in-game footage.

    1. to be fair, most games are not done, and most of what can be shown would be called a “vertical slice”, which in itself can be like a CGI… but worse because it gets people into thinking the final game will be like that vertical slice.

      1. I understand that, I’m just saying it does nothing for me. I think developers should wait until they have something significant to show, rather than showing CGI footage that doesn’t particularly reflect the actual game (like you said).

        1. the publishers will want to show something though, either at E3 or some other event (like this)
          weather its morally correct or not, they want people to want the game far in advance, and waiting for the game to go gold(the only time it can truly represent itself fully, even betas can see large changes) is not going to make them much money.

  2. Wow, and to think that No Man’s Sky has become the driving force behind not tricking you fucking customers… it’s about time, really… too many games have come about that were shown in CGI or other pre rendered bullshit and then ended up being complete and total ass

      1. Hmm, should have worded it differently…

        How bout… the final nail in the coffin? I don’t know… all I’m sayin is that NMS pretty much pushed the whole idea overboard

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