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Nvidia CEO Thinks That PS4, Xbox One, and PC Ports on Switch Will Be Simple Due To Tegra Chip

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia – a company that designs graphics processing units for the gaming market, spoke about the Nintendo Switch in the company’s financial call last week.

Huang advised that the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and soon the Switch, have modern GPU’s in common, and as a result of that, game developers can “target a much larger base with one common code”. The Nintendo Switch has recently been confirmed to have a Tegra chip powered by Nvidia. Here’s the full snippet of what Huang mentioned in the call:

“The quality of games has grown significantly. And one of the factors of production value of games that has been possible is because the PC and the two game consoles, Xbox and PlayStation, and — in the near-future — the Nintendo Switch, all of these architectures are common in the sense that they all use modern GPUs, they all use programmable shading, and they all have basically similar features.”

“As a result of that, game developers can target a much larger installed base with one common code base and, as a result, they can increase the production quality, production value of the games,”

Nvidia has spoken highly about the Nintendo Switch in recent weeks, describing it as an “incredible console“.

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          1. Well, to be honest, I don’t think console generations are ever going to advance in the traditional way. I expect consoles from now on to just upgrade to a stronger but similar iteration until the older models are slowly left obsolete.

    1. If people always worry about what’s coming out in a year or two, they’ll never enjoy what’s out today. Besides, I believe that consoles are now going to be like computers and cell phones. They’re make faster units, but most of the new games will still run on older units.

    2. Nintendo could always release a more powerful 4K version of the Switch down the road. You forgot that Nvidia makes 4K graphics cards too? They’ll be ok so don’t worry

        1. The switch is powered by the tegra chip, that doesnt mean that the next console is going to use it aswell. Plus 3 to 4 years from now Nvidia could release a mobile chip that could easily achieve 4k, or they could make a custom one for Ninty.

            1. Well, in 2 days the Wii U will be 4 years old. If it does come out in march that gives it a life of 4 years and 4 months. So I do see Ninty releasing another console in another 4 years. At least its not out of the ordinary. I would also say that its very unlikely for Nintendo to have a mid cycle upgrade, buts with the way Nintendo has changed in the last 3 years, anything is possible. 5 Years ago I honestly couldve bet everything I own that Nintendo wouldve never put mario on phones, but look at them now. They are the wild card, and everything is possible now. Hell, It wouldnt surprise me if they somehow made a deal with MS in the future to use Banjo, Conker, or any of the other Rare IP’s.

              1. Yeah, anything is possible cause Nintendo is rather unpredictable. You do bring up some good points. But anyways, as for PS5, there’s no telling how far away it is. But as for 4K, unless the Switch is already supporting it, then Nintendo’s already late to that game with PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio. That’s why I was saying it’s unlikely for the mid cycle upgrade. The next console comin’after Switch, yeah. That seems likely though.

                1. Not really unlikely since the PS4 Pro & Scorpio are mid-cycle upgrades that added 4K. So why can’t Nintendo do the same if they have the help of NVIDIA?

                    1. Oh really!? *points at the fact Nintendo is now doing mobile games even when people said exactly what you said once upon a time*

                    2. That & you just agreed with DemiGOD that anything is possible with Nintendo these days.

        2. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are using mobile CPUs and besides GPUs determine the resolution of games’s graphics not the CPU. It’s already been said that the Switch is using a Pascal based Nvidia GPU which is most likely located in the dock so a future 4K Switch system is highly possible

            1. It’s like this… portable mode the Switch will be 720p but when in tv mode/docked it’ll be native 1080p meaning that the Switch will most likely be underclocked when you use it as a handheld but to take advantage of it’s GPU power you would need to keep it docked which explains why Nintendo is calling the Switch ” a home system first “

          1. You are making shit up, friend. I’ll eat my hat off that thing isn’t running the X1. And no, there is not an additional GPU in the dock, though I wish it was true.

    1. That used to be how it was with the “NX”, lol… “Waiting for NX reveal be like…” and then when they actually reveal it, they just confirm rumors. :/

  1. We already know about the Tegra chip for the switch a few months ago. Im pretty sure there is a good explanation for PC and XB1 and PS4 to have something for the switch GPU. Nintendo can’t be wrong about this.

  2. That makes sense. If the Switch gets supported by a number of big developers andt it manages to keep that up, we’ve reached a big achievement. We need to get rid of the “don’t buy Nintendo for third party” once and for all. Wii U could have been the one. But alas, he has failed us.

    Nintendo Switch, you are the chosen one! Do not fail us.

  3. Different CPU architecture, different GPU architecture, different API, different OS and only 4 GB “slow” RAM (terrible).

    Dont trust this marketing propaganda!

    But PS3 ports were more difficult.

    1. A question then maybe a follow up question depending on your answer. How you ever programmed any type of program before? It doesn’t have to be a game that you have programmed.

      1. I have, and Socke is right, except for the RAM, we don’t really know yet about the speed or if there are some tricks there. None of the issues above should be that big of a hurdle though, except for the amount of RAM, and general processing output (power, bandwidth, etc.), and perhaps the API.

        1. Amount of RAM should not be a problem unless the developer is sloppy or rushed with the cosing. API should make it easier going by Nvidia. Yeah, not one aspect of the Switch specs is known or confirmed and other than developers, it should not be a thing to care about. Consumers should be thinking about the value to them

    2. 4 GB ram slow for x86 architecture, Switch architecture different from Xbox One or PS4. Remember PS Vita 512 MB ram and PS3 has only 256 MB ram. Also remember Wii U has 7 third party studio support, Switch has 50 more third party studio support. By the way, 4 GB ram still rumor…

  4. To non-Programmers, this statement is definitely a bit misleading. I work as a Game Programmer, so you can trust me when I say that it’s not quite as simple as it sounds here. There is no GPU code that you can just take and that works on all the platforms. Similiar GPU features can help in other ways, though. They can make it easier to create a front-end that back-ends for allt he consoles are easier to program for. I think that’s also what the statement is refering to. When GPU features of consoles are too different, each new backend can become a pain in the ass to implement.

    1. I would think he was talking about the tools that can be use to help with the coding. He does make it sound easy but I guess he want it known that it won’t be much different than programming for the XBox One, PS4, and PC.

      1. I’m not really aware of any tools which help with coding, aside from maybe Visual Studio & Visual Assist and stuff like that, which (when used just for writing code) are pretty much independent of the platform, and Visual Studio also had a plugin for the Wii U already (even though it was really bad). I really think he was rather refering to the front-end of your engine code. Having similar GPU features really can help with having a unified and simple front-end and with reducing the amount of platform-dependent front-end code you need to write.

  5. A device that’s easy to bring multiplats to and seemingly doesn’t have major control restrictions. Good to hear!

  6. That’s assuring knowing that ports can be made which gives the assumption that the Switch can power just as well as Xbox One/PS4. But that’s all it is: an assumption. It simple means porting games from other consoles would be easier, but it doesn’t mean the horsepower will be any nearer to that of the PS4/Xbox One.

    1. Another gen behind the power of others if Switch is still weaker to PS4/XBone like Wii U was. Let’s hope Sony & Microsoft not moving to the next gen any time soon gives Nintendo the extra time it needs to catch up to the others power wise, though.

          1. I do too, and I really doubt it. I mean, it took 3 years for the Pro to release, and most people think thats way too soon. If the PS5 comes out in 2018, that would mean it gets announced late 2017 or early 2018, and that would not bode well with Sony and its fans. The earliest I see the PS5 getting announced is 2018. So Ninty should be good for at least 2-3 years. Which Im honestly fine with as long as they keep throwing out games for it.

      1. Nintendo partnering up with Nvidia gives them an even better advantage than them partnering up with AMD. Nvidia is top notch when it comes to gaming tools, features and tech and besides if Sony decides to release the PS5 in the next couple of years Nintendo could always respond by making a more powerful 4K version of the Switch plus we still don’t know what role the SCD will have so I think the Switch will be fine

        1. I know. Just keeping my expectations at a reasonable level so I don’t build up hype & expect the opposite of what we actually end up getting.

        2. That way, when Switch is fully revealed, I won’t be overcome with nothing but negative emotions and will actually be able to be mostly positive.

        3. Unfortunately it won’t be as simple as “Sony and Microsoft released a new console, time for Switch 4K Pro”. A Switch 4K version would mean that the games have to be made for the base model Switch model, in other words, only last gen games would matter for the Switch. A 4K Switch would only make sense for this generation, other than that Nintendo should release a new console instead, however this could hurt them if it’s too soon.

  7. Here we go again.. can’t he just jump off his high horse. I mean we don’t know for sure that anything that he says will be true about this new tegra chip. the previous was not such a success and i going to wait and see how the performace of the Switch really stacks up.

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