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Nvidia CEO Reveals Why They Are Powering The Nintendo Switch

Nvidia has traditionally only worked on the PC gaming market, but soon after the Switch reveal it was announced that they were powering Nintendo’s upcoming console. In a recent interview with VenureBeat, Nvidia’s CEO was asked why they decided to support the Switch. It seems their CEO has nothing but praise for the console, saying that they are only working with Nintendo because they believe the system is “ground-breaking”. It’s really exciting hearing such good things about the Switch, Nvidia claiming that the console’s form factor really inspires them. While you can read the whole interview here, check out his Nintendo related comments below.

VB: There was a day when it seemed like you were happy with just serving the PC gaming market. The console was a less attractive market. I wonder why you guys went after the Nintendo Switch, and how you accomplished that.

Huang: We’re dedicated to the gaming market and always have been. Some parts of the market, we just weren’t prepared to serve them. I was fairly open about how, when this current generation of consoles was being considered, we didn’t have x86 CPUs. We weren’t in contention for any of those. However, the other factor is whether we could really make a contribution or not. If a particular game console doesn’t require our special skills, what we can uniquely bring, then it’s a commodity business that may not be suited for us.

In the case of Switch, it was such a ground-breaking design. Performance matters, because games are built on great performance, but form factor and energy efficiency matter incredibly, because they want to build something that’s portable and transformable. The type of gameplay they want to enable is like nothing the world has so far. It’s a scenario where two great engineering teams, working with their creative teams, needed to hunker down. Several hundred engineering years went into building this new console. It’s the type of project that really inspires us, gets us excited. It’s a classic win-win.



  1. I want to buy Zelda for Nintendo Switch. I am interested on what role plays the sheikah in this new story.

    1. I wonder if maybe Impa could have engineered the time arrow. A familiar face could push the plot to a good point. Although a new character could really expand the effect of a all new game. Either way, we will see history of the time arrow.


      1. Its certaitly that they will have Impa. I also see the posibility that the game introduce more sheikahs than in Skyward Sword. I also want to see the origin of the Time Arrow.

        1. maybe Impa and another sheikah helped engineer the sheikah arrow. Wait… maybe link is a sheikah who helped with the time arrow. Just look at links undies, they are the same as sheiks undies. OFFICIAL ZELDA UNDIES!!! as sheiks undies.

        2. MEANT Impa

    1. I use AMD all the way.
      But I do not think AMD would have been up for this task, they do not have high performing chips that could be used on a portable device.

      And how do you know that Nintendo did not ask AMD?
      It is most certain that they bid every company with even theoretical means to perform the task at hand.

  2. I know Nvidia has a vested interest in the success of the Switch, but the subtle hints they’ve been making in these statements have me feeling really positively about the new system. I’m sure that’s what they were meant to do, but still.

  3. Sounds to me that Nintendo and NVIDIA are ultimately pushing the envelope on the Nintendo Switch in more ways than just one. I’m already completely sold on the home/mobile hybrid platform. And I’ll be more than completely grateful to hear more info about the system and its games from Nintendo including third party developers and Indies/Nindies.

    1. It is no different than a Nvidia Shield tablet thats been available for years. Just a fresh shell with controllers and software.

        1. Easy, easy now….. He’s obviously an invidia engineer with a good percentage of those stated man hours working on this thing…. Safe to say that many, many more people know little about the truth of the switch than those who do.

    2. And that’s why you sound like a fucking tool N-Dub
      Nintendo could sell homosexuality and you would become an HIV infected Richard Simmons because of being a mindless fanboy..

      1. Wow bruh. Not cool bruh. You should go step in front of moving traffic bro. No need to use homosexuality or hiv as a form of insult. Why dont you just chill the fuck out bruh.

  4. This indeed great news. Judging from what Nvidia is saying the Switch’s main focus specs wise will be performance meaning that native 1080p 60fps will be it’s primary goal as oppose to 4K 30fps which is very smart. I would rather play a game running in 1080p 60fps uncompromised then playing one in 4K 30fps with compromises so I’m glad Nintendo decided to go this route but of course that’s not to say that Nintendo won’t come out with a 4K version of the Switch down the road with the portable portion possibly running at 1440p. At first I was totally against the whole hybrid idea but then after realizing the possibilities of a Nintendo hybrid system and the fact that Nintendo has combined their portable and home console development divisions I started seeing a lot of potential in it. This is Nintendo’s plan of bring both casual and hardcore gamers together and if executed right it could be an ingenious one. Even if western 3rd parties don’t develop for it that long they will have Eastern 3rd parties supporting it and Nintendo has far more 1st and 2nd party development studios than Sony and Microsoft and now with them creating an all in one device this should limit game droughts to a lesser degree. I can’t wait til January….I think we have yet to see the very best of what this potentially game-changing device can do

              1. I’ll take my “mask” off if I decide to stay around these parts for a while. No offense intended, but even with a user name a comments section on an Internet website is still quite anonymous in the grand scheme of life.

                1. Sorry, thelulzyartist, but I’m not here to play mindfuck with you. You just want to lick my sack like a loser that you truly fucking are.

    1. Let’s hope the Switch is truly seen by Nintendo as a hybrid, and Nintendo doesn’t announce a dedicated handheld (or console) further down the line. I personally don’t think it will happen, as it would be strange for Nintendo to essentially have 2 portable devices.. and in a sense, competing against themselves.

      However, Nintendo can make some verrrry strange decisions at times… I do have faith in them though. I can see the Switch being the new format for their platforms moving forward. As long as it’s successful, that is. I’d be all for it. I’m growing tired of having all their great games being split between console and handheld. Having it all on one would be glorious. I do believe they’ll support 3DS for another year or two though, if things go smooth.

      1. Agreed, I’m still not 100% sold that this is both a WiiU AND 3DS replacement… Until I know what’s really going on with the 3DS successor, be it the Switch or not, I’m waiting on the sidelines, and enjoying my WiiU and NextBox games.

        If switch will receive mobile Nintendo do games such as Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, then I’ll buy one as soon as a retailer drops the price.

        $250 is a fair price, but I’m not paying Nintendo day 1 prices anymore. :)

      2. The Switch is replacing their home console, though, not their handhelds, so they wouldn’t be competing against themselves.
        Portability aside, the Switch is focused mainly around home console experiences; if it weren’t, then there wouldn’t even be a dock, let alone so many instances in the reveal where playing on the go was just an interim activity before returning to the dock for TV play of said home console games, nor would there be any need nor use for the Switch Pro controller they showed off.

  5. I own an nvidia shield… me guys, it’s not an X1 inside. Anyone thinking it’s just a shield hasn’t played one. Yeh their alright but no console. Nintendo and Nvidia are about to smash it.

  6. The are just mad cus the lost all other parts of the console market to AMD, thats what i am getting from the first part of his response. The second part is just him trying to sell Nvidia as this fantastic hardware company that really wants to do whats best for the gamer… It’s all about the money in the end.. :)

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