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Canada: Toys R Us Have The Nintendo Switch Listed For $329

The Canadian site of large retail chain Toys R Us currently have the Nintendo Switch platform listed for $329.99. You can’t pre-order Nintendo’s next generation console yet from the retailer but you can register your interest and they will email you once it becomes available. We won’t know the official pricing possibly until the special Nintendo Switch event in January. Do you think $329.99 sounds like a reasonable price?

Thanks to omega11011 for the tip!

82 thoughts on “Canada: Toys R Us Have The Nintendo Switch Listed For $329”

  1. Before everyone panics…

    … I just want everyone to know that the Canadian currency (right now at least) is shit and all of the products that Americans get are more expensive in here. This means that the US price is probably $299.99 in America (case in point, the NES Mini is $20 more expensive in Canada).

            1. It doesn’t matter contemplating this stuff now. Even if that price is accurate, which there is no guarantee that it is, Prices in Canada vs. US are not always in direct correlation of the fluctuating exchange rate. Just a short time ago, the exchange rate was much closer, but differences remained.

              Either way… I still see $300 in the USD future

              1. You’re right, it’s not a guarantee. I only made the original comment just in case people read that the article as if the price was in US$ and then panic as a result.

                Still, sometimes it’s fun to speculate.

                1. Well, either way, while speculation is certainly fun, part of what we are doing here is contemplating retail decisions/trends. Obviously we might never know the production cost of the Switch, but how Nintendo profits will be interesting. Perhaps they got a deal from Nvidia because of Nvidia’s desire to enter the console market and the relative failure of their own device?

                  Possible, if Nintendo is looking to make a profit and keep prices low. I assume Switch at 300, but if it were only 250, that would be a very very good price.

      1. I don’t think the Switch will end up being $245/$250. It costs a lot to create a small form factor of a rumored Xbox One speced device so $299 would seem like the ideal price especially if Nintendo is not willing to take a loss as they have already confirmed they won’t. We will see but I highly doubt this thing will be under $299 but that’s just me

    1. Was going to say what you said when I read this post. Still, I see this at 300 to not be the best when 300 and 350 were Wii I’d and look how that turned out. I’m hoping 250 is there price point

  2. If you’re living in Canada, I assume it depends on what type of set the Nintendo Switch will have (basic or deluxe). $244 in the United States could be the ideal price of the Basic Set.

  3. I’d SO pay $250. I was able to get a wii u for $270 – and that’s when it was on sale. DOn’t get me wrong, I love it, but $250 is mroe welcoming.

  4. I personally hope it’ll be around (US)$300 to be honest. Some part of me thinks that ~$250 is definitely the most accessible possible price, but I can’t help but worry about the internals of the system then, mostly since Nintendo said they will definitely make a profit selling the system. We’ll just have to wait and see for an official price confirmation. January 12th just can’t come soon enough…

  5. The direct conversion would be around $244, but we never get a direct conversion of the US price in Canada, it’s always more. $219 or $229US would be likely, based on this price.

  6. Meanwhile in Mexico that’s about…. $600 as of today :/ I bet by that time is going to be at least $700 USD (no kidding)

  7. It’s sounds very exciting , can’t wait for it to be introduced . Hopefully it will be priced in the 200’s for the U.S. How unfortunate that everything is priced so much higher in Canada . Why is that ?

  8. Everyones saying it better be a small price, holy shit are you guys entitled. If it really is between Xbox One and PS4, then there is no way it will cost any less than $300. And seeing how it always is, it will probably cost $350-400 at launch. If the specs really are good, the chips also super small and compressed into a tablet so thats upping cost as well. Also the fact its a tablet, 720p touchscreen at least. The joycons included.

    Guys this isn’t going to be priced like a budget system period, even late into its life cycle it will probably still be a little pricey.

  9. Lol really guys? If were going for wishful thinking then lets ask to get this thing for $100. I mean, why the hell not. Tablets can be as cheap as $50 now a days. Nintendo can just reuse some old assets from the wii u and presto. A wii u on the go with better graphics.

    😐 seriously guys. Lets be realistic. We cant be asking for a Terabyte of storage, with a 7+ battery hour of life, hd graphics, and a better online infrastructure and still want this to be any less than $300.

    1. You can get a tablet for 30$ from China, so if 300$ is too expensive for someone, there’s always options.
      I’m prepared for 350€ for base unit with 1 game, 120€ for some launch games and 60€ for pro controller.

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  13. There is no way Switch is going to cost less than Wii U did, there’s no way. Or if it somehow is, the price of software is gonna go up for AAA devs.

    It’ll be a miracle if it starts that low.

  14. I personally would like to see $400-500 with the specs to justify that price point. I wish Nintendo would just release a beast of a machine for once and just bring itself back on top. Of course this is pure fantasy lol I expect 300 with at least close to Xbox one specs

  15. I cant get over the fact that they’re forcing the hanheld on you. I never play games when I go out so Ib be wasting money on crap I wont use. The ps4 may be the last console I ever buy.

    1. To the people that say you can just put it in the dock and play it on the tv, you just dont get it. What part of spending money on crap you dont want dont you understand? Paying for a screen you’ll never use. Paying for the joy con controller that I’ll never use and then I’ll have to buy the pro controller which should already come with the system. Stop being fanboys and get over yourselves. Be a consumer first and f!@k whatever name is on the side of the box.

          1. The entitlement is strong with this one.

            Just because it is not what you want, everyone else are “fanboys”.
            Find it kinda disgusting you try to claim your own opinions as righteous consumer crusade, just because they did not make the console your highness deserved.

            1. I said “if you defend it you’re a fanboy” which is exactly what you’re doing. Its not what a lot of people want. If you don’t care abound handhelds then this is a terrible idea.

              1. So if someone likes the concept, they are “a fanboy”?
                I can admit that I like the concept, but only thing I really care, is the games it is getting.
                Whether “a lot of” people want this, we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. – Price for a screen like that is not very high and easily equalised out by the lack oft an optical drive. Besides, are there really no features on the other consoles that you never use?

        – Why don’t you need the joy cons but have to buy a pro controller? With the grip you can use them instead of a pro controller. It’s at the very least a good second controller, but one should give the thing a chance …

        – Stop calling people fanboys just because they don’t have the same opinion as you.

        1. People are fanboys if they defend this because some people don’t want some of the stuff included with it and others may want the pro controller which should already be included.

          1. Does not change the fact that people buy unwanted features all the time. Don’t want multimedia? Can’t buy the other consoles then. Don’t want the ability to stream sound via HDMI? Can’t buy ans modern graphics card then? Let’s not even Start with Smartphones…

            The only difference this time: The feature is an easily visible Hardware feature.

            And no, anyone who defends this is not an fanboy. I’m mainly a PC gamer myself and still write this…

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  17. LOL, 250 dollars or even 300 for a console? You people are crazy. That would mean it’d cost almost 10 grand of my currency in my country. I ain’t spending 10k on a console.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||This has always been the most standard range of pricing within Nintendo, where have you lived during these past 3 human decades?…||

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  19. People still expecting this to be anything less than 300 bucks. lol And I see gamingfan2009 is still bitching about the handheld feature because he won’t be using it in spite of the fact every single piece of technology comes with features that many, many people won’t ever use. *rolls eyes* And some people here call ME whiny. xD

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