US: Pokémon Animated Series And Movies Coming To Disney XD From December 5th

The Pokémon Company International announced today a multiyear animation distribution deal with Disney XD, making the network the new home for Pokémon animated content in the US. Disney XD and its multiple platforms will air the 20th season of the popular Pokémon animated series and much of the Pokémon animation library, including 19 previous seasons consisting of over 900 episodes, plus 15 movies.

The upcoming season of the beloved Pokémon animated series, premiering on Disney XD in early 2017, will be titled Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon and will feature new characters and action-packed adventures that continue the great storytelling and narrative of the Pokémon universe. Disney XD in the US will also premiere the new feature-length animated film, Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, on Monday, December 5, when viewers will also get a sneak peek at the upcoming season with the debut of the first two episodes.

“During our 20-year celebration, fans’ appetite for Pokémon is at an all-time high, and The Pokémon Company International is thrilled to join forces with Disney XD as the new home for Pokémon animation in the US,” said Emily Arons, senior vice president at The Pokémon Company International. “Disney XD is the perfect way to deliver Pokémon animation to kids and fans across the country on its multiple platforms.”

Pokémon animated content currently airs on Disney XD in Europe. Additional air dates for Pokémon animated content on Disney XD in the US will be announced at a later date.


    1. I think Cartoon Network made a huge mistake by not renewing the Pokémon anime rights. Popularity of the franchise is currently at an all-time high, and it’s one of only two daytime shows that I watch on their channel, the other being We Bare Bears. With them canceling everything (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Pokémon), there literally won’t be anything left on the channel except Teen Titans Go and Magiswords. At this rate, the only reason to watch CN will be for Toonami on Saturday nights. Even if TPCI wanted more for the licensing rights, CN should’ve just paid them the extra money, instead of losing one of their most valuable series. The other problem with the move to Disney XD is two-fold: first, certain TV providers like Dish only offer Disney XD in standard definition, with no HD channel, and second, there’s no time-shifted western feed for Disney XD, like there is for Cartoon Network. This means that unless Disney XD takes the route of running the same Pokémon episode again 3 hours later to cover the western time zone, you’ll pretty much only get 1 shot to watch/DVR it and if you miss it, too bad, so sad, you’re out of luck.

  1. First comment

    i watched the pokemon sun and moon anime in japanese. I dont understand japanese. Nevermind.The episodes are mysterious. And I think the fire type trainer is really jealous at ash/satoshi.

  2. Cartoon network only cares for adventure time and regular show, their first seasons were good…nowadays are boring because CN is pursuing the teen audience.
    I don’t know much about Disney xd, so can anybody tell me if it is any good?

      1. And with that, there’s no reason to watch Cartoon Network at all. Oh, and I hated Regular Show.

        I wish I could just reset the entire channel back to 1997 and bring back the Checkerboard Era.

        1. Unless you hate anime, there is always Dragon Ball Z Kai, The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, Hunter x Hunter, Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans, reruns of the first season of One Punch Man, One Piece, & Naruto: Shippuden if you actually like the English dubbing on the Toonami block on Saturday nights.

          1. The only anime I watch on that channel is Hunter x Hunter. I’ve already seen all of DBZ Kai (and we have yet to get the Majin Buu arc), and I’ve seen all the Shippuden episodes Toonami is airing so far (I’m ahead).

            1. Too many weeaboos on this website. Watch some porn, why don’t ya? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

              Your childhood was already dead the moment Shillary brainwash you suckers into believing your special snowflakes.

              Why do you think there are protests now when it wasn’t the case all those many years ago?

              Face it, tiger?


            2. We’ll be getting the Majin Buu Saga very soon since the Cell Saga is almost over on Toonami. I think that’s why we haven’t gotten the English dubbing yet of that saga because Funimation is waiting for Toonami to catch up. Which is a good thing since they hopefully have been dubbing the final sagas for months now so we shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for new episodes.

  3. Great Disney xd takes another franchise for Cartoon Network I hope they don’t ruin it like they did with Naruto. Hoping for a main line Pokémon game on Switch.

  4. I thought Cartoon Network support the series since 2006 but now it’s coming to an end Pokemon series is ok on Disney XD but the cartoon Network program is way better on there.

  5. I don’t care about the Pokemon anime anymore since it’s clear Ash is NEVER gonna win a Pokemon League & become a Pokemon Master. If it was any other anime that stayed on the air for 20 years, the hero would have already became Pokemon Master after the 5th or 10th season and gone on to have a new goal like improving his skills beyond that of a Pokemon Master because even master martial artists, ninja, etc still have a lot to learn themselves.

    Now if they were announcing that Pokemon Generations is becoming a full length anime series on Cartoon Network’s Toonami branch focusing on the Pokemon Adventures manga series, I’d be ecstatic about this.

    Anyway, for the fans of this anime that do still care, I hope Disney doesn’t ruin it for you guys like they ruined Naruto for millions of people by turning it into a censoring mess that would give even Nintendo of America a run for it’s money in bullshit censoring. Naruto might have done better & gotten less hate in America if they didn’t bastardize the dubbing by making it as child friendly as possible when the anime was always meant for teenagers, 13 & up, not kids aged 10 & under.

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  6. Well of course this anime would come to the same channel as another mon anime, since they both have the same dense writing.

    Maybe they’ll do a crossover, and shenanigans will ensue!

    And I STILL won’t watch.

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