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Rumour: Xenoblade X Port Coming To Nintendo Switch

Laura Kate Dale has been a fountain for Switch rumours and leaks over the past few weeks. However, this list seems to take the cake. According to the industry insider, this is the launch lineup for Nintendo’s upcoming console. While many of these games have already been referenced, a port of the Wii U RPG Xenoblade X is a new one. Check out the full list from Laura’s Twitter below.


        1. Tell that to the PlayStation 4. They had a sh*t ton of ports from previous PS3 games.

          However, a new 3D Super Mario game and a Pikmin reboot are just a tip of the iceberg. We’ll have more info when Nintendo goes live on January 12, 2017.

            1. You shut the fuck up, lulzyfaggot. And I didn’t remember asking you a goddamned thing! Everybody is fed up with your bullshit and your fucking hatred to Nintendo.

        2. Isn’t it hilarious that people will buy the switch because of these ports?
          Why didn’t they buy them on the Wii U and help out Nintendo then?

          1. I Did buy the Wii U. Twice. (My first one was stolen.) AND I bought the Collector’s edition of XenoX. And I plan to buy it again for the Switch because it’s a FANTASTIC game that I want to be able to play in the break room at work. Easy AF to do that with the Switch, HARD AF to do with the Wii U unless you bring the WHOLE CONSOLE with you, which is impractical. Besides, I want to support MonolithSoft and Nintendo, so I will purchase this game again. Besides, if they sell enough, MonolithSoft may actually CONFIRM OFFICIALLY a sequel. Can’t hurt…

            1. ||The Xbot that stole our Wii U will be found and destroyed one day…||

        3. It would be stupid not to do it. The WiiU didn’t really sell that much so Mario Kart 8 for example could’ve sold many, many millions of copies more. This game has had such a strong potential and just sold so bad compared to previous iterations. And with X oit might even be more dramatic as this game only appeals to a niche while being a pretty big production. If they could just sell 500k of that game with a Switch port (which I’d buy day1) it would already be a success.

          The Switch won’t be backwards compatible to the WiiU and might even use a completely different architecture that makes just running WiiU software not that easy. After there are so many ppl out there who never got their hands on the WiiU but would still buy its games, it would be foolish not to offer them on the Switch. And playing X on a planeflight? wtf how cool.

    1. Sooooo nothing new uh ! Well I might wait to buy the Switch because I’m not playing those wii u games ported to the Switch anymore. I would buy bayonetta 2 do. And I’m very disappointed to have to wait more and more time to play botw. That was the only game would make me buy the Switch on day one. And I see only like 3 3rd party games on the list with one of them coming til 2018. Good luck Nintendo if they tried to bring ps4, pc, and Xbox one gamers to the console.

    2. Yes, but I hope we can transfer save files… I feel like if there is no way to port your X account to the switch version, it will suck for the WiiU owners. It’s such an amazing game, and I feel like switch could boost the online component, but I don’t REALLY want to start over. X is a game you invest yourself in, and not just start over willy-nilly

    1. I don’t know. But I hope they will do a porting of Star Fox Zero for the switch. They don’t have to leave game only for Wii U.

    1. You have to realize that Nintendo wants the Switch to sell like gangbusters out of the gate and that the Wii U didn’t sell well so a lot of people who missed out on these great Wii U ports will have a chance to play them on a more powerful home system that can also act as a handheld. It’s a great strategy but I do agree that the Switch needs original games. In year two I think we will see the Switch get it’s own titles on a regular basis

    1. What the hell? That was a stupid comment right there, Xenoblade Chronicles X a mediocre JRPG? You serious? Tell that to all the people who invested hours and hours on this game, hell even though the Wii U was limited they manage to make it look outstanding, don’t take it from me. Do a research on the metascore and what poeple like about this game.

        1. I loved Skyrim but still liked XCX better. The world is the most breathtaking and beautiful to explore. It felt alive and yah the Story is shit but I pretty much don’t care cause I still put over 300 hrs into it. The combat is great fun, with a variety of classes to switch through and try, and a multitude of strategic team ups to try. The Skells kick ass and add to the immense exploration that I already enjoyed by opening up a huge world even more so for me, fashion armor is a must have feature in all rpgs from now on imo.

          All these games are great rpgs but all excel or fail in one aspect or another. For me Skyrim had more interesting stories and characters but the world I explored always felt like being lost the the woods and not as imaginative and surreal as the alien infested world of Mira. The combat in XCX was also better for me.

          I mean I wouldn’t call XCX mediocre considering the amount of content, detail, enemies, combat styles, options, depth, and the immensity of the world. It fails in story for sure but It does a lot of other things that some gamers value more. Like for me, personally… I can forgo a shit story for meaty gaming content that I find really fun. I know this isn’t some people’s preferences since for some folks, an rpg should have a more compelling story and or moral system. It’s a matter of preference for sure.

        2. That’s your opinion. I feel like X was way better than Fallout 4. Especially for those who like to explore. Witcher 3 is an amazing game, but I still love Xenoblade story and game mechanics better.

          You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine.
          In my opinion is that your opinion of X is very wrong.

        1. They are games that are specifically built with the story being its most important factor lol but I guess from your logic I can easily say talltale has mediocre gameplay

  1. They should call it the Nintendo Port……….able… oh, but wait, it’s not a portable. lol.

  2. Wait… Taking her list into account, we can assume BoTW is gonna be released simultaneously both on the Wii U and on the Switch. I swear a March 2017 date was announced previously, though.

    So is Zelda BoTW getting another delay? T.T

    1. As far as I’m concerned, they have only said “2017”. The “March 2017” date is based off of assumptions by the Nintendo community that it would be a launch title for the Switch (like how Zelda: Twilight Princess was for the Wii) and therefore would be available on March 2017.

  3. I just hope they fix those things:

    1. Make a menu where you can uncheck songs you don’t want to hear (the hub music is the most annoying thing I have ever herd in any video game)

    2. Bigger fonts, I litteraly can’t ready what is on the screen unless I am a 1 meter of my screen, this is an issue for a big RPG.

    I Think if this is not fix, I will not pick it up. Just the music alone is enough to kill any interest for me. And it is a shame because the game is really really good!

    1. The NLA music is something you will like after some time, and, unless you don’t play on an HDTV, you should get some glasses, because I can read everything from my couch.

      1. I had to turn off the sound going in NLA area
        First I thought it was just some shitty song like most soundtrack in this game, but then I just couldnt bear it
        They wont do that for sure, but Id like to have an option to switch most XCX st with XC on wii st

        And yes, font is ridiculously small

  4. Pretty solid lineup but X can’t even stand in the original xenoblade chronicles shadow if you ask me. I bet some people aren’t gonna be happy with a reboot instead of a sequel for pikmin either.

    1. You’re right. Xenoblade X doesn’t stand in the original’s shadow because it’s better than that game could ever hope to be.

      If anything, Xenoblade Chronicles doesn’t deserve to be in X’s shadow.

      1. I love both games but damn… I have to give the title of better rpg to XCX for shear content alone. I put over 300 hrs into the game and still could mess around with more battle classes and just going back to explore the world. The story is shittier but because you can put your own character in the world, manage your own team, and choose your adventures… you can sort of ignore the overall story and just enjoy being alien wonderers on a new planet. Honestly if that was essentially the plot it would have been 100x better than the convoluted dramatic shit they tried to pull. I’d rather have simplicity imo.

  5. The only reason this makes sense is because of how shit the Wii U sold. Get some more sales in. All the ports will mostly be year 1 it sounds like. We’re still getting new games.

    Day 1 looks like 3D Mario and Splatoon for me.

  6. I feel like an idiot for supporting the wiiu…. I’m not all that mad anymore… Just likely not buying a nx since its library seems like it’s exclusives are ports….

    1. Uh, looking at this list, there are plenty of original games to go along with the ports.

      And it makes sense for Nintendo to give the Wii U’s more popular games a second chance on a system that could end up selling much better.

      1. But ditch wiiu owners. Sure there are some of the people she didn’t want a wiiu and are happy with this. But as someone who suffered all the delays and droughts I’m not really fine with every decent wiiu game going to switch also…. They could try to balance it out with upgraded 3ds games….

  7. ||If there are new DLC packs included or if they have extended the story in it then I’ll get it…||

  8. I suspect this isn’t a complete list. Nintendo will need more than 5 games to accompany the launch. I don’t really mind all the ports. A lot of people didn’t get to experience those games on Wii U. Can’t say I’d be willing to buy any of them a second time though. A Pikmin reboot seems kind of strange. I wonder what she means by “reboot”. Does that mean a new story with the same characters or a completely new story and characters?

    1. Nintendo will have Breath of the Wild at launch. They will need to slam full-force onto it, but arguably if Nintendo wants a lot of day 1 purchasers, they need their key game. i don’t want my 6 seconds of 3D Mario yet, i want my 12 hours of Zelda. Nintendo obviously knows this.

          1. ||Be careful with these rumours, High Command might add or change some of these weapons…||

  9. I want the Wii Xenoblade, not X. That game was perfect. Imagine a port where the titans in the background aren’t just 2D textures, but highly detailed 3D models.

  10. damn. it doesn’t seem like the wiiu will have any exclusives at all. what a truly sad console. a fantastic homebrew machine, though.

  11. I don’t understand the obsession with this whole “too many ports” thing. It’s the kind of thing that makes me think that all people want to do is complain. It’s just the launch line up, and Mario RPG, 3D Mario and BOTW are all NEW games. Seriously, whys everyone complaining about this?

    1. Yeah, people are just looking at the list of ports and exaggerating. There’s a good amount of both new games and ports on the way.

      And if the ports have new content, then I think it’s justified.

    1. With that in mind, I’m so fucking glad Miyamoto left the Zelda franchise to Aonuma. I like the idea of Nintendo eventually connecting all of the Zelda games into an official timeline. Screw the people that hate the idea of an official timeline! They just mad because they have this fear that an official timeline will negate their personal head canon.

      1. The only problem I have with the timeline is the “Hero is Defeated” branch, mainly because, by definition, it is not a timeline- it’s an alternate universe. Link cannot both defeat Ganondorf AND be killed before defeating Ganondorf in the same universe.

        Speaking of, we still have no idea where on the timeline Breath of the Wild sits- I’m eager to learn where.

        1. No wait. I’m starting to think it’s not like the DBZ time traveling thing at all. Honestly, I think we can blame Zelda for the hero fails timeline, too. Her sending Link back in time to before he met her, allowing him to change the events, not only created the timeline where the Hero can’t come to save Hyrule as the Hero bloodline no longer exists in that future since Zelda sent him back in time to be able to live his childhood, forcing the gods to flood the land, but also caused a different version of Link to wake up from the Sacred Realm in the same future but unable to use the Pedestal of Time to travel back in time because the past he would travel to no longer exists. This cut this version of Link off from getting the Lens of Truth which ultimately kept him from traversing the Shadow Temple or even reaching the Spirit Temple so he couldn’t awaken the sages of those temples. So without the power of the new Sage of Shadow or the new Sage of Spirit, he faced Ganondorf with only the power of 5, the 4 he did awaken & the Seventh Sage Zelda, sages. So he was thus defeated by Ganondorf. This is my theory, anyway. Besides, the Hero is Successful Adult Timeline is essentially an alternate universe itself at this point.

          Anyway, the official timeline doesn’t explain how Link was defeated, creating the Hero of Time Fails Timeline, and simply states that he was defeated. They pretty much gave us no details at all as to how or even why he was defeated. So my theory is just one of many possibilities that created the hero fails timeline. Honestly, I’d like to think Nintendo, or Aonuma more specifically, kept that part ambiguous for a possible future game somewhere down the line. After all, there were some curious little tabs inserted into the Hyrule Historia book’s timeline where there wasn’t a name or anything of a game so maybe those were markers Aonuma put there to denote where future games will go in the timeline between games already made.

  12. And NO, Ancel confirms today that Beyond good and evil 2 need another 3-4 years of developments so… no 2018 realese, aka this rumor is already inaccurate.

  13. Gotta say it looks like a good list. Though Switch will need less ports and more sequels and original games. I’ll only buy the Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon ports if the right additions are made. Hearing exciting things about 3D Mario

    1. If the Splatoon footage from the reveal is accurate and to be believed, they’re definitely adding to it.

      1. There’s a 2-second-long clip of a team playing on a map that matches no maps in the Wii U original
      2. New gear and “hairstyles” can be seen on the Inklings when they spawn at the eSports venue game
      3. All the weapons the Inklings are shown holding are not in the original- whether they are actually new or are just redesigns of the stock weapons remains to be seen.

      Now why would Nintendo go through all the effort to make that new stuff if they weren’t going to actually use it?

    1. long overdue. Always having to learn the same structures all over again felt so tedious. Which is so strange because P3 still felt like a showcase of amazing gamedesign to me. But with a different structure, it would be way more interesting.

      Only thing is: P3 had some unsolved hook at the end. If the next one’s not P4 then maybe they won’t ever resolve that?

  14. Great news, really wanted to do another play trough on this one. Absolutely one of my favorite games.

  15. If true, yes! One less game to buy on the shitty Wii U! Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame V, Bayonetta 1 & 2 on Switch will be most welcomed. Unless, of course, Switch doesn’t have a universal account system. In which case, fuck Switch til it does get it. So til then, I might be stuck with the shitty Wii U a bit longer. :/

  16. As for a reboot of Pikmin, fuck no! Miyamoto, fuck you! Fuck off with that shit! If you can’t handle giving stories that continue for many decades after the original game, go back to Mario games where the story doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of the franchise! …so glad he isn’t in charge of Zelda anymore or that would be getting a reboot, too. Unless… *gasp* Breath of the Wild is a reboot!? *pulls an Xavier Woods, from WWE, & falls to knees, shaking hands into fists* Nooooooo!!

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