Rumour: Official NX Name And Look Of Console To Be Unveiled During Video Tomorrow Plus Zelda Breath Of Wild

Journalist Laura Kate Dale is reporting that she’s heard that the official name of Nintendo’s next generation platform which is code-named the NX will be revealed tomorrow in the video reveal along with a close up look at the device. The launch lineup apparently won’t be showcased, but they will show some footage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on the new hardware.


  1. Oh tomorrow is gonna be a great day….more news about the NX just keeps better and better. I’m trying to calm myself down but man I can’t help it….I’m so ready for this…..yes

    1. The Lord Obinna will be restored in all his glory following tomorrow’s announcement..

      These drones will ONCE AGAIN be underwhelmed and lied to by the famous Kyoto whore..
      I can smell the rotten fish coming from between her legs from a mile away and it reeks of failed Iwata San promises and the soon to be corpse of Reggie Fils-Aime who’s attempted rape of a mentally ill man in 1978 will never be forgotten.

  2. Okay, I have to admit, everyone all over the Internet is suddenly popping out and saying it’s tomorrow. Can we believe it this time?

  3. I read a comment elsewhere that the reveal will likely be just the entire BotW trailer and then like two seconds of the console’s name and look. I’m just gonna go with this expectation for tomorrow and hope that my mind blows even just a tad.

    1. One rumor I read is Rockstar. Red Dead Redemtion 2’s trailer is one hour after the reveal, so, who knows.

  4. Preparing myself for a 2 minute skit, 40 seconds of BotW, and 15 seconds where they reveal the name and what it looks like, with little or no real info on functionality, and 5 seconds to give the date of the real reveal direct. I doubt they’d do a full on reveal with only 3 minutes. But here’s hoping.

    1. ||We will show as much as we want to, the real event shall be grand…||

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